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Overlord in Cultivation Chapter 41: Primordial Blood

Yi Yuan bent his finger slightly and touched the fiery steed, and then the fiery horse was broken into drops of blood and spattered into the jar.

“Mr. Yi, what’s this?” Su Yan was astonished at the miraculous manipulation.

Making nothing of Su Yan’s astonishment, Yi Yuan said emotionlessly, “I developed the Form-Intention Boxing and observed the four beast kings of tiger, horse, eagle and bear, finding that the Primordial Blood in their bodies differed in other ordinary beasts. So I’ve extracted some treasure blood from these four beast kings!”


Su Yan was shocked and hastened to say, “For me, the Treasure Blood is too valuable to receive.”

When Yi Yuan heard that, he frowned, “It doesn’t work for me. You must absorb and refine it immediately!”

Su Yan was moved and felt warm. Besides, Yi Yuan was so serious that Su Yan did not dare to say anything else. Hence, he drank the treasure blood directly.

This was Primordial Blood. Though the quant.i.ty was small, Su Yan felt his body burning like a fire when it converged in his body. The fire burned within contained the tremendous power and blood essence of Immemorial Pegasus!

His whole body was ablaze with fire, all his pores open and all his flesh and blood glowing. Numerous potential s.p.a.ces opened in his body, absorbing blood essence greedily.

Su Yan did not know why the Dragon Totem had not revived. Was it because Yi Yuan was here?

However, Su Yan’s blood revived, which absorbed blood essence and was readied to open magical potential.

Although the Primordial Blood was in a small quant.i.ty, it would take Su Yan quite some time to fully a.s.similate it with the current strength of his body.

The way of Su Yan’s awakening burst rapidly. His whole body was surrounded by hints of horrible charm which, though extremely intangible, shocked Yi Yuan!

Su Yan’s blood and bones were nourished by primordial blood, getting more powerful. The source of his Qi and blood surged, releasing enormous might.

Meanwhile, Su Yan meditated the power of Immemorial Pegasus and by contrasting it with the horse form, he also comprehended Form-Intention Boxing.

With his martial arts, Su Yan’s refining of the blood speeded up.

“I’d like to see how long his enhancement of power can last. He has practiced tiger form in half a month and owned a solid foundation.”

Yi Yuan did not leave and watched for Su Yan’s a.s.similation. It took Su Yan three whole days to refine a jar of primordial blood.

“Go on!”

Yi Yuan opened the second jar in which a huge ferocious bear roared.

Primordial blood in the second jar was refined immediately by Su Yan. The powerful charm emanated uncontrollably from his body revived persistently, just like the one and the only warlord!

“How do I feel power of dragon?”

Yi Yuan stared at Su Yan without blinking an eye and perceived his horrible charm, only to find that it was unfathomable.

Yi Yuan got excited because of the dragon breath in Su Yan’s divine charm. After all, he had a mania for martial arts and the dragon he could conjure out was not perfect. However, Yi Yuan could comprehend it from the dragon breath Su Yan’s body unwittingly released.

Time went by.

Freshmen had stayed in Dragon-hidden Mountain for almost one month. The most surprising thing for them was that Zuo Wenyao had pa.s.sed the fifth floor. They wondered if he would be the most surprising dark horse and would be powerful enough to surpa.s.s the Thunder Body.

Su Yan was refining the forth jar of blood, the strongest one. Yi Yuan speculated that it partly contained the blood of White Tiger, an ancient mythical creature. So, it was very precious.

Five days were spent by Su Yan in refining!

Now he had uncanny power and strength. When he breathed, his Qi and blood were growling just like a tiger roaring.

“Still not feeling the limit?”

Yi Yuan was deeply shocked and said, “When you have refined Body-cultivating Pill, we will talk about it. Besides, you need to rest now, and I have to go for some business.”

Su Yan was lost in thought, “Honestly, there’s still room for improvement. My own strength has grown a lot so that I feel I have excelled Zu Yan’s 1,000 horsepower!”

“Is it impossible for me to unseal the Destiny Spring just like Mr. Yi?”

Su Yan frowned and murmured, “That’s fine. I don’t have to worry about the cultivation method with Incipient Scripture. Besides, I haven’t fully mastered the first level of Incipient Scripture yet and my source of Qi and blood isn’t strong enough!”

Su Yan had not been idle. He cultivated Form-Intention Boxing and clearly knew that Yi Yuan had other unique skills. The cultivation of dragon form that Yi Yuan hewed out seemed very strict because he himself wasn’t able to support the dragon form operating. Su Yan looked forward to how strong the dragon form would be!

After two more days, Su Yan stood up and left. It was the time to claim Body-cultivating Pills.

“Zuo Wenyao has reached the fifth floor.”

Pa.s.sing by the Dragon-hidden List, Su Yan thought, “I don’t know which floor I can get. I’ll try it later!”

Alchemy House was not far away from Dragon-hidden Mountain.

After going down the mountain, Su Yan looked around, then he saw Alchemy House.

There were few people in Alchemy House. The aroma of elixirs pervaded the area where rows of alchemy rooms located.

“Does Lin Wanlan become a second-level chemist?

It was here where Lin Wanlan cultivated. Su Yan dared not to wander around, so he rushed to Elixirs-claiming Room as soon as he got the location from a guard.

Su Yan opened the door and went in the Elixirs-claiming Room, then he told his name to a steward who was in his sight. The steward was greatly surprised because Body-cultivating Pills, the third-level elixirs, were extremely rare!

“Wait for a moment!”

