Shuisheng Didi

Shuisheng Didi

Associated Names: 水声滴滴,水滴聲聲,Thủy Thanh Tích Tích,The Water Goes Drip-drop,水声滴滴,水滴聲聲,Thủy Thanh Tích Tích
Author(s): Feng Qi Lian Yi  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 09/10/2018
Genres: Drama  Horror  Mystery  School Life  Tragedy  

Description: It is not unusual for students to play some spooky games when bored and for a freshman in university, they never get boring. I have tried them all, the Ouija Board, whatever, you name it. No harm has come from playing these games until three of my roommates and I played a mysterious game in a dark room. The fifth person that mysteriously appeared. The sharp drip-drop of water. The large water stain on our dorm wall… No one from Room 308 is going to be spared. Fear of the unknown and tremors of precognition enshrouds us all. What are the continuous trickles of water? Are they the tears of the dead who yearns for life or the cries of unjust formed by the blood of spirits who have lost their voices?……


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