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Demon Emperor's Wild Husband 1 Where It All Began (Literally)

Modern day China.

The streets were busy with people going in and out of stores. People going to work and little kids walking to school. Among the people walking there was someone who stood out from the crowd.

He was tall and handsome. He look like a giant looking down at ants. He is the oldest son of the Ming family. Chen Ming, the heir to the Ming corporation.

The Ming family run multiple medical facilities within mainland China. They have hospitals, labs and research centres. Everyone in the Ming family have a part in the family business, some are nurses, scientists or doctors. Chen Ming, was a doctor and a tradition medicine brewer.

Out of the three Ming sons, he was the most talented. From a young age he was able to understand traditional medicine.

Because of this talent he has, his brothers and the rest of his family we jealous of him. The younger brother joined forces with the cousins and planned on killing Chen Ming before he gets the Corporation. They planned this for months on end. They came up with different ideas and binned them too. They finally come together and came up with a braillent plan, this plan will make sure that Chen Ming not only dies but his body won't be found either.

Chen Ming had no idea about what his family were planning for him, without knowing he left for the countryside to gather some medical plants. He was staying in a small cottage, at night when Chen Might got into bed, he heard noise coming from downstairs. He got up to see where the noise was coming from when he felt a sharp pain on the side of his head. The pain was unbearable. Chen Ming turned around to find his younger brother standing there with a metal baseball bat.

"Xia Ming", Chen Ming was in so much pain not because he was hit in the head with a metal but because the person who hit him was his own brother. Before Chen Ming could say anything else he was pushed with full force, when we fell on the floor, he suddenly felt some holding his arms and legs. What he saw broke his heart into millions of pieces. His youngest brother and his cousins are involved too. They grips on his arms and legs so tight that he could even more in the slightest, his younger brother Xia Ming slowly approached Chen Ming. Xia Ming when into his pocket and bought out a small bottle. He took out one pill from the bottle and force feed it to Chen Ming. Chen Ming instantly knew what this pill was, 'it's was poison'. That was the only though that ran through Chen Mings head. Having all this happen, Chen Ming though that was the end of this, but as he watched his brother proceed to lift the bat, his heart gave out.

" Wh-y-y are you doi-ing this Xia?". Chen Ming had a difficult time getting the question. But all he heard from his brother was;

" Your annoying that why, your weak. Someone like you doesn't have the right to take about the family business. You might be talented and tall but that doesn't matter, your weak and because of that reason alone you have to die."

It was true, despite Chen Ming being tall and handsome, he was weak. Now because he was weak he can't even stop his own family from cutting him off. Chen Ming didn't want to die, he was only 25 years old, he still wanted to do all the things he wanted to do. He regretted not living his life to the fullest, but he couldn't fight back either. So he let Xia Ming beat him up with the metal bat for 10 minutes until Chen Ming couldn't feel any part of his body. Only then did his family members let him go and walk away.

Before they left they lit up a lighter and through it on the floor, the cottage didn't need any gasoline, the cottage was made from wood. The house slowly started to catch on fire.

As the fire came closer and closer to Chen Ming, he felt more and more restless, he didn't want to die. He didn't care about his brothers betrayal or anything else, all he cared about was that he was never able to find some to love and live his life how he wanted. He wanted to live, he didn't want to die.


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