Super Driver Chapter 116

“You're that rascal who hit me today, right? Your friend is at Brilliant Bar. You come over here now.” With that, the phone was hung up.

Su Qiubai stood still for a while, then he recalled the person's voice. It was the guy who he kicked at the hotel.

Without hesitation, Su Qiubai jumped out of bed and took a look at the time; it was three in the morning. While preparing to head out, he wondered how would this matter be related to Niu Baiwan. Almost instantly, w.a.n.g Qian's name appeared in his mind!

Su Qiubai was certain that that woman must've told those men that they could look for him through Niu Baiwan, that was why they kidnapped Niu Baiwan. Su Qiubai felt even more resentful. He really wanted to kill w.a.n.g Qian on behalf of Niu Baiwan.

But it was too late now!

Brilliant Bar? Hehe… I've destroyed the Dragon's Pool, Tiger's Den in Donghai City. This is just a small bar…

With that thought, he went downstairs and hopped into his taxi.

The Brilliant Bar was located on a famous street in Qinghe City. Su Qiubai had been a taxi driver for so many years, so he was very clear of the location.

At that moment, Gao Fei had already called several of his brothers. They were waiting for Su Qiubai at the Brilliant Bar.

Gao Fei had been a tyrant in Qinghe City for many years. He was well-known, even if he wasn't the top in the circle, he was still quite intimidating. Yet, he was actually kicked by a random person when he was having a nice meal earlier. And he even fainted! If the other brothers knew about this, it would be too embarra.s.sing!

Therefore, he forced w.a.n.g Qian to tell him Su Qiubai's address. She didn't know his address, but finally she said a man named Niu Baiwan would definitely know. Without any hesitation, Gao Fei ordered his brothers to kidnap Niu Baiwan all the way from the county to Qinghe City overnight.

Gao Fei didn't expect that Niu Baiwan would be so stubborn. He almost had to kill Niu Baiwan to get Su Qiubai's contact number. In the end, he even had to find the number from Niu Baiwan's mobile phone himself!

After calling Su Qiubai, Gao Fei looked at Niu Baiwan's bleeding body on the ground and snorted.

Standing by the side, w.a.n.g Qian watched Niu Baiwan nervously. She also felt terrified when Gao Fei beat him up, especially seeing Niu Baiwan's eyes staring back at her.

This fool had liked her for so many years but she had never seen him looking at her with those eyes before.

Niu Baiwan had already pa.s.sed out at this moment. w.a.n.g Qian wanted to get nearer to him to see how was he. Was it necessary to send him to the hospital? But Gao Fei was standing next to him, so she didn't dare to make a sound.

Seeing several brothers standing next to each other, every one of them were waiting for Su Qiubai, and then thinking about what might happen next, w.a.n.g Qian felt even more afraid.

“Everyone get ready. When that rascal is here, you must at least break one of his legs!”

Gao Fei took a sip of his wine then stood up and shouted loudly. His brothers immediately shouted back in agreement.

At this moment, a waiter suddenly ran in.

“Boss Gao, I saw Brother Fei!”

Upon hearing this, Gao Fei's expression immediately became delightful.

“Where's Brother Fei? Downstairs?”

“Yes. He just came in, with two girls. I know that you have business to do with Brother Fei, so I hurried up to inform you…”

The waiter had a pair of slightly small eyes and looked like quite a clever man.

“Sure, here's a small tip. If the business is successful, I'll give you more."

Gao Fei patted the waiter's shoulders. Then, he turned around and asked one of his brothers to hide Niu Baiwan in the suite. Then, he cleaned up the room and went down to invite Brother Fei.

At this moment, Brother Fei was sitting on a sofa. His yellow hair looked extraordinarily conspicuous.

If Su Qiubai was here, he would definitely roll his eyes.

The Brother Fei that Gao Fei mentioned was actually Cao Toufei!

Coming down the stairs, Gao Fei spotted that yellow hair at first sight, so he rushed over.

“Brother Fei, you're chilling out here today?” Gao Fei stood next to Cao Toufei, and asked while grinning politely.

This young boy was the boss of the Qinghe City's Street Racers Gang! No one in Qinghe City would dare to offend Street Racers Gang. Everyone would quickly hide away from them.

