Wiro Sableng

Wiro Sableng

Associated Names: Crazy Wiro,Pendekar 212
Author(s): Bastian Tito  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 01/24/2023

Description: Wiro Sableng or Pendekar 212 is a novel series written by Bastian Tito. Wiro is born with the name Wira Saksana whom since he was a baby, is brought up by his teacher who is famous in the world of martial arts as Sinto Gendeng. Wiro is a martial artist with his weapon Deadly Fire Dragon Axe 212 and has a tattoo “212” on his chest. Wiro has a lot of supernatural powers that he obtains from his adventure in the world of martial arts, and also from various teachers.……


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