Western Characters Part 21


_To which are added, Glossarial and other Notes, the Readings of Former Editions, a_ PORTRAIT _after that by Martin Droeshout, a_ VIGNETTE t.i.tLE _on Steel, and a_ FACSIMILE OF THE OLD FOLIO, _with the Ma.n.u.script Corrections_. 1 vol., Imperial 8vo. Cloth $4.00.

The =WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE= the same as the above. Uniform in Size with the celebrated Chiswick Edition, 8 vols. 16mo, cloth $6.00. Half calf or moroc. extra.

These are _American Copyright Editions_, the Notes being expressly prepared for the work. The English edition contains simply the text, without a single note or indication of the changes made in the text. In the present, the variations from old copies are noted by reference of all changes to former editions (abbreviated f.e.), and every indication and explanation is given essential to a clear understanding of the author. The prefatory matter, Life, &c., will be fuller than in any American edition now published.

"This is the only correct edition of the works of the 'Bard of Avon' ever issued, and no lover or student of Shakespeare should be without it."--_Philadelphia Argus._

"Altogether the most correct and therefore the most valuable edition extant."--_Albany Express._

"This edition of Shakespeare will ultimately supersede all others.

It must certainly be deemed an essential acquisition by every lover of the great dramatist."--_N. Y. Commercial Advertiser._

"This great work commends itself in the highest terms to every Shakespearian scholar and student."--_Philadelphia City Item._

"This edition embraces all that is necessary to make a copy of Shakespeare desirable and correct."--_Niagara Democrat._

"It must sooner or later drive all others from the market."--_N. Y.

Evening Post._

"Beyond all question, the very best edition of the great bard hitherto published."--_New England Religious Herald._

"It must hereafter be the standard edition of Shakespeare's plays."--_National Argus._

"It is clear from internal evidence that they are genuine restorations of the original plays."--_Detroit Daily Times._

"This must we think supersede all other editions of Shakespeare hitherto published. Collier's corrections make it really a different work from its predecessors. Compared with it we consider them hardly worth possessing."--_Daily Georgian, Savannah._

"One who will probably hereafter be considered as the only true authority. No one we think, will wish to purchase an edition of Shakespeare, except it shall be conformable to the amended text by Collier."--_Newark Daily Advertiser._

"A great outcry has been made in England against this edition of the bard, by Singer and others interested in other editions; but the emendations commend themselves too strongly to the good sense of every reader to be dropped by the public--the old editions must become obsolete."--_Yankee Blade, Boston._

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