Reincarnating Into RPG Game 1 Reincarnation And Path

I Roam These Endless Darkness Of The Abyss. I Remained In This Abyss For Countless Years, It had made me go Crazy for Years and sooner or later, I regained my sanity and roamed the place mindlessly. My Mind or Consciousness have evolved to the Point I have probably don't Fear or Unable to go Insane.

In unknown amount of years, I've finally met someone, his form was blank, he entire form and entirely White and Humanoid. He called Himself God and He's Dying, I was saddened that the first person I meet is dying. I am not sure if he entirely disappears, such as his existence or his Soul goes somewhere.

But him being here, his soul must be dying and he'll be Entirely gone...

"Friend, as I continue to look at you, I feel something Unique about you? Even Being here, your Soul must be something Unique." This God looks at my face and I can hear a Sigh. "Though I am Closely Dying, I want to do something for you." I can somehow tell that he is closing his eyes.

"I see I see... If you're wondering I was doing, I was looking at your soul's Memory Library. I can see all the previous lives that you been through... Hmmm..." He pauses for a bit. "These quite astonishing of all the Lives you been through are never really peaceful than previous life you been through...." He stands up like he was on hard ground floor.

"I am going to send you out of this place, let you reincarnate to a parallel world, I am not going to tell you what the world is called or is. As I want to surprise you, I'll even give you more power or benefits... Goodbye, Old Friend." Without letting me question what he just said at that last part.

His figure disappeared in an instant, turning dark for a few second and things started to appear around. I could hear a Female Mechanical or AI like Voice.

[ Hello Host, I Am A.I. or Artificial Intelligence. Created By The God Who You Met. He Created Me To Assist You In Your Life ]

"What can you help me with?" I was curious of what kind of assistance she'll provide me with.

[ I Can Help You Provide A Lot Things, Such As Tips, Recommendation, Information, Etc. I Can Even Do Things Like In Games, Such As Status, Skills, and more. But We Have go through this First Stage ]

" First Stage?" I got absolutely no idea what she is talking about.

[ Well, Your Going Through A Parallel World Of A Game, You Know What The Game Is As It Should Be Popular. I'll Give A Hint, It Is Similar To Skyrim, But More Advance, World Is More Bigger, And More Of What Skyrim Could Be. ]

Hearing to what this A.I. said, I suddenly remembered A Game that was almost the same as what she described. "Astigonia!" I suddenly said the game in excitement. I can Hear the A.I. Giggling.

[ Well, It is Astigonia, But Modded With Every Mod That Changes The World A Whole Lot and That God had added some perverted mods, but anyways You're able to Pick 4 Mods and I'll give you entire list of mods available and made for Astigonia, after that We'll go to pick a Path that'll be your background and capabilities. ]

With that said, multiple holographic screens appeared all around me, each one labeled to what genre they belonged to, such as Mods that give armor will be at the Armor Genre...

So with that Said... Time Skip! Hours Later~!....

After carefully picking my 4 Mods that I really love and would like to have in this new life I was given by the God who seemed to know about me. The 4 Mods I picked were called: Extreme Modification Mod, Damage Multiplier Mod, Looting Modifier Mod, Character Freedom Beautification Mod.

Extreme Modification Mod lets me modify things to the Extreme for my Benefits. For Example, I can make Leveling Really Easy for me, or Level Talents really fast, gain Perk Points by a lot, and such.

Damage Multiplier Mod Lets me multiply the Damage and Destruction I deal to the very Extreme, along with Extreme Modification, I might as well destroy a planet with these Damage Modifiers.

Looting Modifier Mod lets me modify the Loot, like Increase Drop chance or Rare Drop Chance by 100% for grantee and the such, even make the loot increase by quantity.

Character Freedom Beautification let me make my character or maybe my body to be very beautiful, the lowest I can make my character is average looks and no Deform Look. Well I am not sure if I can even make my Body look deformed as it is reality and and not a game. Anyways, I can make my character Really Beautiful or Average, have tattoos, lip colors for no needing lip stick, etc.

I am going for a female body as they many advantages than males in Astigonia, such as beauty that can stun enemies for a bit, A lot of Mana as Females tend to have more Mana in them than Males in Astigonia, and many more.

"I'm Finished, Let's Get to the next stage." I speak in vigor and in a hurry as I wanted to create my body to be the beauty that is more beautiful than anyone!

[ As you wish, Pick A Path that'll lead you into picking your Bonus Perks: Warrior, Mage, Archer, Defender, or Rogue. ]

"Hmmm, if I remembered correctly, Warrior gives Bonus Perks related to Close Combat, Mage For Magic, Archer for Far Range Capabilities, Defender for Defense, and Rogue for Agility.... Hmm, Warrior is out, as I know for a fact their only beneficial thing they give is Close Combat Damage stuff.