Cao Toufei glanced at Gao Fei. He faintly recognized Gao Fei and guessed that he was a local tyrant. But Cao Toufei couldn't care less about him so he just simply answered him. Frankly, Cao Toufei just couldn't sleep tonight, so he came out and wandered around.

“If you don't mind, Brother Fei, maybe you would like to follow me upstairs? I have a fancy sports car and I would like Brother Fei to help me look at it.”

Gao Fei had indeed put a lot of effort to meet Cao Toufei, or else the waiter wouldn't immediately inform him after seeing Cao Toufei. Gao Fei also specially prepared a sports car, that fitted Cao Toufei's taste.

Originally, Cao Toufei wasn't interested in whatever he was saying, but after hearing that he had a sports car, Cao Toufei became a little attracted. Besides, he had nothing to do tonight, so it didn't hurt to listen to what he had to say about the car. Therefore, Cao Toufei went upstairs with the two girls.

When they entered the private room, w.a.n.g Qian had already been waiting there. Gao Fei had told her before that this guest was a big boss so she mustn't be negligent!

Originally, w.a.n.g Qian thought that Cao Toufei would be attracted to her when he came in the room. Who knew, he didn't even look at her. This made her a little discouraged, but she didn't dare to show it, just in case it would make the boss of Street Racers Gang unhappy, and mess up Gao Fei's business.

After Cao Toufei was seated, he, Gao Fei and three girls were the only ones in the private room. Gao Fei took out a photo of the sports car and placed it on the table. Then he started to introduce it excitedly.


On the other hand, Su Qiubai had sped all the way to Brilliant Bar and had just parked his car outside. Upon barging into the bar, Gao Fei was instantly informed about the news.

“Settle him downstairs. Break one of his leg and throw him out.”

Since Cao Toufei was sitting next to Gao Fei, he could only whisper to the younger brother next to him. Although he spoke softly, Cao Toufei couldn't help but overhear it, his eyebrows wrinkled.

“I'm sorry for the disturbance, Brother Fei. It's just an idiot came to mess things up. I've asked some brothers to handle the matter downstairs, so it won't affect us."

Gao Fei laughed and said to Cao Toufei. Then, he urged w.a.n.g Qian to pour some more wine for Cao Toufei. However, Cao Toufei just pushed it away. He felt a little uncomfortable, but he just kept quiet. It was best that he stayed out of Gao Fei's matter so he just asked Gao Fei to continue his introduction of the sports car.

After getting the instructions from Gao Fei, the brothers downstairs immediately blocked Su Qiubai. The customers in the bar were already warned beforehand, so they all stood far away from them, no one dared to call the police. Anyway, there were usually too many drunk fights on this street at night so it was pointless to call the police. The customers just wanted the brothers to handle their business quickly so they could continue with their drinks.

Su Qiubai had suppressed his anger all the way to the bar, he finally found a place to vent now. Without hesitation, he kicked the first guy that rushed towards him. The onlookers looked at the body flew away like a ball, and finally knocked over a table before stopping.

Seeing this scene, the other brothers were all scared. Su Qiubai's strength was quite shocking for ordinary people, so it was normal that they were caught off guard. But soon, the brothers regained their courage because they were psychologically pumped by the advantage they had. There were several thugs and Su Qiubai was alone. With that spirit, the brothers rushed together.

Su Qiubai was furious at the thought of Niu Baiwan being kidnapped and w.a.n.g Qian's action. His eyes twitched slightly, and he went against these thugs.

In just about two minutes, the ground was covered with bodies. The crowd at both sides had their mouth agape, they were speechless. Su Qiubai didn't care about them. Grabbing one of the bodies by its shirt collar, Su Qiubai demanded for Gao Fei's location, and then he went upstairs.

Gao Fei had just finished introducing the sports car and was planning to let Cao Toufei know about his purpose, when the door was suddenly pushed open.

This made Gao Fei so angry that he immediately shouted, "What the heck, don't you know that I'm having a business talk here?"

Having said that, he noticed the person's pale and sweaty face.

“Big…big brother, Su Qiubai…is…is coming up!”

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