Hitomishiri Onna ga Isekai de Seitenka shita Kekka

Hitomishiri Onna ga Isekai de Seitenka shita Kekka

Associated Names: Hitomishiri Onna,The Result Of A Debilitatingly Shy Woman’s Genderswap In Another World,人見知り女が異世界で性転換した結果
Author(s): Aichinohito  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Fantasy  Tragedy  

Description: Saitou Yoshiko was a boring 24-year old woman. She had always hated her job, but due to her debilitating shyness never spoke out, leading to a suffocating lifestyle. Then at home she suddenly reincarnated?! And into that no less! She had become a man! Thus, Yoshiko, now named Altis, lives her life in this other world, her shyness causing a whole mess of misunderstandings, unable to rectify them… It’s planned to be a heartwarming slice of life, but it also contains violence, boys love expressions and sexual depiction.……


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