Suspicious Manager Moon

Suspicious Manager Moon

Associated Names: 수상한 문과장
Author(s): 신 수 아  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 11/30/2022
Genres: Romance  
Tags: Romance  

Description: Never knowing the reason that she keeps on getting dumped, if ‘Han Shi Won’ breaks up with this man, then she will stay single for the rest of her life. Wearing worn-out shirts, out of date plastic glasses, a man known as a fashion terrorist. The number one person she dislikes the most is ‘Manager Moon Suk Han’. “I like you Manager Moon. Will you go out with me?” “Can you handle me? Then sure.” The start of an ambiguous relationship between these two people. Beneath his untidy appearance is his real face. ‘Isn’t he a player?’ Here starts the beginning of a hot relationship with Manager Moon.……


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