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I Refuse to be a Supporting Character Chapter 153 - Finale--Previous Life (1)

Chapter 153: Finale–Previous Life (1)

When Cheng Xin arrived at the hospital, her condition was in such an unstable state that Shao Chong hung up in a hurry.

He'll just explain the situation to Gu Jin later when he goes back; since his wife and Cheng Xin were such close friends, Gu Jin will surely understand him. Shao Chong's wrinkled brows slowly relaxed and a slight smile appeared on his lips.

Suddenly, Shao Chong's heart skipped a beat, as if priceless something was lost. A sudden dizziness overcame him and his vision darkened.

After a moment of confusion, everything returned to peace once again, as if the sudden pain just now was simply an illusion.

At this time, the delivery room's door opened and a nurse walked out. Shao Chong tried to ignore that uncomfortable feeling and urgently asked: "h.e.l.lo, excuse me, how is she?"

The nurse glanced at him while wondering why this visitor was different from the other man who accompanied the pregnant woman for her prenatal examination. With a smile on her face, she replied: "She gave birth to a daughter. Both mother and daughter are doing well."

Shao Chong breathed a sigh of relief.

The Cheng parents joyfully smiled and quickly made their way towards the delivery room.

The moment the child cried loudly, Jing Hao arrived at the hallway of the hospital.

The two men nodded to each other. Jing Hao said 'thank you' and bypa.s.sed Shao Chong to find his wife and daughter.

Suddenly, Jing Hao's footsteps stopped. He turned around, looked straight at the man, and said with a deep voice, "Shao Chong, you and Gu Jin should have a child too."

Shao Chong's gaze stayed fixed for two seconds. His eyes focused at the door, where a family enjoyed a warm and joyful atmosphere.

He lowered his head as the corner of his lips raised to a mocking smile, but his heart was now relaxed, as if he had finally let go of a heavy burden he had been carrying for a long time.

But before he could truly smile, his cellphone rang again. He guessed it must be Gu Jin.

Since Cheng Xin just gave birth to a daughter, he should share this good news with her.

Shao Chong planned to wait here for two days until Cheng Xin returns home before he plans to return to Gu Jin. By then, he hoped to bring her the excitement of having a newborn so they can both have their own child soon.

Suddenly, when he heard the person's reply on the other end of the line, Shao Chong's expression changed instantly. His eyes were wide with shock as he shook his head in disbelief. His unsteady hands dropped his cellphone, making a dull 'thud' as it hit the floor.

The policeman's calm and solemn voice echoed over and over again in his mind: "Three knives were stabbed into her lower abdomen, leaving a corpse with two dead…"

He could only hear a buzz in his ears due to his shock, when he suddenly recalled the phone call from Gu Jin.

He staggered over, picked up his phone, and checked on the recent calls. The last call was about two hours ago. Shao Chong kicked his cell phone far away as if it was something abhorrent, filled with bad luck.

The hospital floor was clean, bright and spotless. While the family in the delivery room were celebrating a new life, Shao Chong suddenly lost all of his strength and fell to the ground tragically, his eyes turning red.

On the road, who knows how many red lights he had slipped past. Shao Chong's mind seemed blank all the way until he arrived. By then, the crime scene has already been sealed off.

With a pale face, Shao Chong circled not too far away. He couldn't believe the news of Gu Jin's death. No, not only Gu Jin, but also their child.

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