Mage is also out as they Give magic damage bonus to some different elements, talent in some areas in magic, Mana Regen, and some other things. But I got Damage Multiplier Mod and Extreme Modification Mod, I can just make myself extremely talented in every Magic Areas and Have High Mana Regen.

Archer is out for some what the same reason for Mage. Now between Defender and Rogue. Have High Defensive Capabilities or High Agility Capabilities. Become the most powerful person whose Defensive Capabilities are closely comparable to it's Offensive Capabilities. Or be the most fast, and unhittable person ever....

I'll go with Defender, as there is a limit to one's body prowess, even for a Female Body, not a match to a man's body, unless worked hard for a Female to have Physical Prowess of A Man, sure. But I do not want to go through that to have Muscular Female Body that is strong as a Strong Adult Male.

So I went with Defender Path.

[ You've Picked Defender Path ]

[ Select 2 Of The 5 Perks Available:

> Fortress Skin: Physical Damage Decreased By 10% and Low Chance Of Resisting Any Stun, Concussion, Knock Backs, and The Such

> Elemental Resistance Body: Elemental Damage Decreased By 15%

> Abnormality Resistance: Any Abnormalities Decreased By 25%

> Titans Guard Block: Block And Negate Any Attack, Physical Or Magical, Once A Day

> Vitality Of Life: Increase HP and HP Regen By 50% ]

Without thinking, or maybe without needing to think about it, I choosed Vitality of Life and Abnormality Resistance. As I want to Increase my Health Pool, and Be resistant to any things like Poison or Paralysis. As there is only a few things like Cure, can remove or decrease any abnormalities. Health Pool is kind of easy to get, but a waste, as spending some points into getting only the Health Pool to be increased will make things hard to improve the other aspects, such as Damage, Speed, Magic, and such. Also Defense and Any Resistance is better than raising Health Pool, as they decrease amount of damage by somewhat of a lot.

Anyways, when I got that done, It was about time I went to the Next Part.

[ Now Please Select A Race You'll Be: - ]

Before She can continue, I interrupted her, "Please Before You Tell Me What Race I Want To Become, Please Filter Some of Them Out For." The A.I. paused for a bit [ Alright, What you want to filter out? ], "I want Races that can Become Female" Supposedly All races have Female and Male Gender, but not in Astigonia, Races like Lizardmen are only male, there is never Male in the race ever born or even made.

Continuing on, "I want Races that are in Human Beauty Standard. So remove races like Orcs or Ogres"

[ As you Wish... Filtering... Filtering... Filtering Complete ]

[ Pick A Race: Humans, Nephilims, Angels, Fallen Angels, High Elves, Dark Elves, Night Elves, Wood Elves, Succubus Race, Mermaid, Harpy, Half Dragon, Half Elven or Dwarf ]

".... Dwarf is Out, Don't want to become a Loli, Human is Out, Half Elven is out, Wood Elf and High Elf is out. Succubus is out, Mermaid and Harpy also. Angels and Fallen Angels are out.... A.I. Tell what there is left? And tell me their Benefits." The A.I. took a min then displayed them to me.


> Nephilims: Description: A Race Born Between Angels and Another Race, They are neither and either Bad or Good | Special Benefits: Pick Another Race For Other Half, +25% Light Affinity, +50% Light Resistance, -50% Darkness Resistance, +25% MP Regen | Stats: +5 Strength, +10 Endurance, +10 Intelligence, +10 Willpower, +10 Spirit, +5 Luck | Skills: Angelic Weapon Manifestation, Angelic Armor Manifestation, Wings Of The Angels, Angelic Language,

> Night Elf: Description: Elven Race born in the Night and they follow the Goddess Of The Moon | Special Benefits: +25% Darkness Resistance, +25% Light Affinity, +25% Darkness Afinity, +50% Movement Speed During Night, +25% Magical and Physical Damage During Night | Stats: +5 Strength, +6 Stamina, +10 Agility, +10 Willpower, +5 Luck | Skills: Night Vision, Night Elven Language, Blessings Of Goddess Of The Moon, Moonlight Steps

> Half Dragons: Description: A Race Born Between The Dragons and Another Race, They Live Freely and Carefree of The World | Special Benefits: Pick Another Race For Other Half, +50% Fire Affinity, +50% Fire Resistance, Immune To Raising/Decreasing Temperatures, +50% HP Regen | Stats: +10 Strength, +6 Constitution, +10 Endurance, +5 Stamina, +8 Intelligence, +8 Spirit | Skills: Wings Of The Dragons, Breath Of Fire, Dragonic Skin, Dragonic Language,

> Dark Elf: Description: Elven Race born in the Darkness and they follow the Goddess of Darkness | Special Benefits: +50% Darkness Affinity, +50% Darkness Resistance, +25% Illusion Affinity, +20% Alchemy Boost | Stats: +4 Strength, +6 Stamina, +7 Agility, +10 Willpower, +10 Spirit | Skills: Night Vision, Dark Elven Language, Blessings Of Goddess of Darkness, Shadowstep,


Going through decision of what benefits me even during the Future, I had to go with the Half Dragon. It made my Immune to the Raising Heat and Coldness, Heals my future Injuries fast and have the most legendary language ever, Dragon Language, as Dragon Language can never be spoken from other races, as they don't got the special Vocal Cords that Dragon Have, and the language is spoken with power.

