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Overlord in Cultivation Chapter 149: Four Stars Became One!

Xia Ze and the others got angry. This Zu Hong was more conceited than Zu Yan! Su Yan had killed four elites under him. How strong Zu Hong could be to believe he could suppress Su Yan only by raising his hand?

Zu Hong with awing divinity looked down on Su Yan, nine Holy-level Doors running around him. He just displayed an air of superiority. But he had to admit that Su Yan's ability to open Scared Door meant that he was excellently talented!

However, he possessed nine Holy-level Doors, so his magic power was way beyond Su Yan's.

Zu Hong's eyes were piercingly cold. He didn't even expect that someone from an aboriginal planet was able to kill his four underlings. If this news went out, he would be laughed off.

But Zu Hong's heart was also heated. This planet had uncommon blessings, so he didn't prepare to report it up, instead he decided to enjoy it by himself. The Big Dipper Boxing and mysterious ancient heavenly cultivation manuals would enable Zu Hong to rise abruptly in the future!

"I'll kill him!"

The young elite with a pike rushed in. He suffered serious injuries, but he believed that Zu Hong's power could suppress Su Yan!

"I advise you not to move, otherwise you are going to suffer more than you could take."

Zu Hong stared at Su Yan coldly and his Qi was fixed on Su Yan so that if Su Yan dared to resist, he would crush Su Yan in person.

Tie Baocai was furious to see Zu Hong so conceited as if he were the reincarnation of some ancient G.o.d.

"Haha, son, let me see how strong you are!"

The young elite with a pike was getting bolder. He pointed his pike at Su Yan, and coldly said, "I'll impale you up and make you suffer!"


The pike shined and the smell of blood spread. He struck Su Yan with the pike, intending to penetrate his chest and lift him up so as to humiliate him badly!

People in the surroundings felt suffocated, fists held tight. Zu Hong was the strongest on their side, while Su Yan was the strongest among Huaxia Alliance.

Right at the moment when the pike went to Su Yan, the atmosphere became horrible. The roaring sky and earth became a prison and a universal killing trap that turned endless Qi of Earth Vein into intent of slaughter!


The young elite with a pike was torn into pieces by the universal killing trap. He didn't even have the chance to approach Su Yan!

"Taoist Coercer!"

Zu Hong's eyes shrank out of shock that was soon replaced by secret joy. Law of Taoist Coercer was way too valuable!

But it was grasped by an aboriginal. Mere lines stretched from his feet could evoke Qi of Earth Vein and take his heavily injured underling's life by a seismic wave.

Zu Hong laughed uproariously, "Su Yan, courageous indeed! You are out of my expectation. How dare you kill one of my underlings in front of me! How dare you!"


The moment nine Holy-level Taoist Doors were roaring, a depressing atmosphere pressed down. Zu Hong, with imposing vigor like that of a golden deity, looked down on Su Yan with cruel homicidal intent.

Zu Hong was conceited, but that was because he could!

If not constrained by the laws on Earth, any of his underlings could kill Su Yan by one finger!

Zu Hong's power became more and more horrible. Nine Holy-level Taoist Doors were about to converge into one And a vague but formidable giant creature like a golden divine bird was faintly shown on his back, which might dive down at any time!

It was a most horrible magic. It could be regarded as a top minor magic, not a great magic though.

"Golden Winged Roc!"

A divine bird made of gold, giant as hanging cloud and ferocious as ancient beast, possessed such a formidable power that nearly pierced the sky.

Within a thousand miles came suffocating waves as if a living divine bird were going to jump out and break Su Yan's neck!

"I offer you a chance to kneel and become my war servant, and I will show mercy to Earth!"

Zu Hong said coldly while overlooking Su Yan. Zu Hong was strong and conceited. Over his head was the rumbling violet gold gourd, spurting white silky divine beams with full of divine Taoist sense.

"I offer you a chance as well. If you can make me retreat for half a step, I'll make you die easier!" (Su)

Su Yan's response made Zu Hong's face stiff slowly as coldness acc.u.mulated in his eyes. He smiled, "n.o.body dares to talk to me like you did for many years. I have conquered dozens of aboriginal planets and ruled countless servants over these years, but you are the only one qualified to be my war servant!"

"But you don't even deserve to my servant!" Su Yan responded.

"Looks like it's time to let you understand your insignificance!"

Zu Hong unsealed his power, and a divine bird sprang behind him. The golden winged roc spread its wings and flew up with divine beams, sending out endless murderous gleam while its wings split the sky.

It was a shocking scene. The golden winged roc lifted its paws and attacked Su Yan. The power split the firmament and was fierce enough to even penetrate gold and crack stones.


Su Yan stepped in the air, stretching his arms and feet. His body was enveloped in golden rays.

