Evening Round Up Part 32

And the pages of the earth's surface carry in their stratification indelible records harmonizing with this scriptural arrangement of the evolution of the earth from its chaotic misty past to its concrete definite present.

Yes, this earth of ours is old, so old mere man cannot contemplate or accurately estimate its wondrous age.

The fossils of the mammoth reptiles and beasts which lived before the ken of man are numerous in the fascinating West I know so well.

In those arid desert hills are bones of the ancient rhinoceros, parent of our horse, and there are sh.e.l.ls and fossils of fish and bones of animals imbedded in the strata of rock.

Man reads these pages and he is lost in bewilderment, impoverished in thought, dumb for words, paralyzed for expressions, to co-ordinate the evidence with any man measure of what the age of the earth is.

Historians say the world was 4,004 years old before the Christian era and 1915 years have pa.s.sed since then, making the age to date 5,919 years.

The first records speak of Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel and up to the time Cain went to the land of Nod there is no record of any other people in the world.

It is not surprising that through the dark ages dates and facts were lost and even there may have been mistakes in translations.

We have not a complete history in written language, but we have some very definite history in the rocks and hills and lands and seas.

There must have been people in the world when Cain went to the land of Nod, for the Bible history says Cain took unto himself a wife and his wife bore him a son and she named the son Enoch, and she builded a city for her first born and the name of the city was called Enoch.

The world certainly is more than 5,919 years old. Read the record of time so plainly visible at Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls eats away about two feet of rock in a century; the gorge is a good many miles long. At the present rate of erosion it takes 2,640 years to eat away a mile. Multiply that by the distance between the falls and Lake Ontario and you have an idea of how many years Niagara Falls has been at work.

Before Niagara Falls was in existence the country round about was under the sea; before that under glaciers; before that under the tropics, and I don't know how many times it has swung on its pendulum between Frigid, Temperate and Tropic Zones.

So you see we are getting lost in a labyrinth of mystery when we take these known facts concerning the earth's age and try to definitely set any particular number of millions of years as the old world's age.


A Little Appreciation to Everyone Who Reads This Book

And now my pleasant occupation of writing this book draws to an end. I sincerely hope you have received some definite suggestions that will be helpful to you; that's my first purpose.

I have more books in my brain in embryo. They are hatching out and you may look for books of mine to appear every once in awhile so long as ability to write is mine.

There is an indescribable something in my relation with my readers that is sweet beyond words to tell. I look upon you, the readers, as brothers and sisters; yes, more than that, you are my friends.

As I travel both in this country and abroad I drop in book stores and meet the friends who sell my books and from them I hear some mighty pleasant and enthusiastic expressions of approval. Appreciation is worth more than dollars.

The daily increasing sales of my books is due to one thing, and that is that you, my readers, my friends, are telling your friends to buy my books. This personal interest and recommendation is advertising of the most valuable kind.

Because you get your friends to buy, the sales are good and that's encouragement. It's the spur that keeps me ever writing, planning, and studying, that I may write more books.

So here is my hand of friendship, my heart's grat.i.tude, my complete appreciation of your interest and patronage.

We've spent many pleasant moments together in these evening round-ups, and until we meet again in person or through one of my books, keep good thoughts working for your benefit. Get serenity, poise, power, purpose and good cheer.

You can be strong; you will be strong so long as you control your thought habits.

Life is beautiful, it's well worth while. Clouds will come, obstacles will confront you, troubles will get in your way; but each and all of these will disappear, if you keep on your way, with courage, smiles, will power, and perseverance.

And from me and my loved ones to you and your loved ones here are all good wishes, and encouragement, and sympathy, and love, all tied together with this golden thought: let us help one another while we sojourn here today, and as we do it--let us


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