The steward greeted Su Yan with politeness, rushing into the Elixirs-claiming Room as soon as he sat Su Yan down. After a while, he took out a Body-cultivating Pill and handed it to Su Yan, then said, “Remember that the Body-cultivating Pill is only for you and can’t be given to others!”

"Got it!"

Su Yan nodded, opened the jade bottle and saw a golden radiant elixir inside. He became so delighted because this was the Body-cultivating Pill, which could improve his cultivation a lot.

"Su Yan!"

Just then, a blow of fragrance came. Su Yan turned his head and saw a tall, s.e.xy beauty. Lin Wanlan's exquisite face beamed with delightful joy. There was still little sweat on her forehead.

"Lin Wanlan!" Su Yan laughed and said, "I didn't expect to meet you. How is it going? Did you succeed?"

"Yes, I just did. Otherwise I would find you earlier!" Lin Wanlan was so excited that she laughed out, "And Liu Chengtian, the deputy dean, accepted me as his student. I am a second-level chemist now. Haha, let me know if you want any elixirs in the future. I will give you for free, oh no, discounts!"

Su Yan shrugged his shoulders, feeling quite speechless. When he was about to speak, a strange giggling voice appeared, "Don’t be fooled, pretty lady. This guy is flirting around everywhere. Be careful of him. Although he is a core disciple, he is not that great. And he is even a student of Yi Yuan."

“Yi Yuan?”

A trace of astonishment flashed in Lin Wanlan’s eyes. Yet she stared indignantly at Teng Yingjie as his frivolous words made her furious. She rebuked, “Who are you? How dare you intrude this important place!”

"What? You don't know me?" Teng Yingjie couldn’t believe it. Who else at Huaxia College didn't know him?

"Miss Wanlan, let me introduce him. He is Teng Yingjie, a disciple of Elder Lei." The steward laughed obsequiously and continued, "Teng Yingjie, this is Lin Wanlan, she is a student of Deputy Dean Liu Chengtian!"


Teng Yingjie was so p.i.s.sed. Why Su Yan was that lucky? Who was Liu Chengtian? His students were all second-level chemists. How could Su Yan make friends with her!

"Hum, let's go!" Lin Wanlan didn't care who the h.e.l.l Teng Yingjie was.

When Su Yan was about to leave, Teng Yingjie said quickly, "Wait, Su Yan, my teacher wants to see you!"

"Me?" Su Yan was stunned.

"Yes, right now!" Teng Yingjie looked at the jade bottle in Su Yan's hands with greedy eyes. He said with a heavy tone, "It is urgent!"

Su Yan frowned, already believing it as Teng Yingjie would not tell so stupid a lie.

"I will go with you!" Lin Wanlan was worried, she said, "You go ahead and lead the way!"


Just lifting up his feet, Teng Yingjie almost fell down. How dared she let him lead the way? This made Teng Yingjie turn blue, he would have already shout abuses if she was not Liu Tiancheng’s student.

Walking behind, Lin Wanlan frowned and asked, "Su Yan, are you in trouble?"

Su Yan shook his head and said, "I don't know why Elder Lei wants to see me. We’ll see."

"Right. Even if you are in trouble, it won't alarm the Deputy Dean."

Lin Wanlan nodded and recalled something immediately, "It’s really surprising that Yi Yuan would accept you as his disciple."

Su Yan wanted to explain that Yi Yuan was not the same as rumored while she said admiringly, "Others don't know Yi Yuan, but I do. My teacher is acquainted with him. I heard that Xia Ze wanted to accept Yuan Yi as his disciple before."

"What did you say?"

Su Yan’s eyes opened widely, he was shocked! Xia Ze was the dean of the college! Was Yi Yuan his disciple?

"It's true!" Lin Wanlan whispered, "Few people know this. It is said that Yi Yuan refused it. I don't know the specific reason."

"Oh my holy G.o.d, my teacher is so f.u.c.king cool!"

The corners of Su Yan’s mouth twitched. How dare Yi Yuan refuse Xia Ze!

At this point, they came into a restricted area. Su Yan saw a great palace far away which was surrounded by some lightening traces that seemed to be harboring mysterious Taoist profoundness.

"Lin Wanlan, you stop here waiting. I’m entering with Su Yan."

Lin Wanlan nodded. After all, she could not intrude without Elder Lei’s order.

Su Yan was confused and entered with Teng Yingjie. This was the second time he met Elder Lei. Quite unexpectedly, Elder Lei was very enthusiastic.

He was the deputy dean of Huaxia College. But now he was talking with Su Yan about his cultivation and made tea for him.

Su Yan was totally confused and terrified by the old man, so he got up and said, "Deputy Dean, if you have any order, just tell me directly please!"

Hearing that, Elder Lei smiled, narrowed his small eyes into a seam and said, "Did you get the Body-cultivating Pill?"

Su Yan had a bad feeling and nodded.

"Su Yan, I can see that your body is very strong now, and it seems that you don’t need the Body-cultivating Pill."

Elder Lei continued smilingly, “As you know, Teng Yingjie is the Innate Thunder body. He definitely would be the backbone of Huaxia Alliance in the future. If his cultivation in Awakening Realm is higher, his capability would be stronger then!"

Pride appeared on Elder Lei’s face, then he said morally, “Teng’er is an Innate Thunder Body after all. Take a look at all the human beings living in misery nowadays, it’s because few overmatches exist in Huaxia Alliance. If you can contribute now, you’ll take a record on Yingjie’s credit book!"

"Su Yan, give it to me, I will pay you back!" Teng Yingjie said.

His eyes were so greedy. The deputy dean had asked for it. Dared Su Yan not give it?

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