Emperor of the Human Way

Emperor of the Human Way

Associated Names: 人道至尊
Author(s): Pig Nerd  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Tags: Action  Adventure  Harem  Romance  Xuanhuan  

Description: Since Pangu created the world, Three Sovereigns rule the land, Five Emperors establish the ethics, within the world, man strives to master heaven and earth… Now among the Three Sovereigns the Human Sovereign is nearing the end, the Five Emperors are undecided, and humankind is also not the master of heaven and earth… Here is a wild desolate age, monster gods, heavenly gods, various gods are great in number, monster demons, evil demons, heavenly demons, herds of demons dance in the chaos; Ten thousand races coexist, growing wildly, ruling all under heaven, while the Human Sovereign is old, humankind weak and treated as food and sacrifice… This isn’t prehistory, but the coarse and untamed wilderness! Returning to classical Chinese mythology, writing about the legend of humankind’s counterattack against the wilderness, please read 《Emperor of the Human Way》!……


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