Overlord in Cultivation Chapter 150: Peak Duels

Sword beams, vast like tidal wave, fell with thunderous sound.

Inside it seemed to lurk a true dragon that despised the starry sky. The power to split the void made everyone frightened with fear!


Su Yan's words made Zu Hong look ferocious. A vigorous divine wave surged inside Zu Hong's body as the Violet Gold Gourd hanging above his head enlarged quickly. Super Taoist rune borne in the mouth of the gourd spitted out white silky divine beams, hitting towards the rushing sword beams.


Su Yan exerted all his might and fought like a demon!

He wielded Nine-dragon Sword quickly which brought thousands of sword beams to attack Zu Hong one after another.


Violet Gold Gourd was horrible with super Taoist rune inside. Divine beams from it could refine human flesh into blood.

Two legendary weapons of Dao collided here. All of a sudden, mountains collapsed, and seas quaked. What an immense scene!

"Su Yan is so awesome to even kill someone in nine Taoist Doors Realm!" Fatty was excited.

Tie Baocai shook his head and said, "Don't be overoptimistic. They were all injured on crossing through the universe to get here and then their injuries worsened after being sieged by us. Without Qi of Earth Vein, Su Yan was hard to beat so many aliens. Plus, Zu Hong possesses a legendary weapon."

"Even though Su Yan's Scared Doors is formidable, he can't kill the enemy who is so many realms beyond him!" Tie Baocai seriously said, "This Zu Hong opened nine Holy-level Doors, so Su Yan has to fight a b.l.o.o.d.y battle to kill him!"

Xia Ze and others agreed with Tie Baocai.

At the moment, turbulent roar, rolling blood and power to penetrate the void all surged out!

"Warlord! Martial Lord!"


"Huaxia Alliance has a prospect to rise!"

Billions of citizens from Huaxia Alliance got excited and shouted their respected heroes' names.

They saw the formidable Martial Lord use his Blood Lance to crucify a young elite that fought him at one blow.

Martial Lord was covered with blood and messy hair concealed his face. But he was heroic and unyielding!

Without Blood Lance, it was difficult for him to kill this elite who was already heavily injured.


Martial Lord coldly drew Blood Lance out and rushed to Su Yan's location without hesitation while his hair was untidily hanging down.

Martial Lord took out an arrow while running. The sky and ground roared and shook when he pulled the bow string.

Arrow shots went one after another, bright like sunlight and fast as thunders. Each tore up the sky and shot towards the living four young elites.


The four young elites were scared. They had severe injuries and almost got killed by Su Yan!

Now Zu Hong was detained in a fight with Su Yan. They couldn't resist Yi Yuan on this condition, so they must leave and recuperate before they could come back again.

Afterall, Su Yan was the only one who had the ability to fight them, and Yi Yuan couldn't fight and kill them at their peak.

In the meanwhile, they felt somewhat desperate to find out even Zu Hong was unable to take down Su Yan for a while.

Plus, there were two legendary weapons of Dao and a Su Yan who opened Scared Doors on this planet!

They even doubted if this was a planet belonging to some horrible existences who put their disciples here to cultivate.

"Su Yan, give me Nine-dragon Sword. We must kill him. If he escapes, Earth's coordinate will be leaked!"

Tie Baocai talked to Su Yan by divine spirit. Upon hearing that, Su Yan had slight change in complexion. If Earth's location was leaked, it would bring them the biggest trouble!

Tie Baocai was aware that Zu Hong and his underlings came here by Formation of Starry Sky, but even bigwigs in Zu Palace couldn't know Earth's general coordinate because of the long distance.


Su Yan threw Nine-dragon Sword to Tie Baocai, which Su had long promised to give away to Tie.

Tie Baocai showed its teeth in wrath. It luminously waved All Demons Flag with Nine-dragon Sword on its back, and growled, "Let's go! Dig three feet deep to find them. We won't let any of them leave!"

"Go, brothers!"

Huaxia Alliance went boiled. People were voluntarily organized as teams and killed towards the wilderness.

Everyone got involved in the battle. Zu Hong looked hideous in appearance and grinned hideously, "Earth, you are truly revolting!"

Violet Gold Gourd enlarged quickly, to the extent of almost swallowing the firmament. Super Taoist rune inside gave out thousands of white silky divine beams that rushed towards Su Yan!

"What a strong weapon!"

Su Yan's eyes were heated. He felt being refined for the legendary weapon was extremely formidable and should be made by some bigwig.

"Zhu Yue, now it's up to your treasure!"

Su Yan laughed. The void around him was roaring as if a star domain was falling and a ten-storey paG.o.da suddenly appeared in the air!

The ten-storey paG.o.da enlarged quickly under Su Yan's drive and it vaguely penetrated the firmament as the divine power inside was being awakened.

The true feature of Training PaG.o.da was unveiled. Extraterritorial star light cascaded down like milky way, into Training PaG.o.da.

It turned into a Stars PaG.o.da, spurting out galaxy essence, and released unequal divine power!

