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NT: Now… i don’t realy know about what should i talk this time… ¿had i talked about the Negligence Syndrome… or the Hemispatial neglect… I don’t really know what you call it so… yeah… i think i hadn’t talked about this to you… alright, i guess the next week i will be telling you about it .

(It’s like, now I stop caring about being very original with these “notes” at the beginning of each chapter, i mean, i just “copy and paste” the note in all the chapters that I upload today… huh)


The Wicked Woman was running at high speed through the forest .

Then, she spread her wings and began to fly over the ground .

She was sure that, if she moved that way, it would be hard to find her, even with Search Magic .

Until now, the Wicked Woman had traveled to many worlds and fought against countless enemies in the name of the Evil G.o.d, however, she had never experienced such a unilateral defeat .

… Anyway, I must concentrate on escaping as far as possible… and then, when I’m finally safe, I will contact the Evil World .

Even so, the Wicked Woman was still able to think relatively well, even though fear of Furio still flooded her brain .

Then .

At that time, the surrounding landscape changed abruptly .

Until that moment, the Wicked Woman had been flying through the forest, however, suddenly, her surroundings were transformed into a wide empty s.p.a.ce of pure white color, which somehow gave the impression of having certain elegance .

… What happened?

The Wicked Woman landed while folding her wings at the same time as she began to look around with a frown .

Then, suddenly she saw a woman appear on the horizon .

It was a Tall Woman who walked quietly towards her with a smile on her face .

「… Who are you?」Advertis.e.m.e.nt

The Wicked Woman asked the Woman cautiously .

Upon hearing her question, the Woman put her right hand on her chest .

「My name is Hiya, the Majin of Light and Darkness, Servant of Furio-sama, who comes in search of a new “research” partner… Well, you will discover the rest later」

And she said that while doing a reverence .

「Did you say Furio!?」

The Wicked Woman, who instantly paled when she heard Furio’s name, shouted that while putting her hands on her cheeks .

The Wicked Woman, who saw Furio as an overwhelmingly superior existence than her, began to squirm as she walked away from Hiya .

「Fu-Fu-Fu-Furio ordered you to come to kill me?」

The Wicked Woman shouted loudly as she tried to suppress her impulses to run .

Hearing that question, Hiya smiled slightly as she extended her arms to the left and right as she shrugged .

「No, no, this has absolutely nothing to do with the Supreme One, Furio-sama . This is something that I, Hiya, the Majin of Light and Darkness, have decided to do on my own for the sake of increasing the number of Furio’s-sama subordinates」

Hiya said while smiling .

「… So? What exactly does Majin-san want from me? 」

Ask the Wicked Woman, who still did not lower her guard, to Hiya .

Hearing your question, Hiya bowed once more .

「I was thinking of inviting . What do you think? Would you like to accompany me and my partners in our “training”? 」

「 Ah? Training? 」

Asked the Wicked Woman, who wasn’t able to understand the meaning of Hiya’s words, in confusion .

On the other hand, Hiya began to approach the Wicked Woman .

「Yes, our training . The others are also excited by the idea that you join us」

Hiya said while snapping the fingers of her right hand .

Immediately after Hiya snapped her fingers, Marisa, the Silver Horn Fox and Mahorion suddenly appeared around the Wicked Woman . At that moment, the three pounced on her to contain her .


The Wicked Woman, who had been completely baffled by the unexpected event, began desperately twisting her body in an attempt to make those three release her .

However, the Wicked Woman could not release herself from those three, which had launched Restriction Magic on her so she could not break free .

「Hey, will you also join Onee-sama’s training with us? Hey 」

「 Even if you do, I will still be Hiya Onee-sama’s favorite kokon」

「 What are you talking about? I was the winner last time! Silver Horn Fox Onee-sama」

The three of them started fighting while still containing the Wicked Woman .

Seeing all three like that, Hiya said, 「Stop fighting . Are we not all training together?」,while smiling .

Then, she looked at the Wicked Woman and said, 「Come on, come with us, let’s work together in our training」 as she brought her face close to the Wicked Woman .

… Ku-Kuh!

At that time, the Wicked Woman, who still retained the Evil Magic Stone inside her body, used Teleportation Magic .

「… Oh?」

The next moment, the figure of the Wicked Woman disappeared in front of Hiya’s eyes .

