Rinjyuku-hime Spinel Rose ~Futanari Ejaculation Control Training that Makes Girls Go Mad~ Chapter 9

Together in the Shadows! Beauty and the Beast!

In a small room there is a huge figure. If you saw him you wouldn't doubt that he's a werewolf and currently he is squatting down to sit with his eyes closed.

The room is equipped with only the bare minimum to sustain life. A hard-looking bed and a single dirty looking toilet bowl. Boorish chains are also embedded in a wall to retrain movement.

It is a room without any comfort but that doesn't matter. Freedom and comfort are useless in prison.

Hey, Hey~, how are you?"

The heavy door to the cell opens and the female executive of Chaos Nightmare appears. Hearing a cheery voice that doesn't match the barbarism of the room is heard and Jack Grey glances over at Rain Blood.

"Rain, how dare you show your face before me…!"

"What's wrong~? Because you kept going wild I had no choice but to put you in here didn't I? Since your arms haven't fully healed yet just meekly wait in here."

"That doesn't matter!!"

Jack acts like he is about to leap up and attack Rain while raging any moment. However, the werewolf stayed sitting. Hatred in his eyes, he only glared at the female executive.

Or, to be more exact, it's that he cannot more. His ankles and wrists are shackled and, despite Jack's large frame, when he tries to put power into his limbs it won't come. His freedom denied, the werewolf growls, his voice laying bare his anger.

"How dare you interfere with the dual of Lapis Lily and I, you have marred my honour…!"

"Yeah, I did. You were going to die weren't you? Your arms were cut off, but you still wanted to fight, that was really dumb."

"Of course! The strong slays the weak! Fleeing after I have been injured, you have ruined my duel…!"

"Even if you say something like that. I know you're hard to convince, but it'd be a bother for me if you died."

While making a bitter troubled expression, Rain touched the werewolf's right arm.

"It's a real bother too, even though we've cleaned the wound and your natural regeneration. It's been two weeks, the power of a princess is really annoying."

The right arm which was cut off by Lapis Lily hasn't been completely healed. At first glance the arms seem to be attached, but there are magic circles at the shoulder. This magic is acting like st.i.tches and if you move too much, the arms will once again fall off.

"Hey, Rain."

Ignoring the pain in his body, Jack called out to Rain. His voice was low and full of murderous intent that seemed to come from the bowels of h.e.l.l.


"Do you remember the promise you made me?"

"I remember, I said that if you followed me I would let you fight with someone stronger than me, isn't that right?"

Even though the murderous intent that the werewolf was leaking would make a normal person faint instantly, Rain Blood didn't even break a sweat.

The female executive takes a step back and looks Jack right in the eye.

"Yeah, that's right. But you stopped my duel. Since you did that, why would I bother listening to you anymore."

While the werewolf said that, the hair all over his body seemed to stand up straight and shiver. His muscles bulged and he opened his mouth revealing his razor sharp fangs. Even with his arms and legs shackled, he seemed intent on attacking the woman despite his injuries.

"Yaan, how scary♥ Hey, don't get so angry. Okay?"

While wrapping her arms around herself and making her body shiver, Rain showed a frightened reaction. It is an obvious overreaction. Seeing this annoying att.i.tude, Jack's anger flares even more.

"You ruined my duel, tell me your true purpose you d.a.m.n insect b.i.t.c.h! You understand right?"

At the werewolf's ankles and wrists the sound of metal straining could be heard. The situation was about to become explosive. In this situation the female executive stuck out her bright red tongue and gave a bewitching smile.

"You understand right, I'm going to kill you…"

"Compared to that Lapis Lily, I can let you fight a much stronger girl, what do you say?"


Jack lets out a puzzled voice. With him like that, Rain takes out a terminal screen a projects a certain image into the air.

"Her… the small fry Rinjyuku-hime?"

"Yeah, that's her. This is a real time feed. Look at her, can you still call her a small fry?"

