The Whence and the Whither of Man Part 20


Professor of Christian Theology in Bangor Theological Seminary

"The tone and spirit which pervade them are worthy of the theme, and the style is excellent. There is nothing of either cant or pedantry in the treatment. There is simplicity, directness, and freshness of manner which strongly win and hold the reader."--_Chicago Advance_.

"We have read them with a growing admiration for the ability, strength, and completeness displayed in the argument. It is a book which should be circulated not only in theological circles, but among young men of reflective disposition who are beset by the so-called 'scientific' attacks upon the foundations of the Christian faith."--_Christian Intelligencer_.

"The style is a model of clearness even where the reasoning is deep."--_Christian Inquirer_.

"His presentation of the certainty, reality, and scientific character of the facts in a Christian consciousness is very strong."--_The Lutheran_.

"An important contribution to the library of apologetics."--_Living Church_. (P.E.)

"A good and useful work."--_The Churchman_. (P.E.)

"The work is searching, careful, strong, and sound."--_Chautauquan_.

"As thorough and logical as it is spiritual."--_Congregationalist_.

"A timely and apropos contribution to the defenses of Christianity."--_Interior_.

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