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Overlord in Cultivation Chapter 40: The Vein Of Human Body

Su Yan sat cross-legged on the ground. Mr. Yi Yuan's tiger form was imprinted in his soul so deeply that it did not disappear after such a long time!

The power, momentum and moves of what Mr. Yi performed were definitely not something that Su Yan’s current grasp of Form-Intention Boxing could compare to.

Yi Yuan's own performing was very helpful for Su Yan to study Form-Intention Boxing. He couldn't help exclaiming, "Martial arts are really important. If I can cultivate Form-Intention Boxing to such a degree just like Mr. Yi, I will have a better mastery of myself!"

Su Yan took out Form-Intention Boxing, observed it carefully and comprehended attentively the residuary power in his spirit!

It took him a long time to fully digest the true meaning! Qi and blood in his body fluctuated suddenly. The dormant source of qi and blood in his chest was roaring. His body was dazzling, shooting out golden glows that brightened the dark room.

In particular, the hands of Su Yan, surrounded by golden beams of light, released the stateliness of a beast king.

"The power of the tiger form is in the claws, which can attack the enemy."

Su Yan shaped his hand like a claw with splendor radiating between five fingers. But no matter how hard he tried, he was very hard to burst the fierce power as Yi Yuan did!

If I could attain the same ability as Mr. Yi, my momentum alone was enough to scare off enemies!"

Su Yan silently inhaled and exhaled natural essence in Treasure Cave to practice martial arts, which exhausted his power and energy, so he had been ceaselessly absorbing the quintessential energy from Innate Liquid to replenish his body.

A night was over, Su Yan’s grasp of tiger form did not make much progress. But he absorbed so much Innate Liquid overnight that the source of Qi and blood in his chest continued to grow.

One day Yi Yuan went to Su Yan’s room before it was light, and he performed once tiger form and left.

Su Yan smiled bitterly, "Mr. Yi has a real personality. He only performed the true meaning of martial arts without any explanation for the details!

Su Yan’s source of Qi and blood became increasingly stronger as hours turned to days, helping him to achieve a better physical condition. A basin of Innate Liquid was running short, of course, most of the liquid was absorbed by the Dragon Totem.

The flame of candles wavered in the dark room.

Su Yan was exhausted, for he had practiced tiger form with high intensity in the past five days.

At least, the aura inside Su Yan had changed and was prepared to manifest itself in the most powerful way to fight against the enemies.

He had to acknowledge the benefits for having such rich resources to indulge himself in squandering his own energy.

With bloodshot eyes, Su Yan was worn, because of the consecutive training for five days, and because of being constantly awed by the tiger form power from Yi Yuan. The training was so intense that it made him felt as if he had survived five times of death!

“Why can’t I exploit the huge power of tiger form as my teacher did?”

“f.u.c.k!” Su Yan clenched his fists and blamed himself, “Five days pa.s.sed, I haven’t gotten the point yet. Mastering it within a month is teacher’s requirement, but I have not made much progress. Although my ability of controlling the divine power inside my body has reached to a higher level, Form-Intention Boxing did not...”

“Wait a minute!”

All of a sudden, Su Yan’s eyes shrank, and his fatigue vanished. He laughed loudly, “How stupid I am! It is the Form-Intention Boxing!”

“Turning Qi into shape!”

“It’s just the beginning of Form-Intention Boxing. The medium level of the boxing is to perform its profound conception, and this is the Form-Intention Boxing!”

“Hha, that’s the way it is!”

“It’s no wonder that Yi Yuan has treated me with the most powerful Form-Intention Boxing these days, and it turned out that he was trying to keep the conception of Form-Intention Boxing in my mind.”

“Yes, that’s it!”

Then swiftly Su Yan clenched his fists and jumped out of excitement. His spirit was much more powerful than before. The Soul-refining Manual forged his soul day and night and finally it came in handy!


In the room, Su Yan closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down.

He breathed rhythmically, and gradually entered the state of detaching himself from reality.

He could clearly feel that spirit in his mind was like a small boat wandering in the ocean.

What was the ocean?

The ocean was the air, the s.p.a.ce, and the universe!

The vast ocean was as black as pitch and Su Yan was indulged in that.

He was observing and imagining the fierceness of Yi Yuan, the power of tiger form, the formidable might of tiger, and the frightful presence of the beast!

Gradually, the formidable aura was released while the ocean was shaking. A golden tiger torn the darkness, and its aura lightened the darkness!

“Just like this!”

Su Yan suddenly opened his eyes, and his temperament changed from the inside out!

This was vigor, the volition!

Su Yan had acc.u.mulated the vigor for a whole night and it burst forth in that moment. His aura changed, and he was like a martial master, releasing the power of breast king all the time!

“Not bad!”

When Su Yan was immersed in the power, Yi Yuan was standing in the room with appreciation.

“Mr. Yi!”

Su Yan was very excited now, because Yi Yuan had no smile on his face for five whole days.

“You're not a complete idiot!”

Yi Yuan waved his hand, “This is only the beginning. You can successfully manage tiger form with more practice. By the way, you own a powerful spirit, have you ever learned any cultivation method of spirit?”

Su Yan nodded and explained the whole thing in detail, including the things of Tao Tianhua, which Yi Yuan should know that before.

“I don’t know about Soul-refining Manual, but judging from your spirit power, it should be a nice cultivation method!”

Yi Yuan did not care about it. Staring at Su Yan, he continued harshly, “What is the source of Qi and blood? The source of Qi and blood is the vein of human body!”

“It’s the vein of the human body!”

Yi Yuan’s aura changed again at the moment when Su Yan meditated.

