President Daddy Super Awesome Chapter 644

Chapter 644 - Calling for Attention

After Yang Yun Ruo heard this, she opened her eyes wide in shock, "Really?""Of course it's true. In the end, isn't she sitting with that handsome guy anymore? We've been together for more than ten hours, and I don't know what we've done that caused us to be unable to see the light of day. " Pei Manlin coldly snorted.

Yang Yun Ruo's heart was panicking and she panicked a little. Xi FengHan was originally not too involved with this relations.h.i.+p, could it be that he suddenly fell in love with a female bodyguard? Thinking about it, it was quite a scary thing.She didn't ask Xi FengHan to love her, but she also didn't want him to have another man who would have a hard time even if he married her.

"Yun Ruo, you have to be careful, your husband is your esteemed lord! Even if he can remain calm, can you guarantee that we won't use all our effort to seduce him? " Pei Manlin planned to make her worries even more so.

"I believe that Feng Han isn't that kind of person." She could tell that Pei Manlin's plot was to provoke her."Yun Ruo, as your good friend and cla.s.smate, I'm just reminding you, don't take it to heart too much. In short, my female bodyguard has already broken off her engagement with my family, and it seems like Pavilion Lord Manor personally called my grandfather."

"Why did you cancel the contract?"

"Perhaps Your Excellency has decided to use his own bodyguard! To be honest, this Jian Xin is quite charming. "

Yang Yun Ruo forced a smile, "You must have misunderstood."

Pei Manlin knew that Yang Yun Ruo was already upset, and had planted a seed of hatred in her heart. As long as Yang Yun Ruo saw Jian Xin in the future, he would definitely not let her have a good time.

This could also be considered as revenge for stealing her limelight last night.When Yang Yun Ruo came out of the hospital, she had initially only gone to see Pei Manlin out of good intentions. As a cla.s.smate, she had fainted on the spot last night.

But she never thought that after coming here to take a look, she would receive news like this. Last night, Xi FengHan had abandoned her and came to the hospital to visit Pei Manlin.

Yang Yun Ruo returned to her car with a heavy heart. She took out her phone, took a deep breath and dialed Xi FengHan's number."Hey!" Xi Feng Han's low voice sounded.

"Feng Han, are you busy? Let's have dinner together later! " Yang Yun Ruo asked with a gentle smile.

"The amba.s.sador is coming tonight. I may not have time."

"Oh!" It's fine, you're busy! We'll make an appointment another day. "

"Hm!" I'm in a meeting. "

"Alright! "I'm hanging up." Yang Yun Ruo hung up the phone. The anxiousness on her face that would not easily show in front of Pei Manlin had now disappeared completely from her face as she sat alone in the carriage. She was truly afraid, and if she was worried, she would also be jealous.

Jealous that Pei Manlin was visited by Xi FengHan himself, jealous that the female bodyguard was taken away by Xi FengHan. How could she not be worried when such a thing happened between her and him when they had just announced their relations.h.i.+p?

Where did that female bodyguard come from? What did she do to attract his attention?

No matter what, Yang Yun Ruo thought that she must find out about this matter. As long as she did not say anything about this matter being managed, there would still be the Mrs. Xi, and she would definitely prevent her son's private life from becoming chaotic.

Yang Yun Ruo bit her red lips, and her eyes became determined.

At around 4 PM, the former Jian Xin, the current Mi Liu received a call from Ling Xi at home. Ling Xi wanted to come and get her, but she rejected him.

This was Xi FengHan's old house. She did not want others to misunderstand her, so she would not let others know that she lived here. Mi Liu stopped a taxi outside the door and went out. Ling Xi had already arranged for a restaurant, a high cla.s.s western restaurant.

Mi Liu sat in the back of the car, and looked out the window at the scenery of the street. She started to imagine her life before losing her memories, and when she arrived at the entrance of a few coffee shops, she saw a waitress standing outside, looking for a guest.

Had she ever done such a job? However, other than the memories Xi FengHan told her, she did not know where to start searching.She picked up the phone and told him the location. Not long later, a somewhat dazzling sportscar stopped at the entrance to the street where she was standing. As the window rolled down, Ling Xi's handsome face was revealed.

"Hi, my car."Mi Liu opened the door and got in. She sized her up with a smile on her face and couldn't conceal the joy in his eyes.

"Jian Xin, may I ask, where does your home live? It will be easier for me to send you off in the future. ""It's inconvenient to tell you. I'm thanking you for tonight's meal. We might not have a chance to meet again in the future." After Mi Liu finished speaking, she did not correct him by continuing to call her by her old name.

Ling Xi's expression changed slightly, "Why? Do you want to go abroad? Why isn't there a chance to meet again? "

Mi Liu looked ahead, and lightly responded: "Nothing, I just don't like to be friends."

Ling Xi was speechless at her lifestyle. Humans were social animals, and currently, which one of the young people was not playing around in groups of three or five? She looked no more than twenty-four or twenty-five, and she didn't need friends?Mi Liu would say this because from now on, her life would be dedicated to Xi FengHan's career as his bodyguard. Other than that, she didn't have the leisure and time to make friends.

Ling Xi brought her into a Western restaurant. He had already prepared a very romantic private room, and after Mi Liu went in and took a look, he had the waiter arrange them to sit at a table in the hall near the window.

Ling Xi was gloomy, he had specially asked the restaurant's waiter to prepare a candlelight dinner, but now, Mi Liu had directly chosen the seat in the hall.

"The atmosphere in the room will be even better! "Why the hall?"

"I don't like things that are too romantic, so of course it's good!"

"Don't all of you girls like candlelight, roses, and chocolates?"

"That's the majority, and I'm the minority who doesn't like it. Maybe you should invite some girls to dinner tonight." Mi Liu said.

Ling Xi hurriedly shook his head, "No no, I want to be with you tonight, do you like it or not! In the future, I will arrange the restaurants according to your preferences. "

Mi Liu lowered her head to order her dishes, the phone she left at the side rang, she picked it up and saw that it was a call from an unfamiliar number, she frowned and picked it up, "h.e.l.lo!"

"Hey!" Is he having dinner? " Zhan FengHan's voice sounded exceptionally low and deep.

"Hm!" He's eating. "

"With that man?"


"Your a.s.sessment will start tomorrow afternoon. Are you prepared?"

"I have. No matter where or when, I am well-prepared."

"Good!" "Go home early after eating, don't worry me."

Mi Liu looked at the scenery outside the window. Before she could react, the other side had already hung up. Would he worry about her?

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