Seven Nights

Seven Nights

Associated Names: セヴンナイツ,セヴンナイツ-7nights- ~戦乙女,セヴンナイツ,セヴンナイツ-7nights- ~戦乙女は夢に舞う~,7 Nights,Sevunnaitsu
Author(s): Kusakabe Yoshio  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Action  Fantasy  Shounen  Supernatural  
Tags: Action  Fantasy  Shounen  Supernatural  

Description: I, Sakuya Hoshi, am just a normal high school student who attends to Suijou Academy. But for some reason, every night I was being ‘called’ by a ‘creepy’ dream. In the dream is a town of never ending night. No sign of people there besides me; instead of people there are ‘monsters’. That’s the kind of dangerous world it is. With the girl I met in my dream, Akeno Gasukamori, we try to find a way to somehow escape this endless nightmare… Will we ever safely get out of this endless nightmare, with monsters after us and other repeating horrors… And exactly what or who awaits us in the end…?! This is a Novel series, current serialized in a light novel online magazine.……


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