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Hello, Mr. Major General Chapter 1554 - Rumors About Cinderella

Chapter 1554: Rumors About Cinderella

If he had seen this two days earlier, why would he have bothered to try to kill that Ace from the Far East?

He Chengjian sighed and shook his head. It was a pity that Nianzhi had suffered.

However, when he thought about how Gu Nianzhi would rather take the bullet for a stranger than be with He Zhichu, He Chengjian still felt very uncomfortable.

He thought about it as a lesson for her.

He Chengjian snorted coldly and looked at his phone. He blocked Qin Yaoguang’s phone number.


Qin Yaoguang had called He Chengjian many times that day, but all of them were “unreachable”.

No matter how dense she was, she knew He Chengjian was holding a grudge against her. Perhaps he had already blocked her phone number.

Her heart ached, but there was nothing she could do at the moment.

The most important thing now was to find Gu Nianzhi.

Whether she lived or died, she had to be right under her nose.

If she wasn’t in their world, there was nothing she could do.

But now that she was back, she couldn’t let her escape again.

Qin Yaoguang’s heart burned with pa.s.sion as she thought about the experiment she had stopped for more than a decade.

Gu Nianzhi’s experiment had been in a standstill ever since she had been sent to the He family home by that lunatic, Gu Xiangwen, when she was six years old.

No matter how brave she was, she wouldn’t dare to do anything under the He family’s nose, so she had no choice but to give up.

Later, Gu Nianzhi had disappeared from the He family home and gone to another world. Qin Yaoguang had no choice but to give up.

She had thought that she wouldn’t be able to wait until that day, but she hadn’t expected Gu Nianzhi to foolishly return to their world.

She wouldn’t stand on ceremony then.

Qin Yaoguang’s eyes were closed as she planned. Before she could make a complete plan, her private plane had already landed at C City’s airport.

As soon as she got off the plane, she received a call from Wen Shouyi.

“Auntie Qin, have you been very busy recently? Is there anything I can help you with?” Wen Shouyi asked in an obsequious manner.

Qin Yaoguang heard Wen Shouyi’s voice and her face brightened slightly. She smiled and said, “It’s so late and you’re still awake. What’s the matter?”

“I can’t sleep. You’re not in the capital, so I can’t even enjoy my meal.” Wen Shouyi tried her best to please Qin Yaoguang.

Qin Yaoguang couldn’t stop smiling. “Alright, I know you’re the sweetest. Tell me, what’s the matter?”

“It’s like this. Qin Zhining was suddenly arrested by General He’s military police. I heard that he was going to be executed. Do you know what happened?” Wen Shouyi originally didn’t want to get involved in this matter, but Qin Zhining had pursued her for so many years. If she could help, he would.

“I don’t know.” Qin Yaoguang had never paid attention to Qin Suwen’s relatives. “It might be better if you ask General He yourself.”

Wen Shouyi saw that Qin Yaoguang wasn’t interested in this topic, so she quickly changed the topic. “Auntie Qin, I heard that Nianzhi is doing well in C City…”

“Haha, her good days are over.” Qin Yaoguang rolled her eyes in disdain. “She was seriously injured. I don’t know where He Zhichu hid her to recuperate.”

“Seriously injured? !” Wen Shouyi’s eyes lit up. “How did she get injured? Young Master He protected her so well. How could she get injured? Who’s so powerful? !”

“Ha, she herself didn’t want to live anymore. Otherwise, who do you think can break through the double protection of General He and Major General He and hurt her?” Qin Yaoguang sat in her private car and sighed as she looked at the stars in the sky.

It was late at night in C City at the end of November, and the air was as cold as frost.

“She doesn’t want to live anymore? Isn’t Young Master He good enough for her? What else does she want? To tie Young Master He to her skirt?”

Wen Shouyi pursed her lips as well. She felt that Gu Nianzhi was a pretentious b*tch.

She had pretended not to care about the privileges that others couldn’t even ask for after all their hard work. She was willful and shameless, all because she wanted to attract other people’s attention.

Those men all fell for that…

She was just a attention wh.o.r.e!

