The Best of Ruskin Bond Part 56

Ruskin Bond.

Ruskin Bond's characters-who live for the most part in the country's small towns and villages-are not the sort who make the headlines but are, nonetheless, remarkable for their quiet heroism, their grace under pressure and the manner in which they continue to cleave to the old values: honesty, fidelity, a deep-rooted faith in G.o.d, family and their neighbour. They do have problems, of course-the sudden death of a loved parent, unfulfilled dreams, natural calamities, ghostly visitations, a respected teacher gone crooked, strangers who make a nuisance of themselves in a town marooned in time-but these are solved with a minimum of fuss and tremendous dignity. Taken together these stories are a magnificent evocation of the real India by one of the country's foremost writers.

'An educative, charming and often memorable onetime read . . . .'

-Sunday Observer.

'An enjoyable rustic trip back in time.'

-Straits Times.


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