Another World Transfer in Game Character Chapter 57

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In the morning, I tried to test drive the sled and decided to spend the time leisurely in the afternoon.

Departure is the day after tomorrow and we also have to buy food for preparation, but it will influence the fresh food so it's better to buy it the day before departure. The food should be able to last at least a day.

Of course, if I put it in inventory I can have as much as I want … but if I use it idly it would suspicious.

Although I did a lot of shopping two days ago, I think that it would look suspicious if it didn't load on the carriage or brought it into the room.

You can't underestimate the city auntie network.

“Also, Alicia needs to take a break too, isn't it?”

“Eh, I want to swing sword.”

“No, look, it's pretty stiff here.”

I'm giving a ma.s.sage to Alicia punipuni feet.

If you touch it, you can feel that there are still some stiffness remains. It seems better to continue training in two days interval.

“In the first place, why Alicia want to train sword that much? Do you want to be a warrior?”

“Hmm … I also want to be cool like Yu-nee too!”

“Me? Is it cool?”

I feel like I always made a bad decision and I'm also always being tricked by other adventurers……

Well, because I have battle power, so I think that I can still keep my dignity a little.

“Even Alicia is strong compared to other children with the same age you know?”

“Is that so?”

“Well, you didn't aware of it because there are no children around. A normal child is about Charon level and can't have a tie in a match with an adventurer.”

Even adults can't run 100 meters in eight seconds in the first place.

It becomes strange because Alicia standard value is me.

Since her relationship with a child in the same age and normal citizen is low, various values have been shifted. Even adventurers will raise their physical abilities if they train enough and even in the original world, athletic ability is already strange.

As expected, she needs to move to the city.

“Anyway, shall we got out to play since it's already noon?”

“Then, I'll “Grooming” Seiko and Urara”

“Why we are going to the place where the horse is …?”

However, I think it's not bad to look after the horses I guess?

They are also sweating because they ran around while pulling the sled this morning, I guess it's fine to let them bathe lightly.

“Then let's go to the stable and wash them.”

“Make them shiny!”

The stable is to narrow to wash the horse body.

I got permission from Shinsan to wash them at the backyard, so I decided to wash them there.

There's also a well in the backyard so there's no need to worry about water. In addition, I'll resupply the water bag in the inventory secretly.

Alicia wears work clothes similar to overall clothes, tie the two horses and pours water on them.

At spring the temperature is rising, I'm sure they are happy having a bath.

Alicia took a stool and get on it while wiping off their body with a towel.

If they stay wet, they will catch a cold even though they are a horse.

However, as expected to wipe off their body who has a big body.

While letting Alicia taking a break, I wiped off the water and they became very glossy.

As it is, hand over the brush and Alicia partic.i.p.ates again.

Suddenly, I noticed a gaze.

The backyard is separated from the street with a low fence and there were a few elementary school boys were watching at us.

Their age is about 6-8 years old I guess … slightly older than Alicia.

“So big …… I never saw a horse like that before.”

“Yeah, that's big”

“Are those sisters also an “adventurer”?”

“Of course not, because they are small.”

“Don't say small!?”

I heard them and I raise my voice unintentionally.

No, I definitely did set up a small avatar, but I felt like my other “part” was pointed out and reacted reflexively.

“What, are you guys neighborhood kids?”

“Yeah, my Josh. My house is that clothing store there”

“I'm called Raki, a son of merchant”

“I'm Tema. My father is a butcher.”

Three children introduce themselves one after another.

Josh is the smallest, a little imprecise. Raki seems like a quite literary boy.

If I must say Tema is …… like Ja○an?

“Good afternoon, I'm Yumir. This child is Alicia, both of us are adventurers.”

“Go, good afternoon …….”

Meeting a child with the same age for the first time, Alicia also returned a greeting timidly.

I'll continue to visit this city several times in the future and I think it's good for Alicia to make a friend.

“Eh, no way!”

“Aren't Onee-chan tachi still a child? A child can't be an “Adventurer” you know?”

“A liar will be a thief because I heard it from my father!”

The children mocking simultaneously.

I didn't look like an adventurer that much … well, right now I'm not armed and there is no part look convincing because we are using working clothes.

“That's wrong mon, I'm an “adventurer” mon! Yu-nee is an “amazing adventurer” mon!”

“You don't look like that”


Alicia raises both hands while expressing anger, I hold her from behind and stop her.

If this going as it is, she seems likely to hit him.

“Well, I'm not armed right now, but ordinary people don't have horses don't they?”

“Ugh …… that's … so, maybe”

I bring out the horse I bought yesterday and tricking them.

Besides, these two big horses are actually only farming horses.