「Im-Impossible! She escape of our Restriction Magic !? 」

「Mahorion, you did something, didn’t you kokon? It’s the only way I can think of her being able to escape kokon」

「 If so, then Marisa Onee-sama should be the most suspicious, isn’t it? She looks very pleased by this 」

「 Hey! What kind of stupid things do you think you are suggesting!? 」

While watching the three of them, who had started fighting among themselves, Hiya let out a light sigh while thinking about what happened .

… I thought that all the residents of the Wikched World would be on the same level as Mahorion, but I may have underestimated them a little… It seems that I still lack training .

The moment he thought that, Hiya closed her eyes as she smiled slightly .

NT: ESCAPE, SHE • Ể4C ↓ E☺! ▬☻ʝϙ, ESCAPE OF ƽ4ࢮ ?ˬᙗ 规 ̊☼, FɆAô ܼ? 楞 ٣ ଉ E͔ ♥ ♠ B ᨊ_ˬ ± ∏ φℵ∇ ‡ β, ¡ℜℜ℘∴⊥∞√§¤! ¡ℜℜ℘∴⊥∞√§¤ !!!


The Wicked Woman ran desperately through the forest .

She had had to use all the power of the Evil Magic Stone that remained in her body only to be able to escape from the Spiritual World of Hiya, so the only thing that she could do now was run .

… First Furio and now that Majin called Hiya . What the h.e.l.l is wrong with this world? Why are there so many irregular ones in this place?

The Wicked Woman thought to herself as she ran desperately through the forest with a heartbreaking look on her face .

… Anyway, the most important thing now is to escape… Then, I will s.n.a.t.c.h the life force from some of the inhabitants of this world… If I don’t, I won’t be able to fly .

The Wicked Woman, with the intention of reducing the chances of her being found, resigned herself to running down a road, and instead only continued to make her way through the forest, without even worrying about the cuts she was causing to herself while she made her way through the branches and bushes that crossed its path .

… I will take revenge… I will definitely take revenge on this, just remember it, remember I tell you .

Then, while she was thinking about that…

The Wicked Woman’s body was “swallowed” by the earth .

In that instant, the Evil Woman remembered the sensation she had been feeling every time she fell into a trap while chasing the group of Blond Hero, while looking down with a desperate look on her face .

There, at the bottom of the hole to which she has fallen, were countless spears pointing at her .

The Wicked Woman, who had exhausted all her magical power, and had just been pierced by spears, was clearly too weakened to recover .

NT: … … …


「Um, she fell」

「Certainly, she fell on it」

「She completely fell」

「Well, now, let’s hurry up and fill the hole with dirt so we can escape」

「Will we leave so soon?」

「Wouldn’t it be better to pick up the Magic Stones at least? 」

「 The Wickeds were looking for those Magic Stones . If we take them with us we will end up being chased by them again .

It would be best to hide the evidence that involves us with this and leave quickly, do you understand? 」

After saying that, the Blond Hero began to fill the hole with dirt .

Both Tsuya and Ririanju, who were already accustomed to his incomprehensible proposals, began to fill the hole with Blond Hero .


「… So that’s why we should no longer have to worry about that scandal repeating again」

Furio told Lys about what happened in the forest while stroking the heads of Garyl and Elizabeth .

It was impossible to feel even a hint of the anger Furio had felt when he faced the Wicked Woman in the smile he was showing at the moment .

「As expected from Dannsama… but」

On the other hand, Lys couldn’t help but look with concern at Furio, who was smiling at her .

「What’s up, Lys?」

「… It’s just that… I’m sure Dannsama will never lose… But I can’t help feeling worried when I see you go fight」

「… It makes happy that you feel that, but, it is my duty to protect you, our children, and everyone in this house」

「I know that… Mu~」

Lys, who wasn’t able to resolve her feelings, turned her look while grumbling .

Then Furio kissed her on the cheek .

「I will not do anything risky . I promise you」

After saying that, he gave Lys a hug .

「… Do you promise?」

Lys said as she looked at Furio . Then she closed her eyes .

Then both slowly began to kiss .

On the other hand, Garyl and Elizabeth, who were in Lys’s arms, fell asleep .

NT: As always, if you find something weird, whatever, just tell me in the comments .

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