Unwilling Undead Adventurer

Unwilling Undead Adventurer

Associated Names: Undead Adventurer,望まぬ不死の冒険者
Author(s): Yuu Okano  丘野優
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 12/01/2022
Genres: Action  Adventure  Fantasy  Mature  
Tags: Mature  

Description: The main character, Lent, has been a copper-class adventurer on the frontier for countless years. By a stroke of bad luck, he ran into a massive creature in the depths of a labyrinth, lost, and awoke as a bony {skeleton}. After anguishing over being unable to enter any towns, he recalled how creatures could evolve themselves, and deciding to obtain a new fleshy body, he set out to defeat the creatures in the labyrinth.……


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