So I definitely get this, as I might be never even get to speak Dragon Language Ever.

[ Chosen Half Dragon, Now Pick Other Half Of The- ]

"Night Elf!" Once again, interrupting her speech before she can even end it. I was a patient person and could let her finish, but right now I am doing this right now, I want to get into Creating my body fast.

[ *Sigh*, You Have Picked Night Elf ]

[ Now Create The Body You Want To Have ]

Without Listening to her, I went right into making my body, looking at the default look, skin was darkish pale, Dragon Like Wing Protruding out of Body, Dragon Horns coming out by the Ears and from Forehead, luckily can pick different horns, and we can see that Dragon Like Eyes. When I thought of a image might make this Half Dragon Night Elf a Beauty, and so, I went on my way.


"The body will be more of a Hourglass Body Figure, a bit porportional breast and butt, not too big, but not too small."


"The Horns will be only of the two that come the side, going forward and upwards slowly, almost like those horns from Demon Lords/Kings or Succubus."


"Skin will be darkish blue, wings and horn in blackish color and Eyes Azure. "


"Hair Long and Blue Azure, just like the Eyes."


"Demonic Tattoo covering her shoulders to her arms and above the breasts~, and some on the Lower Back and Below stomach...."


"Black Glossy Lips and Nails...."


"And~ Finished~!" When I pressed confirm, the image of my new body burst into light and started to wrap around me, till I suddenly more alive, even gained some additional feelings. Examining closely on myself, I can see that I now have the body that I just created. I got all excited to the feelings of my new body, but calmed myself when I heard the A.I.

[ Pick A Name and Background ]

With that said, two screens appeared, one for the Name and the other for the Background. I quickly Typed in my name, Shylanai'zorr, I pressed enter and that screen disappeared, I went on the Background Screen and see 3 options.

[ Choose Alignment:

> Good

> Neutral

> Evil ]

I picked Evil as they have a lot good stuff and I can easily be good person. Becoming Evil and such is hard, though rewarding, not much rewarding as it is limited, even being a Good Person. But if I start Evil First, I can take everything I was given with or the group I'm in.

[ Choose Who are you or What You're Part Of:

> Part Of A Cult Who Worships The Evil Gods

> Necromancer Who's Hiding Within Secret Safe Hideout

> Bandit who's part of the Savage Tiger Bandit Group

> A Thief Who Stolen A lot of Goods and Money From Many People

... ]

There was a lot of options to choose from, but I went with the, "Fellow Prisoner Of The Demon Hunter." As According how things normally went and in lore of/in the Game... Players go through the Intro Cutscene about the Coming End Of The End For All Races, Demons From the Abyss invades the

world of Astigonia, War will rage out between the Demons of The Abyss and People Of Astigonia.

And Then It Goes to talk about the Prophecy of The Great Demon Hunter Appearing once again to save the world, which is players who they are going to be. Then with a few more things, the Cutscene ends and player get into character creation.

When that was done, they start off As a Prisoner Of The Ancient Imperial Empire, then etc. Not going to talk too much about how things went normally in the game for players, but anyways, I am going to be the Fellow Prisoner of the supposedly protagonist of this Game... I should call it Astigonia, than Game, as it is Parallel World I am going to...

So, When I picked that option, I was given to pick a Crime, Jail Cell and Modification Scales. I asked about what this was and the A.I. told me that so~ called Old Friend God Tendency Plan if I picked Mods such as those I picked. I kinda made me dumbfounded, that god had nerfed most of these OP Mods.

But I guess he did that make things Fair and Balanced within the world. So I decided to just go fair but somewhat unfair. I made things go higher than normal, with Damage Multiplier and Extreme Modification Mods, I can only deal 10 times the damage the normal sadly. everything was put into the limit I can have, which is mostly 5 times better than normal.

For Crimes, I made my crime that being of a bandit and the Jail Cell I was in was next to the protagonist's cell. With that, I finally sent into Astigonia, now letting have the new life I wanted to have.



Strength - Increases Physical Damage

Constitution - Increase HP

Endurance - Increases HP Regen

Stamina - Increases Fatigue

Agility - Increases Overall Speed

Intelligence - Increases MP

Willpower - Increases MP Regen

Spirit - Increases Magical Damage

Luck - Increases Chances

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