Qin Yaoguang covered her mouth and laughed. “Shouyi, your words are too revealing. Pay attention to your demeanor and temperament.”

“I’m very careful.” Wen Shouyi made an elegant ballet gesture of saluting in in front of the mirror. “Auntie Qin, you’ve trained me with the standards of a lady from the upper-cla.s.s society since I was young. This kind of upbringing has already seeped into my bones.”

“Yes, I know you’ve been obedient since you were a child.” Qin Yaoguang nodded in satisfaction. “Eight years ago, you were only 18 years old, and you already helped me a lot. If it wasn’t for that lunatic who suddenly interfered, the He family would be ours now.”

Wen Shouyi’s eyes flashed when she thought of Gu Nianzhi’s grand 12th birthday party eight years ago.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was like a silver plate, her eyes were like almonds, and her fair skin was flawless. Her every movement and gesture bespoke elegance.

However, in He Zhichu’s eyes, she had never been a match for Gu Nianzhi.

“… Auntie Qin, if you need me, I can help you again like I did eight years ago,” Wen Shouyi said in a reserved tone.

This world belonged to her. What right did Gu Nianzhi have to come back and s.n.a.t.c.h her things?

If she wanted you reap her rewards, haha, Let’s see if she has such luck.

After hanging up the phone, Wen Shouyi looked at her calm self in the mirror and slowly broke into a gentle and humble smile.


Qin Yaoguang closed her eyes in the car and took a nap.

When she woke up, she was already at the entrance of her villa.

The chauffeur opened the car door for her, and the villa’s servants, inviting her in, came over to help her carry her luggage.

Qin Yaoguang pondered the matter as she walked.

If she couldn’t find He Zhichu, she could look for Lu Yuan.

According to the people at West Camp Hospital, it was Lu Yuan and He Zhichu who had taken Gu Nianzhi away together.

It was already late at night, and there was no time to look for Lu Yuan. Early the next morning, she would personally go to the Lu Corporation’s headquarters to block Lu Yuan.

The next day, the weather was exceptionally good. The sun was bright and clear, and the blue sky stretched as far as the eye could see. There wasn’t a single cloud in sight.

The maple trees on both sides of the street were fiery red, and the ginkgo biloba was golden yellow. The colors were colorful, and the tall buildings were decorated in rows upon rows.

Qin Yaoguang wore a Givenchy black sleeveless black dress with a one-sided collar. On her elegant neck, she wore a string of natural pearl necklaces from the South China Sea. On the outside, she wore a champagne-colored Chanel coc.o.o.n-like thin wool coat, and wore a pair of large Chanel on her face, just enough to cover the wound on her face. She combed her bun-shaped hair and gracefully walked into the first-floor hall of the Lu Corporation’s building.

Jin Law Firm’s office director Xiao Zhang just happened to rush over. When she saw the back of the person in front of her, she subconsciously called out cheerfully, “Lawyer Gu? You’re back? !”

She jogged over and patted the person’s shoulder with a smile. “This outfit is so beautiful, but it’s a little old-fas.h.i.+oned. It doesn’t suit you. You will be able to wear it when you’re seventy or eighty years old…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the person turned around and looked at her expressionlessly. His voice was even colder than the ice in the extreme north.”… Take your hand away!”

Xiao Zhang jumped in fright and quickly bowed in apology. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I mistook you for someone else! I mistook you for someone else!”

This person was none other than Qin Yaoguang.

“You’ve got the wrong person? ! Just by looking at my back, you could get the wrong person? ! Are you blind? !”Qin Yaoguang had always had a good temper in front of outsiders, but this time, this person had actually offended her twice.

The first time, she said that she was old.

The second time, she said that she had gotten the wrong person by looking at her back.

It was understandable that women didn’t want to be called old.

However, it was taboo to mistake someone her for someone else by looking at her back.

Xiao Zhang was also a sharp-tongued person. Although it was her fault for mistaking someone else for her, it wasn’t to the extent of being pointed at and scolded, right?

“It was because I was looking at your back that I mistook you for someone else. If I looked at your face, how would I have mistaken you for someone else?”