Yi Yuan, whose qi channel was as vigorous as a tiger, released extremely horrible power just like a living top beast king, suddenly roaring in to the air.

His chest heaved like the mountain torrents roaring. There was a light beam released from his mouth that shot straight to the sky.

“It is horrible!”

Su Yan was excited, with his source of qi and blood rising and falling. Although there was a considerable gap between Yi Yuan’s source of qi and blood and his, it was not too hard for him to master it with the guiding of Incipient Scripture.

“It moved!”

He was like a G.o.d standing here, with his body glowing, his chest strengthening and the source of his qi and blood running through the whole body.

But not only that, this strong and powerful source of qi and blood could recover along with Su Yan’s aura and made him burst forth super fighting capacity.

For the second time Su Yan opened his eyes, he found that Mr. Yi had already left.

Time went by.

Ten days had pa.s.sed within seconds. At this day, the Dragon-hidden Mountain caused quite a stir.

“Zuo Wenyao has reached Destiny Spring Realm, and I’m sure the destiny spring opened by his potential must be very powerful.”

“It is said that Zuo Wenyao got an ancient cultivation method. Definitely he will obtain instant success with the help of the a.s.sociate dean and the talent of himself.”

It was eye-catching that Zuo Wenyao was the first one who reached Destiny Spring Realm among new students. Especially every disciple of the a.s.sociate dean got the w.i.l.l.i.e.s when they saw Zuo Wenyao begin to explore the Training PaG.o.da, wondering how many floors he could get to.

Till that night, a piece of news spread, which made some senior students all astonished.

"He is exploring the fourth floor now. Zuo Wenyao is really terrible and even some of the senior students."

"I wonder how many floors will Teng Yingjie reach when he explores the Training PaG.o.da."

Teng Yingjie snorted when he heard the pa.s.sing disciples discussing this, "It is only the fourth floor. Among all the students of this year, only Zuo Wenyao can be my opponent. Zuo Wenyao, let's see how I kick your a.s.s if I reach Destiny Spring Realm!"

With an entirely different att.i.tude to Su Yan, Chang Lengyu grinned and flattered, "Hee, hee, with senior Yingjie's const.i.tution, I'm afraid that Zuo Wenyao will never be like you."

"Of course," Teng Yingjie said proudly and then he sneered, "I have told you to keep a watchful eye on Mengyu these days, and how is it going?"

"Senior Yingjie, Bai Xingyuan hasn’t let her go out for several days." Chang Lengyu said very jealously, "As for Su Yan, he definitely dares not to get close to Bai Mengying. I think this time he has learnt his lesson and last time I also didn't have a good att.i.tude towards him."

"Hum, I dare him; Yi Yuan even can't be regarded as a teacher!" Teng Yingjie dismissively said, "And the Bais must know that I Teng Yingjie will be the G.o.d's favored one in the future. Recently the older generation of the Bais also has a close contact with my family!"

It had been half a month after entering the college, some freshmen also began to come out and walk around.

Su Yan has been cultivating diligently. After half a month, his mastery of the tiger form progressed by leaps and bounds. And to his surprise, his cultivation improved rapidly due to his frequent practicing of Form-intention Boxing. If his spirit hadn't been consumed too quickly, he would have made greater progress!

When Su Yan saw the coming people, he cupped his hand and saluted politely, "Mr. Yi!"

Yi Yuan nodded to him. When he noticed that the Innate Liquid was depleted again, he frowned and asked, "Have you absorbed all the Innate Liquid by yourself?"

"No, I've only absorbed a small part of them!"

As soon as Su Yan finished talking, a strange wink flashed across Yi Yuan's eyes. Then Yi Yuan said, “Punch me; remember not to use the source of qi and blood in your body!"

Just then, Su Yan immediately stretched out his palm and his entire vital blood and energy rushed out!

At this moment, Su Yan was so powerful that his physical body sent out formidable strength which seemed like the noise of thousands of horses galloping!

He hit Yi Yuan firmly with his fist. But Yi Yuan’s arm didn’t even move!

There was a flash of surprise in Yi Yuan’s eyes, but it disappeared soon. He said, “From now on, you are not allowed to use your most powerful strength. If you used that, you should just say that you’ve learned my Body-refining Manual.”

Su Yan scratched his head and was puzzled.

“Do you feel the limit of your potential?”

Yi Yan’s words were exactly what Su Yan wanted to find out. Seeing Su Yan shake his head, Yi Yuan took a breath and said slowly, “Is there anything wrong with your recent cultivation?”

“Mr. Yi, I feel that the process of my cultivation is a bit slow for these days no matter I absorbed the Innate Liquid or the natural essence.” Su Yan said quickly, “Is it my power limit?”


Yi Yuan shook his head, “That’s not your utmost limit. Your description is not the same as those of reaching the limit. You felt that you improved slowly because your body needs better resources.”

Yi Yuan said lightly, “I have read some ancient books. In ancient times, the civilization of cultivation was prosperous with rich and varied sources. All kinds of primordial blood of mutants, source spars and rare mineral liquid were inexhaustible. At the time of cultivators’ initial awakening, the most powerful resources would be used to nourish and forge their body.”

“The potential of the human body is infinite. Only the strongest resources can foster the strongest body.”

Yi Yuan yearned for such an era, which made Su Yan smacked his lips. There were even no such resources in the whole Huaxia College.

At this time, Yi Yuan took out the bottle which Su Yan coveted. Four jars were picked, and Yi Yuan said, “Drink them.”

Su Yan was confused and then opened the first jar. He was startled.

There were red glows in the jar with a miniature version of a fiery steed galloping out and running around Su Yan with the roar of a beast king.

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