Shinigamihime no Saikon

Shinigamihime no Saikon

Associated Names: วิวาห์ครั้งใหม่เจ้าหญ,วิวาห์ครั้งใหม่เจ้าหญิงยมทูต,死神姫の再婚,Shinigami Hime No Saikon
Author(s): Onogami Meiya  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Comedy  Drama  Fantasy  Historical  Horror  Josei  Shoujo  
Tags: Comedy  Fantasy  Historical  Romance  Shoujo  

Description: Alicia Faitlin, daughter of an impoverished aristocratic family, was forced into an arranged marriage by her uncle, but the groom is killed suddenly in the middle of the ceremony. Although Alicia has been labeled “The Princess of Death” due to this incident, there’s someone pursuing the matter of a second marriage with her. He is an upstart noble whose family was recently promoted to the ranks of the aristocracy, Kashburn Licen. This man is rumored to be a “Tyrant” but–?! 1 – The Princess of Death’s Second Marriage (Shinigami Hime no Saikon/死神姫の再婚) 2 – The Clock Duke of The Rose Garden (Baraen no Tokei Koushaku/薔薇園の時計公爵)  3 – The Hungry Clown and The Toy Soldier (Harapeko Douke to Omocha no Heitai/腹ぺこ道化と玩具の兵隊) 4 – My Prince Charming (Watashi no Kawaii Ouji-sama/私の可愛い王子様) 5 – The Smile and The Saint of Forgiveness (Hohoemi to Yurushi no Seija/微笑みと赦しの聖者) 6 – The King Who Lives in a Cage of Mirrors (Kagami no Ori ni Sumu Ou/鏡の檻に棲む王) 7 – The Solitary Archduke Who Eats Repulsive Food (Kokou naru Akujiki Taikou/孤高なる悪食大公)  8 – The Holy Woman of The Wings That Cannot Fly (Tobenai Tsubasa no Seijo/飛べない翼の聖女)  9 – The Maid in Love and The Beloved Bride (Koisuru Maid to Aishi no Hanayome/恋するメイドと愛しの花嫁) 10 – The Maiden of Beginnings and The Teacher of Endings (Hajimari no Otome to Owari no Kyoushi/始まりの乙女と終わりの教師) 11 – The Dear You of The Predetermined Destiny (Sadamerareshi Unmei no Anata/定められし運命の貴方)  12 – I Cannot Say to Anyone of My First Love With You (Darenimo Ienai Hatsukoi no Kimi/誰にも言えない初恋の君) 13 – The Awakened Queen and The Dream Princess (Mezameshi Joou to Yume no Ohime-sama/目覚めし女王と夢のお姫様) 14 – The Happy Prince of Solitude (Hitoribocchi no Koufuku na Ouji/ひとりぼっちの幸福な王子) 15 – The Beast Prince and The Princess of Death (Kaibutsu Ouji to Shinigami Hime/怪物王子の死神姫) 16 – The Holy Mother of Sweet Poison (Amaki Doku no Seibo/甘き毒の聖母) Short Stories Collection (短編集) – Episode of Five Bonds (Itsutsu no Kizuna no Makuaigeki/五つの絆の幕間劇) Short Stories Collection (短編集) – Episode of Four Loves (Yottsu no Ai no Makuaigeki/四つの愛の幕間劇)……


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