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Overlord in Cultivation Chapter 151: Incoming Of A Bigwig

Zu Hong was surprised. Where on earth did this aboriginal Su Yan come from? He owned Future Scripture and Boundless Art of Immortals and Buddhas.

The legendary Future Scripture was one of the three secret scriptures of Buddhism, while Boundless Art of Immortals and Buddhas was the secret magic. Zu Hong had once encountered an eminent monk who killed an elite from a domain away with Boundless Art of Immortals and Buddhas.

Compared to the secret magic of Buddhism, Su Yan's Boundless Art of Immortals and Buddhas had a long way to go, but he had already grasped the beginning. If this went out, it would cause a violent stir.

Future Scripture that Zhu Yue pa.s.sed to Su Yan was only the beginning part, which contained some magics of Boundless Art of Immortals and Buddhas. Thus, these two scriptures were supposed to be one.

However, even the beginning part, once leaked out, could cause a great bloodshed as countless people were desperate to get it.


It was like a power from future. Su Yan seemed to have borrowed a great power of the future self to run Boundless Art of Immortals and Buddhas, which came to this world by crossing the time and sea of bitterness.

Even Zu Yuankui's soul that returned from the great void was shaken by Su Yan's Boundless Art of Immortals and Buddhas, and his life Qi of soul was about to get damaged!

Su Yan roared into the air, spitting a golden ripple. Billowy killing beams were released. He performed The Big Dipper Boxing and used all inner spirit to run the power of great magic to attack the place where Zu Yuankui's soul was.

At that moment, the void was quaking with a tendency of being smashed by The Big Dipper Boxing.


Zu Yuankui screamed while his soul was flickering.

A soul returning to void was formidable because it could combine with the void!

Only elites in Taoist Door Peak Realm could shake a bit of the void, but The Big Dipper Boxing Su Yan performed made the void rumble!

For a while, Zu Yuankui's soul was going to collapse!


Su Yan struck the void like crazy, and then summoned out Stars PaG.o.da to crush the void.

If it weren't for Zu Yuankui, Yin Yisi wouldn't be a living dead.

And he only had three years left. When time was up, Yin Yisi would surely be dead!

Su Yan got angrier when thinking of it. His killing intent was boiling.

The void trembled. Zu Yuankui's soul was about to collapse. Having lost most of his power, he could only scream miserably. Thanks to Zu Hong's in-time strike, Zu Yuankui's soul didn't scatter.

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h!"

Zu Hong's face paled when he found that he lost another underling.

Yi Yuan and others made a siege. Countless cultivators from Huaxia Alliance rushed over and Tie Baocai waved All Demons Flag, leading to a lockdown of thousands of miles.

Once his underlings all died, he wouldn't be able to resist the whole Huaxia Alliance by himself, even when he recovered.

Zu Hong didn't think of a disastrous defeat. Earth had the heavenly coffin. If he brought the coffin back, it would create quite a stir in Zu Palace, and Ancestor would receive him personally!

But if he died here on the earth, he would lose everything!

"I have to pa.s.s out messages. If bigwigs in Zu Palace come, the whole earth could be crashed!"

"My opportunity is right here on the earth, earth!"

Zu Hong's eyes turned red. He didn't want to lose everything.

Earth's pressure was astonishing. Even if universal elites came, they would be suppressed.

But it was still up to cultivation level. If it was the horrible Ancestor of Zu Palace, star domains would tremble. It would be a piece of cake for him to destroy the earth!

"There is no way for you to run!"

Su Yan had coldness in his pupils. Seeing Zu Hong running away, he dived forward and summoned out ten-storey Stars PaG.o.da to press down towards Zu Hong.

"You can't stop me from leaving!" Zu Hong said emotionlessly, "When I come back, billions of lives on the earth will have to atone for crime, and the debt is on you!"

Violet Gold Gourd shined and spat out purple divine beams that cascaded down like divine waterfalls, which carried the strong sense of divine Tao to resist the pressing Stars PaG.o.da.

Zu Hong even brought out a silver war ship, carrying him away like silver lightening!

"It's exactly what I'm hoping. I was worried about how to kill you!"

Su Yan didn't jump to action. Zu Hong now united with Zu Yuankui, and thus Su couldn't kill him easily.

But it was impossible for Zu Hong to ask Zu Palace for help in such a short time.

Now the silver war ship was parked near Mount Qomolangma.

Zu Hong looked at the mountain unwillingly. He had been into Bronze Door before, but he couldn't open Heavenly Coffin!

"When elites from Zu Palace come, they would take Heavenly Coffin away. By then, I would surely be noticed by Ancestor, and might even get mentoring from him!"

Zu Hong took a deep breath and suppressed his greedy thought. He stood in Formation of Starry Sky with Zu Yuankui!


Formation of Starry Sky was again activated, surging and spreading star lights and power of milky way. It started to sense the location of Matrix Formation.

"You still dare to come?"

Zu Hong's eyes were cold. Seeing that Su Yan ran after them closely, he smiled bitterly, "Su Yan, I remember you! I hope you don't run away. Otherwise, everyone on this planet will be buried."

