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Tough Love 3 Chapter 3: Come with me.

I'd been pretending to sleep for about an hour now. I heard him shuffling around the room. He was packing for the Doctors conference in Kyoto, I prayed that he'd just leave without trying to wake me. He'd left for about 10 minutes. He entered the room but hadn't moved. I listened for any indication that he was moving. There wasn't any.. was he watching me ?

"My sweet Kagome." He cooed.

He came closer, kissing my earlobe. "Wake the ** up."

My eyes shot open, darting around to see where the next hit would come from.

"You never learn. I told you not to lie to me."

"W-What I didn't."

He held up the napkin. I'd forgotten to take it out of my Jean pocket.. that I left in the bathroom last night.

"You see. I was going to throw it out for you. But it turns out its isn't some used tissue after all."

He clutched my throat in his hands.

"Is this were you're **ing him? Hmm you filthy slut."

He squeezed harder and harder. It was by the grace of god that the bell rang.

"Today's your lucky day. Go get the door."

I ran done the steps nearly tripping. I swung open door.


He could barely look me in the eyes. He was Kouga's best friend, he had always stood by and watched what Kouga would do to me. He tried to intervene once... it didn't end well for him. I guess you could say he was more afraid of him than I was. Kouga shoved me out of the way. Rolling over my foot with his suitcase.

"I'm packed let's go." He turned back to me on last time. "We'll finish this when I get back." He crumbled up the napkin and shoved it in his back pocket. I watched them pull out of the driveway. I slammed the door finally able to breath again. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. There was another knock at the door startling me, I nearly jumped out of my skin.

I opened it slightly, peeking out through the crack.


"Are you going to let me in or must I wait out here all day?"

"No come in. What are you doing here, and what's with the suitcase? What's inside it?"

"Nothing yet. It'll soon be filled with your clothing. Now show me to your room."

"What why? What do you think you're doing. I can't leave."

"I waited for you to reach out. You didn't so I came for you myself." I blocked the staircase.

"I can not leave. If I do-"

"What will happen if you do Kagome? What are you afraid of? Freedom?"

"No i just can't! How did you even find out where I live?"

"I called your sister. Now move." He threw me over his shoulder.

He barged into the bedroom throwing me on the bed, Dropping the suitcase next to me.

"How'd you know he'd be gone?" I watch him pack my clothes into the suitcase.


"Inuyasha?" I said puzzled.

"I was looking for a window of opportunity when you'd be alone and he gave me one. He said he knows this will not make up for letting Kouga treat you the way he does, but he says he's sorry. Plus I knew you'd never leave if your husband was here."

He was right. "I still can't."

"Kagome that is enough. You are not staying here anymore. I do not care If you wish to stay. I will remove you by force if necessary."

"You're still as pushy as ever Sesshomaru."

He zipped the suitcase. "Grab your shoes."

"Sesshomaru I can't!"

"Why? " He asked nonchalantly.

"I'm with him for my families sake."


"I mean it. He pays my mother's expenses since she can't work , he puts my twin brothers through private school.."

"I will pay for it all."

I stared at him shocked. Why was he willing to do this for me. This was a long way to go just for some childhood friend.

"I'm here to keep them safe."


"Yes. If I were to leave he'd hurt everyone that I love. So... I have to stay." He set his hands on my shoulders.

"You mustn't listen to his empty threats Kagome."

I felt the tears staring to well up in my eyes . "That's the thing. They aren't empty threats."


"While you were away.. Bankotsu passed away."

It was the first Time I'd seen Sesshomaru show that he was hurt. You could see the emotion in his eyes. He and my eldest brother were extremely close.

He cleared him throat. "How?"

"Bankotsu had convinced me to leave Kouga. For doing that he paid dearly for it. I had went to check on him in his bedroom. But he was... laying on the floor with a needle sticking out of his arm... Kouga was standing over him. They ruled it an accident, assuming he had overdosed. Ever since then he's used that against. I can't leave Sesshomaru l, he will never let me go! He'll kill them all if he knows I've gone to any of them... this is why I have to stay." I sunk to the floor.

"Then you will not go to any of them for help. They will not know where you have gone. That way they will be safe. You will stay with me for the time being. Until we have found a way to take care of your husband."

I nodded. "Okay let's go." I grabbed my shoes and followed him outside, getting into the car.

We drove for a little over an hour, coming to a stop at a dirt road surrounded by trees

"Where are we? I thought we were going to a hotel."

"A hotel would be to public. I have brought you to the lake house my family would bring me to when I was child. Follow me."

I hopped out of the car as he retrieved the suitcase from the trunk. I stared at the large whitewashed house wondering... was he really my way out?

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