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Black Butterfly, Where Does the Black Butterfly Go Drink Water Black Butterfly, Where Does the Black Butterfly Go Drink Water Chapter 19

Black Butterfly, Where does the Black Butterfly Go Drink Water by Beep Beep Beep Editor/Proofreader: Itane, Hwarang "What's there not to be okay, aren't you even mad? They treat you like some kind of an accomplice. Does that make sense? It's enough that they dragged you around for a few months without letting you even sleep well, what are they even doing." "I, still got a letter before." ".......That's true, but it didn't have any evidence. If the FBI found something in the first letter, that would've been different, but there wasn't anything like that, and the investigator who took away the letter from you have gone missing. It's not like you said let's help him, but how can they treat you like some kind of criminal?" Jude who calmly stared at Tim's stern face, soon laughed. He lightly put his fist on his partner's waist, and the blond detective jokingly said. "How can I live without Tim Oppa. So for that should I buy beer today?" "You are gonna buy? You didn't even pay for your own food. I really want to get a drink from you, but I have plans with my parents. I have to go, can we push it two days later?" "Eh, the expiration date is until tonight." "Never mind. Ah, my parents invited you to eat someday. They want to see their son's partner. Come once, my Mother's cooking is good." "Okay, if I have time. Say hello for....." "-Tim! Jude! What are you guys doing outside? Why are you guys are not working?!" *** The weather wasn't that great. After he separated with Tim, he came back to his apartment, and Jude took off his jacket and threw it on the sofa. The wet smell of summer was stained in the house. Did I not ventilate enough? He was going to open the window but gave up after seeing the night sky. The dark sky was full of rain clouds that it didn't even show the moon. The breeze carrying the smell of rain passed his nose. The inside of his apartment was messy. He wasn't the type who was organized and neat. So on the table it had empty beer cans piled up. At least dishes don't pile up, since he doesn't cook in his house. He quietly comforts himself and sat on the squeaky sofa. An old spring annoyingly screamed. A white light listlessly brightened up the house. It was the light that even made an alive person to look dead. The light was very weak, so Jude squinted his eyes a little bit and put today's newspaper that he got from the station on the table in front of the sofa. Should I turn on the TV, he thought about it little bit and turned his eyes back to the newspaper again. -The mystery in Maples Family. It was a third rated newspaper article. Terrible incidents happened in the Maples household, and the horrible scandals that had no proof filled the cover. The four-year-old kid who went to orphanage said, "Yes -besides my Mommy, Daddy, and older sister, besides Uncle's family, there was one more.- It was an Oppa who smiled a lot, and he played with me." With this article, a journalist wrote an article based on that saying there is a haunted ghost in the Maples' house. That there was the haunted ghost that made people end up cursing each other. That made sense because in the site there was no other fingerprints besides the relatives'. Jude put his hand on the strangely gloomy picture of the family. He tapped the article and moved his eyes around, and there was a phone ring. He flinched little bit at that rude sound. Jude took out the wireless phone and came back to the sofa. He threw the temptation of ignoring the call and pressed the call button, and there was a calm voice. [-Detective?] He expected it, but it wasn't a reason to hold his sigh. "I told you, you don't have to. Well, since you called, finish it fast. What is it?" [You will get interested too. Don't be too cold.] "What is it." [You know Maples Family, right?] Jude's finger that was half-heartedly going through the newspaper suddenly stopped. The end of the finger was stopped at the picture of the young girl who went to the orphanage with a stable mind. While quietly staring at the picture of a sulking girl, a quiet laughing voice rang in his ear. [You are curious, right? Or do you kind of get the picture?] ".......Did you do this?" [No way. I'm not interested in that kind of murder anymore.] "I didn't ask if you 'directly' killed them." [Ahh, I had so much fun in a while. Ahaha, I still laugh when I think about it.] "You rascal, don't change the subject. Well never mind, what happened?" [The start was simple. Of course it was because of a boring inheritance.] "I heard they were already finished with dividing the inheritance?" [It wasn't the money. There was a separate real deal gem that the old man bought with his mysterious hidden money while he was alive. Because of that, the whole family gathered in the house. Even those people, who didn't see each other, as well, those eight families who weren't even that close.] "So, they killed each other like that because of the gem? During that one week? Something is lacking." [Ahaha, of course it didn't end like that just because of the ownership. They were pretty upper class and had some names in the public. There was one trigger. The reason why that sprout of evilness in those people suddenly grew and bear fruit.] Alvin, seemed like he was really entertained. Just like a child that reports what happened in the school, his voice held a small excitement. Jude closed his eyes and waited for his answer. Rattle, rattle. The wind sound shook the window. A storm in a summer night, will it rain soon? On top of the picture of a frowning girl, a pale light flickered once. (Drop, drop) When the rain drops started to tap on the window, a voice full of laughter came in through the phone. [It disappeared. The gem that everyone wanted, completely disappeared from its place.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Long time no see! I'm back! I had a nice break haha. I was so busy whew.... Now that most of the things are settled I think I can continue the translation yay~ Thank you for patiently waiting~

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