The fact that these children actually never seen them, I wonder if it's a rare horse. Let's ask a little.

“Are horses around here aren't as big as these childrend?”

“Yeah, even horse from pulling carriage is not big as them.”

“We don't see horses much, so we don't understand”

“We're only brought a dead horse after all.”

The merchant son Raki only has seen horses for drawing carriage, Josh rarely sees a horse and Tema only see horse that came to be butchered?

Either way, it seems to be rare in this neighborhood.

“Fuun, it's unusual, for you guys?”

I reply happily while continue to brushing.

It will be cute if there is a reaction.

Looking at them, the children have a rare look.

“Perhaps … you guys want to try to brush them?”


“I want to do it!”

“Let me do it!”

“I won't allow it to you guys who have bad words”

“Please let me do it!”

The change is quick!? Well, an honest child is best the best.

“Then, come here. You can't be rough, because a big horse is dangerous”


Children came together like an avalanche from the back door. Alicia is being pushed from that momentum.

Her frustrated expression seemed to be unusual.

“Alicia, please comb the Mane. I'll put you on top. ”


When I tried to put Alicia on, Seiko crouched down so that can be ride easily.

These children are surprisingly smart.

As for Urara, she is letting the children touching her obediently.

“Eh, have you guys ever entered the labyrinth?”

“Yeah, with Yu-nee”

“This sister is that strong?”

“Since yesterday she fought against “Branch chief” and won after all!”

“No way. There's no one can win against Legur-san!”

“Muuuu, it is true!”

Children are quick to adapt. Alicia is already talking casually and regained her usual tone.

“It's fine, Alicia. Your hand is getting wild, you will hurt Seiko”

“Ah, sorry, Seiko”

Alicia apologizes in hurry and Seiko shakes her head.

You understand words aren't you, this horse … I'm getting a bit scared.

The children hands were a little messy, but Urara feels comfortable while narrowing her eyes.

Those children are …… I noticed that they look at Alicia a little envious.

“You want to ride?”

“Eh, it's fine?”

“You letting me on?”

Apparently, there was no mistake that they want to ride.

The day just began to dawn, it might be fine to take a walk a little.

“Then, let's go around the city lightly. Will you wait for me to get ready?”


“Yu-nee, me too! Me too!”

“Yes yes, you can't get down right…….”

In the city, armed adventurers and other people are walking around.

It would be better to be armed.

After cleaning up the tools, return to the room, change clothes and equip Claymore. I don't think I'll use it, but for precaution, I also have Kunitsuna on my back.

It became strange for having two big swords, but I don't mind it.

Alicia also carries her usual stick.

She is not equipped with angel wings or the crown. That's too conspicuous.

After armed with equipment and returned to the backyard, the children cheered “Ooooooooo!”.

“Amazing looks like an adventurer!”

“You guys are only judging only by the clothes right?”

“This is a real sword? Looks like a cane”

“It's a sword dedicated to pierce. It's Alicia “Piercing equipment” nano”

“Nee-chan, I also want a sword!”

“Buy it yourself”

I'm not crazy enough to give expensive knives to a child I just met.

I put Alicia and Raki on Seiko and put Josh and Tema on Urara.

Go out for a walk to the street from the back door as it is.

I'm walking around the city with two huge horses following me.

Since these two are quite an intelligent, so they didn't rampage around, but they sometimes mischievously trying to catch me by raising their head and fish me up.

Because the Hami drawstring is a normal length, so if they raise their head higher, my feet will float in low height.

“Hey, don't play with me!”

“Seiko, you can't do that, because Yu-nee is small after all”

“I don't want to be told by Alicia!”

At the same time, I bought Ririn at the store and gave it to the children.

Juicy fruits are good to moisten your throat. Even though they were washed with much effort….

At that time, I let the horses eat one by one, but they were eaten with tremendous speed.

The people in the town were surprised at the beginning as they saw the neighborhood child riding a big horse, but when they saw them laughing with Alicia they saw off with a smile.

After taking a walk to the plaza and taking a rest, I decided to send them home while riding on a horse.

“Hey, Nee-chan, can we go play again tomorrow?”

“I'm out in the morning for shopping. It's fine at the afternoon and we are leaving the city the day after tomorrow.”

“Eh…… is that so?”

Raki-kun is confirming with Alicia.

Alicia answered with a bit lonely face.

“Yeah, we live in the village at the gra.s.sland. To go “back and forth” will take a month, so we can't stay too long.”

“I see … but will you come and visit again right?”

“Yeah, absolutely”

Seeing the children on the horse are being friendly, I'm glad that we came to this city.

Alicia also said I'll definitely come and play.

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