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Chapter 151: Finale–Cheng Xin (2)

How could that be possible? Shao Chong was currently banished from Z Country because of the new head of the Shao family, and in addition, Gu Jin was married to Mu Mingcheng . If so, how could anyone have any ill thoughts towards her cousin?

But when Cheng Xin recalled the pool of blood, a flood of guilt and regret caused her to shut off any further thoughts, afraid that she might discover the cause .

During those days, the Jing family resisted Mu Mingcheng’s suppression by marrying someone from the Li family, but even that ended in vain .

The Jing family’s industry throughout the country shrunk at a visible speed and had quickly withdrawn from the ranks of the wealthy first-cla.s.s . Of course, the Li family was left dissatisfied since their family was dealt with considerable capital loss .

Eventually, the head of the Li family came out of seclusion and issued a statement, saying that the marriage with the Jing family will be annulled . He then personally visited the Mu family in order to make amends . However, the damage dealt upon their family was already great, plus they didn’t have any reliable successors to inherit the business . Their outcome in the future has yet to be known .

The Jing family had nowhere to hide, and they had no clue as to why Mu Mingcheng refused to let them off .

At this point, Senior Jing, who had been observing from the side, finally came to his senses . In order to preserve the Jing family, he repeatedly asked Mu Mingcheng why he was angry with Jing Hao, even if he could just tell them the reason .

Then, a piece of information leaked from who knows where, saying that Mu Mingcheng’s backlash against the Jing family was actually vengeance for being a target of a.s.sa.s.sination .

Once the Jing family became aware of the rumors, they were shocked silly and straightaway started a secret investigation of its family members . Finally, they found something wrong with Jing Ruo’s dealings .

Fortunately, they found this out sooner than later, otherwise, Senior Jing’s life probably wouldn’t last in a few more years .

In their anger, the Jing family wanted to hand Jing Ruo over to the police, but she got wind of the news early and escaped . However, with the advancement of modern technology, where else can she run off to? Finally, the Jing family received a notice from the police that a hungry woman had been found in a bridge cave who had a striking resemblance to Jing Ruo .

The finer details were unknown to outsiders, but Cheng Xin was well informed, since Jing Hao scheduled to meet up with her . Perhaps there was still love and hate in her heart, but for whatever reason, she promised to meet him .  

After listening to him explain the matter eloquently, Cheng Xin laughed and burst into tears . See how ridiculous they are? Their feelings for each other was true, their love was true, but compared to this affection, they loved themselves more after all . This so-called love had no value next to the self-interests they prioritized .

After their separation, the Cheng family survived the crisis . It was just that Father Cheng’s body was affected . After he was discharged from the hospital, he ran the family business for two years before handing it over to his daughter Cheng Xin to manage .

During her first two years of taking charge, Cheng Xin often panicked and cried when things went awry . Gradually, she discovered that crying wouldn’t solve any problems . The proud princess who was valued as a pearl in one’s palm, gradually learned the savvy means needed to survive in a dog eat dog business world .

During that time, she gained some understanding of Jing Hao’s train of thought .

Cheng Xin was touched by his willingness to care for her and love her . But unfortunately, she really grew up and had lost the courage to love someone again .

Cheng Xin read the doc.u.ment and signed it . Then, a phone rang .

It was her private cell phone .

“h.e.l.lo, this is Cheng Xin speaking . May I know who’s calling?”

Perhaps someone dialed the wrong number . She was about to hang up when a deep and familiar male voice came from the other end of the phone: “Xinxin, it’s me . ”

Suddenly, Cheng Xin’s eyes widened . Her indifferent eyes lost their calm, and just for a moment, she bloomed with the joy of a young girl .

(Cheng Xin and Jing Hao, end)

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