My Lord is A Stone

My Lord is A Stone

Associated Names: 我家君王是石头
Author(s): Bi Yun Tian   碧云天
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 12/24/2020
Genres: Historical  Josei  Romance  
Tags: Historical  Josei  Romance  

Description: One day, Emperor Wu Ling discovered, every night he would become a stone, kept on the jewellery box of a lady, embarrassing beyond embarrassing (囧里个囧). One day, Zhao Jin Yu discovered, the stone on her jewellery box could actually speak! Awkward beyond awkward (囧里个囧). This stone had a malicious tongue, harsh, two-faced and indifferent, Zhao Jin Yu itched to throw it smashing it to pieces…, who knew one day, wanting to save herself she used it to block a sword, it really did shatter, she cried for a very long time. Again one day, Zhao Jin Yu was drafted into the palace, she discovered unusually, the emperor was like this he had a malicious tongue, harsh, two-faced and indifferent………


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