Science Shall Prevail Over Magic

Science Shall Prevail Over Magic

Associated Names: Science Shall Prevail Over Magic - Overture,Science Vs. Magic - Overture,Sono Kagaku Wa Mahou Wo Mo Ryouga Suru - Ovachua,その科学は魔法をも凌駕する。【オーヴァチュア】,その科学は魔法をも凌駕する。【ラプソディ】,Science > Magic,Sono Kagaku Wa Mahou Wo Mo Ryouga Suru,Sono Kagaku Wa Mahō O Mo Ryōga Suru,That Science Even Surpasses Magic,The Science Shall Prevail Even Over Magic,その科学は魔法をも凌駕する
Author(s): Sinbu Hiro  神部 大
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Action  Adventure  Fantasy  Sci-fi  Supernatural  

Description: Excessive advancement of science led to the devastation of Japan. Amidst the crisis, shouldering the last hope, marching behind the enemy lines to use the space-time transfer program in order to alter the history was a combat personnel of Force Hacker, Shin. However, where he transferred to wasn’t the past. It was a world where magic and monsters, something simply unimaginable on Earth, ran rampant. The path Shin chose was a path of no return. With the power of science in his hands, he could only live in that world, or die. He must use the ultra-tech at his disposal and surpass the magic in such a world.……


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