"It's the Big Dipper Boxing!"

Zu Hong's face turned radically sullen. First the Big Dipper Boxing and then the ten-storey Stars PaG.o.da. He even began to wonder if Su Yan was the descendant of the Lord of Big Dipper Domain.

The ten-storey Stars PaG.o.da was valuable and horrible enough. It was not any common people's work. Plus, who would use so many divine raw materials to refine this ten-storey Stars PaG.o.da!


Violet Gold Gourd was roaring, almost blown away by Stars PaG.o.da's power!


Zu Hong desperately infused his divine power into Violet Gold Gourd, which seemed to have become a purple divine hole that spurted out countless divine beams towards Stars PaG.o.da.

An earthquake occurred suddenly.

Su Yan felt regretful to think that he was not yet able to fully exert the power deep inside Stars PaG.o.da. It seemed to require some certain method. But then Su thought of Antarctic Sky Magic. What if Zhu Yue had already handed the method to drive Stars PaG.o.da over to him but he didn't notice it?

But there was not enough time to observe the effect. Stars PaG.o.da itself was strong enough to collide with Violet Gold Gourd!


With all eyes fixed, Su Yan and Zu Hong both broke out to their extreme. On the moment of collision, ripples of energy echoed in the vast ground.


Su Yan's vigor became more and more formidable. He summoned out all his potential to kill Zu Hong!

Zu Hong's palm turned into a seal. He activated his strongest power to kill Su Yan!

By the time of colliding, millions of energy beams, turning into the strongest power, split the sky and crumbled clouds

What a horrible scene! Blood splattered and bones were cracked!

"Good Heavens!"

Citizens from Huaxia Alliance were nervously worried about Su Yan because they saw Su Yan trembling with blood surging out from every pore! But it wasn't unexpected!

Zu Hong had nine Holy-level Taoist Doors and overwhelming combat power. Without the combination of the strongest body and Life Ding, Su Yan couldn't resist such an overwhelming attack!


Someone shouted excitedly for seeing Zu Hong's palm full of cracks and his arms crooked, almost exploded by Su Yan's punch!

Zu Hong became fury. Su Yan had the most horrible body. If he didn't have nine Holy-level Doors to protect him, he might have been torn up by Su Yan on the first round!


Su Yan was full of power and a true meaning of martial art flew around him. He dashed forward. His body gushed divinity and ancient chanting sounds were resonating inside. Su Yan's body seemed to turn into a Ding, vibrating the void!


Zu Hong screamed furiously and summoned out Life Implement. He, on his peak condition, struck the crazy Su Yan!

It was a horrible duel between life and death!

Su Yan's each strike hit Zu Hong with greatest combat effectiveness for he knew that he couldn't give Zu Hong time to recover and he must kill Zu fast and for good!

Mountains and forests quivered!

They fought from one side of the mountain to the other side!

When they left, the mountain collapsed entirely. They fought with their lives in the vast wilderness!


Zu Hong was about to explode out of wrath for his body was going to be cracked. Su Yan had the strongest body like a tempered divine iron and always kept the best condition when attacking Zu Hong!

Zu Hong had no way to hurt Su Yan's body, and now he really wanted to keep some distance with Su!

But he couldn't. Su Yan struck him crazily and left him no time to breathe!

Su Yan felt bad too with his pores bleeding. However, he fought madly with blood and his eyes were full of killing determinations.

"Ang ang ang!"

By the time, loud sounds rose one after another and endless Qi of Earth Vein boiled, among which Qi of Dragon Vein was vaguely flowing.


Zu Hong's face turned pale by seeing that Su Yan was even capable of mastering a part of Dragon Vein power!


From Earth's crust came endless essence, penetrating Su Yan's body. His eyes emitted divine beams as he stared at the retreating Zu Hong. Suddenly, Su Yan roared!

Endless essence and Qi of Dragon Veins ran through Su Yan's body.

His hand pushed up and four universal stars were shown. He pushed as if he were moving a star domain, making mountains and valleys shake and quiver!


Zu Hong coughed out blood as if he were struck by a thunder, and his backbone nearly collapsed. Horror covered his eyes. With the land of Dragon Vein and three-level Taoist Coercer, he would be killed here!

On the moment of the strike that could crush everything, an elder in purple robe crossed the void and reached here. He, extremely bright, burnt the fire of soul and erupted the power of possession. The power immediately penetrated the void and hit towards Su Yan's frontal bone.

"Old thing, I've being waiting for you!"

Su Yan's face looked ferocious. His frontal bone seemed to open a sea of Buddha, in which a golden soul sat cross-legged in the future and in chaos.

Su Yan's soul was as big as a child!

Future Scripture was exceedingly horrible. By the time when buddha scripture was chanted, Su Yan's soul sat in the future, reaching out a hand that flamed abruptly as if it had borrowed a mega power of future. It was like the hand of a divine buddha from future.


The elder in purple robe freaked out. Besides the legendary Future Scripture, Su Yan also grasped the secret of Buddhism: Boundless Art of Immortals and Buddhas.

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