Legend of Gemini

Legend of Gemini

Associated Names: No Other Name,N/a
Author(s): Harry John S. Ducena  
  • Stats: Ongoing
  • Time: 12/03/2022
Genres: Action  Adventure  Fantasy  Romance  Sci-fi  
Tags: Action  Adventure  Fantasy  Mecha  Romance  Sci-fi  

Description: Every infant on planet Chrome has gemini prints on their palms. Those prints match another newborn from planet Exilon. On their eighteenth birthday, they will be married to each other. However, those children without partners will be hunted, killed and offered as tributes to the idols. *** Orion Tudor is a seventeen year old prince from planet Chrome whose gemini prints vanished. His mission is to find his lost soulmate so that he can escape from the retribution of the Gods. Unfortunately, he was caught by the Legions and thrown to the Pillar’s custody. To escape death, Orion led the uprising revolution of all demon children in the Sanctuary – an Outer Space Orbiting Station at Parthenon Galaxy. In his search for his soulmate, he found out there are four of them with the same gemini prints. Who among them is his soulmate? What’s the reason behind the emergence of four people with the same gemini prints?……


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