Under the startling gaze of the audience, Su Yan stood still and a golden star brilliantly rose from his back, as if it were falling from extraterritorial sky, drawing the horrible power of extraterritorial stars.


The star collided with the winged roc. The power wave swept the vast ground and led to an earthquake!

Even though the winged roc was formidable, it could not shake the power of the star!

They were fighting with magic power. They released Taoist weapons and magics and started a b.l.o.o.d.y fight under the sky!

The paws of the winged roc were cracked while the star was broken with a rift.

Two magical weapons collided here with divine beams bursting out and made frightful noises!

To everyone's astonishment, the star with vague divinity seemed to become a super Taoist star and smashed the winged roc into pieces!


"Kill him! The b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too arrogant!"

"Now get out of Earth. An atom bomb could kill you all.!"

"Second battalion commander, you bring out my Italian Artillery. Let's kill him with cannon!"

Huaxia Alliance were heated with discussion. Various curses and bawls continuously pa.s.sed through, which made Zu Hong very angry!

"I repeat. If you can make me retreat for half a step, I'll make you die easier!"

Su Yan's voice made Zu Hong bristle with anger. His nine Holy-level Taoist Doors burned heatedly. He, a universal elite, was humiliated by Su Yan and even condemned by inhabitants of an aboriginal planet!

"You'll regret for this!"

Zu Hong cried into the air and gave out a startling loud sound!

The flaming nine Taoist Doors seemed to converge into one and transform into a seal, the power of which could crash the sky and turn the world upside down.

It silenced many people of Huaxia Alliance.

At this moment, they thought of Zu Yan whose magic was the same as Zu Hong's.

It proved that Zu Yan was with those aliens. Some people's heart was wrenched because they once believed in Zu Yan, but now their belief was collapsed and the person they had faith in turned into Earth's worst enemy.

"Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!"

Anger spread among Huaxia Alliance, to the whole wilderness!

"You rubbish, you will know what despair is and how it feels to be lower even than dogs!"

Zu Hong's fury went to the utmost for finding that people in this aboriginal planet had a will to resist!

His strongest combat effectiveness was awakened. He was performing Heaven Shift Seal with his hands. Each single seal was profound and recondite with the thunderous sounds of landslides and tsunamis spreading out.


Here slowly came Heaven Shift Seal. It, like a corner of the strongest ancient star, suppressed the whole Huaxia Alliance when pressing down.

"Great magic, Heaven Shift Seal!"

Zu Hong and Heaven Shift Seal became one. The power was much stronger than Zu Yan's Heaven Shift Seal. This Heaven Shift Seal was covered with secret lines of rules. On burning, the Seal shrouded the sky and fell with endless destruction power!

Even Su Yan could not resist this kind of power and was about to collapse!

Su Yan opened his eyes widely as chanting sounds resonated inside his body. He activated his body and destiny spring simultaneously to extreme, generating the most overbearing power!

Extraterritorial sky, bright stars, falling celestial essence all revived along with Su Yan's suddenly awakened power.

At the time, countless Qi of Earth Vein went into Su Yan's body!

His Life Ding was opened and burst out the power of the mighty stars and rivers that ran throughout Su Yan's limbs and bones

"The Big Dipper Boxing!"

"Mizar, Alkaid, Alioth!"

Three minor magics in succession were displayed by Su Yan.

The vast magic power surging out seemed to make Su Yan's body an ancient star!

But was that all?

Apparently not.

Su Yan's vigor climbed again!


A grand voice echoed in the air and caused heavenly power to fall into Su Yan's body!

At that moment, Su Yan's roar trembled mountains and rivers and dominated the firmament!

Four minor magics combined as one. Su Yan seemed to be standing in the starry sky and vague stars started to run around him! What an astonishing scene!

Su Yan with the momentum of great magic, did his utmost to give out his strongest hit.


It was shocking when Su Yan pushed four universal stars and unleashed super combat effectiveness to strike Heaven Shift Seal that came from above.


By the moment they collided, Su Yan's vigor became stronger.

He was roaring. Four universal stars converged into one star, as if a formidable ancient comet was born.

The horrible magics collided here, causing energy ripples that shut everyone's eyes.

A scary strong wind swept the vast mountains and forests.

The star was blasted but Heaven Shift Seal was also blown away!

Heaven Shift Seal was strong enough, but it was the dreadful Life Ding of Su Yan that stopped its strongest power. Otherwise, Heaven Shift Seal could not be resisted by the mere combination of four minor magics.

"I offered you a chance, but you failed. Now I'll kill you!"

Su Yan shouted with murderous intent. He rose high into the air and drew out Nine-dragon Sword!

Terrifying dragon-shaped beams coming from the sword fell like a giant dragon diving from sky, sending out a power that could split the void.

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