Miniature Garden Chemister

Miniature Garden Chemister

Associated Names: 箱庭の薬術師
Author(s): Puni-chan  ぷにちゃん
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 12/03/2022
Genres: Adventure  Fantasy  Romance  Shoujo  Slice Of Life  

Description: The exchange condition was to become god’s toy. In return for helping her younger sister, Kusunoki Hinami was sent to this world. In this world, gathering ‘points’ and helping god was her role as a toy. Being weak in combat, Hinami receives god’s blessing and lives on this world. Fortunately, she had the rare talent of a ‘chemister’. With that skill and god’s blessing, she creates top-quality potions and succeeds in growing herbs that no one has managed to raise before. That Hinami also goes on adventures with her friends…… this is a heartwarming manufacturing type fantasy.……


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