Su Yan's eyes stared at Formation of Starry Sky.

The giant Formation intervened with countless star lines. During the time of awakening, it swallowed endless spirt and even drew in power from extraterritorial domains.

Su Yan circled around Formation of Starry Sky, which made Zu Hong's face turn ferocious. He smiled coldly, "What? Are you trying to open Formation of Starry Sky? Do you really think you are some know-it-all?"

Su Yan responded at ease, "Opening up a Formation of Starry Sky is a piece of cake. I can even wander around extraterritorial lands by the Formation!"

"In your dreams!"

Zu Hong's face looked bad. He almost forgot that Su Yan was also a Taoist Coercer.

"He, he has Source Pen!"

Zu Hong's blood froze by seeing Su Yan holding a golden Source Pen in his hand. When the third-level Source Pen was activated to the extreme, it would turn into a heavenly pen of rules, causing rules of heaven and earth in the vast wilderness to roar!

It was so valuable that even bigwigs were hard to get one!


Zu Hong went mad when he saw that Su Yan drew thick formation lines and threw them into this domain full of essence of heaven and earth with Source Pen.

Each draw had the power of sealing!

Su Yan made dozens of draws and temporarily sealed essence of heaven and earth with the help of terrain. Zu Hong roared out of control when realizing that essence became thinner.

In this way, Formation of Starry Sky stopped waking up.

"Do you think you can succeed?"

Zu Hong flew into a rage. He opened a storage treasure and a lot of Essence Stones rolled down right away.

Su Yan was frozen with astonishment. Several hundred thousand Essence Stones fell like that!

Power of Formation of Starry Sky surged when several hundred thousand Essence Stones were burning!

Formation of Starry Sky exploded with extremely strong power that penetrated extraterritorial sky, as if a giant beast revived!

Su Yan frowned as he watched the starry sky, thinking.

"Son, isn't it spectacular?" Zu Hong said, "Several hundred thousand Essence Stones are nothing. When I report the news to Zu Palace, I would receive million, even ten million Essence Stones by then!"

That being said, Zu Hong's heart was still bleeding because they were his savings of some dozen years, but now all burnt out. He was frustrated and even wanted to cry for it.

Su Yan touched his sleeves and smiled.

He just killed several aliens and took their storage treasures which he guessed would contain a lot of good stuff.

"What are you laughed at? You insect, if not for earth's gravity, I'll kill you like slaughtering a dog!"

Zu Hong tried to find some frustration on Su Yan's face for comfort.

"You don't even dare to come out after being hit by me! Who can't talk big?"

Su Yan looked up at the star power falling while his remarks made Zu Hong tremble with rage.


Su Yan's body glowed. Life Ding rose high in a twinkling as it enlarged quickly in the air.

Zu Hong didn't know what Su Yan was up to. Formation of Starry Sky had constructed a defense shield that was very difficult to breach.


Life Ding hummed and swallowed a part of extraterritorial sky power that Formation of Starry Sky guided to earth.

Although it was only a portion, it helped to nourish Su Yan's Life Ding. Afterall, Life Ding was also a whole planet.

Zu Hong had a long face. He felt that this Ding had uncommon potential that it even was able to plunder the energy of Formation of Starry Sky.

Zu Yuankui told him that Su Yan tempered an invaluable whole planet into Life Ding, which made Zu Hong both jealous and angry to the extent of roaring.


Life Ding became stronger and stronger with its previous lost divine power supplemented.

It turned into a heavenly Ding with starry light falling.


Su Yan said coldly. Life Ding fell down heavily and hit Formation of Starry Sky.

One or two strikes wouldn't make any difference, but thousands of bombardments made Formation of Starry Sky quiver.

Su Yan, as a Taoist Coercer, could tell that Formation of Starry Sky was a combination of hundreds of formations.

He centralized his strike on a corner of the Formation, which was then about to crack!

"d.a.m.n. Go out and stop him!" roared Zu Yuankui out of extreme anxiety. "Once the Formation loses a corner, it will be broken!"

"Go out?"

Zu Hong's face was ferocious. Go out and seek for death? Su Yan was a half third-level Taoist Coercer. If Zu got out, he would be suppressed by ocean-like Qi of earth.

When Zu Hong vaguely heard cracking, his face changed greatly. He shouted like a beast, "You push me too far. I will make you pay ten times, a hundred times in return!"

"He is rich!"

Su Yan's eyes went green with envy for Zu Hong again took out a lot of valuable treasures, including even five pieces of divine materials.

Zu Yuankui was shocked too.

The divine materials were acc.u.mulated by Zu Hong over a long period of time. These were his harvests of several hundreds of years, which he intended to trade for some stronger treasures later. Now he had to take them all out to activate Formation of Starry Sky.


Formation of Starry Sky swallowed these divine materials and flamed up, spreading a vigor that could collapse the firmament.

"How strong Zu Palace is!"

At the moment, Su Yan was alerted in heart because he saw from vague frames shown in Formation of Starry Sky that a horrible bigwig crossed the galaxy with terrifying ripples, annihilating countless stars along his way.

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