When Xiao Zhang saw that the elevator had arrived, she jumped into the elevator quickly, and before the elevator door closed, she said crisply, “Auntie, don’t be unreasonable. My friend is younger than you, prettier than you, smarter than you, and more polite than you. To say that you look like her from the back is really an insult to her. It’s my fault. I’ll call her and apologize when I get back.”

“Shut up!” Qin Yaoguang was furious, but by the time she rushed up, the elevator door had already closed and already going up.

“Who is this person? ! Get me the surveillance footage. I want to find her boss! I want her to leave!” Qin Yaoguang’s eyes were red as she, determined to make things difficult for the small employee, rushed up relentlessly.

Her a.s.sistant saw that the situation wasn’t right and quickly pulled her while dissuading her, “Director Qin, this place is full of people in the morning. If you want to cause trouble for that person, you have to wait until there are fewer people.”

At this time, Qin Yaoguang realized that there were a crowd of employees who had come to work in the morning.

They looked at her curiously and felt that her outfit seemed out of place.

That’s right, wasn’t wearing a dress that an eighteen-year-old girl would attend a debutante ball in, and appearing in an office building where high-tech companies gathered as eye-catching as a monkey in the zoo?

She blushed and turned her head resentfully. “Let’s go!”

She led her subordinates into the Qin Corporation’s private elevator and headed upstairs.

Not long ago, the Qin Corporation had just reached a network security cooperation agreement with the Lu Corporation. They had even rented a few floors of the Lu Corporation’s building as an office building and stored the servers.

When they arrived at the Qin Corporation’s floor, Qin Yaoguang’s remaining anger hadn’t subsided. In a huff, she walked into an empty office of the Qin Corporation and said coldly, “Go find Lu Yuan and tell him I want to see him.”

“… Dean Qin, you have to make an appointment to see Lu…” Her secretary said embarra.s.singly and her head almost dropped to the ground.

“No need to make an appointment.” Qin Yaoguang took off her coat and sat down behind the desk, “Tell him that I am here to find my daughter and ask him to hand her over. Or else, I will call the police immediately.”

“Huh? !” The secretary was shocked. “Dean Qin, are you serious? !”

“When have I ever made a joke?” Qin Yaoguang took out her laptop without even raising her head. “Just tell him the whole story.”

“Yes, Dean.” The secretary didn’t dare to s.h.i.+rk anymore and quickly went to call Lu Yuan’s office.

There were three junior secretaries in Lu Yuan’s office who specifically answered the phone calls.

The formal procedure was to call first to explain the situation, then the junior secretary would report it according to the priority, and Lu Yuan’s intermediate secretary would handle it first. The rest that couldn’t be handled would be handed over to Lu Yuan to review.

Lu Yuan agreed to meet, then asked the secretary to make another appointment.

And Qin Yaoguang’s secretary’s phone call was extraordinary. It was quickly pa.s.sed to Lu Yuan because the content was too shocking.

The junior secretary who answered the phone couldn’t resist gossiping. Risking getting fired, she held a coffee cup in the pantry and spoke to someone in a mysterious manner.

“Hey, do you know? Someone called this morning and said that our CEO Lu detained her daughter last night…”

“Really? Really? What kind of girl can catch CEO Lu’s eye? !”

“It seems that she has quite a big background. She is the Director of the Qin Corporation and the daughter of the President of the Qin family’s private hospital system…”

“Huh? ! As expected! I knew it! How could she be a girl from an ordinary family if she could catch CEO Lu’s eye? — Fairy tales are all lies! Cinderella doesn’t exist!”

“Are you r.e.t.a.r.ded? If you don’t know anything, you should study more! Is Cinderella a girl from an ordinary family? ! She’s also the daughter of an aristocrat. It’s just that she didn’t have a biological mother, so she was forced to become Cinderella by her stepmother, but her father is definitely an aristocrat!”

From the moment Qin Yaoguang’s secretary called for an appointment (threat) to when Lu Yuan picked up Qin Yaoguang’s call, it took less than five minutes.

However, this rumor about “Cinderella” had been pa.s.sed back and forth from the top floor of the Lu Corporation’s building to the bottom floor via the internet.

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