The figure of Spinel Rose is being projected. She's fighting right beside Lapis Lily, the pink Rinjyuku-hime. The little girl is fighting a monster easily ten times her size skilfully combining her attacks with her ally and acting completely composed and alert, she seems a totally different person from the girl Jack remembers.

"…she is much better, seriously. What did you do?"

Jack sniffs like a spoiled child and then shifts his gaze from the image to Rain. As if to say he'll listen, his hair shivers and goes back to its previous state.

"These girls, the Rinjyuku-hime, did you notice this star hasn't developed a technology that would allow them to battle the way they do?"

"I don't know. No, wait, don't they look very similar to that person? I can't remember, they were so weak I forgot them."

An apathetic answer is returned. For the werewolf weak people are just a minor obstacle not worth remembering, So he just gives a sour look after closing his mouth. With her normal sardonic smile, the female executive continues speaking.

"It looks like it was a prototype that was sent to this world from another before the other one was completely crushed."

"You're talking about that Rinjyuku-hime power?"

"That's right, I asked the friends I made from the previous star to help me with a favour, to a.n.a.lyse the technology for me."

"Huh, so that's what those voices from the torture room earlier were."

Friends, a favour, Jack understands what the woman means when she says these words. The werewolf laughs and snorted while nodding at the still smiling female executive.

"Thanks to this I learnt a lot about the power of the Rinjyuku-hime. Then I experimented with various things."

"This is the result?"

"That's right. The utterly useless Spinel Rose is now a splendid and capable warrior. Isn't it amazing♥"

Like a mother proud of her own child, Rain is looking at the terminal in her hands happily. It was such a kind and gentle smile full of the warmth you would see an illusion of a holy mother looking at it.

However, it's all a lie. Inside the female executive's chest her heart is nothing but a ma.s.s pitch black l.u.s.ts and desires.

"What do you think will happen if I use this technique on Lapis Lily? Do you think someone who is already strong will get stronger yet?"


"Would you like to fight against such a powerful opponent? Have you ever fought against someone with unmatched strength, so strong you couldn't compete against them at all?"

The female executive directs a wicked smile full of mocking cruelty at Jack. Seeing her sneering expression, Jack felt nothing but disgust for the woman.


The werewolf clicks his tongue and forces himself to bite back his reply, supressing the impulse to rage at the woman like she wants.

"That woman isn't the shady type who'd do what you want."

"That's why I targeted Spinel Rose-chan. Right now Spinel Rose-chan is in the middle of becoming my friend♥"

The smile on Rain's face spreads even further. Seeing that smile makes a person feel uneasy, it's a detestable smile that changes the beautiful woman into a wicked devil.

"Fuu… that's fine. I'll let you smooth talk me. However, there won't be a next time."

Power draining from his body, the werewolf looks away from Rain. He knows that the woman is still hiding something, but for now he judges that it is better to let her persuade him rather than go wild here.

(Honestly, that Lapis Lily woman becoming stronger, it'll be a lot of fun!)

Not only that, but above all, after slaying tens of thousands, here he had found someone who could cut off his arms. Her becoming stronger, just imagining it made his battle junkie heart throb and he couldn't stopa smile coming to his mouth.

"Oh my~, scary, scary. Now, take care of yourself in here~♥ For now just accept the medical treatment and concentrate on healing up."

Having finished saying that, Rain leaves the prison and closes the door. She then looks down at the terminal still glowing and illuminating the prison's dim hallway, in it the end of the Rinjyuku-hime's battle was winding down.

"Well then~, Spinel Rose-chan, let's go visit her♥"

Like a heat shimmer, the terminal's image flickers and disappears, and at the same time a magical circle appears below Rain's feet. It is the same teleportation magical circle that has been seen several times. Becoming wrapped in light, the female executive's begins to shiver and shimmer too.

"I will completely torment you, then I will thoroughly make you taste the utmost delights♥ Fufu♥ Fufufufu♥"

As Rain disappears only her cruel laughter is left echoing around the prison. After this the torture awaiting the futanari Rinjyuku-hime will become much more severe.

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