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My House of Horrors Chapter 1209 - Human World Outside the Door

Chapter 1209: Human World Outside the Door

Translator: Lonelytree

Chen Ge had no idea his shadow’s escape had to do with the hospital director as well. He predicted the shadow was probably tricked by the hospital director back then and was given the false impression that it was Chen Ge himself who was torturing him.

“To come to this place, I have escaped multiple deaths. Who would have thought I only needed to push open a door to return.” Chen Ge had a surreal feeling about the whole thing.

“I will leave the things in the real world in your hand. Remember to take care of the visitors’ safety, they can bring the much needed scent of life to this desecrated place and will bring necessary happiness to the spectres.” It was unclear whether the child in the mirror was more concerned about the visitors or the spectres. His kindness was also fair when dealing with all things.

“I will keep a good handle over the Haunted House in real life but the key is you have to promise me the spectres in the red city will not cause any influence in real life. Other than that, there is a Demon G.o.d with the surname Chi from the cursed hospital who has escaped. He has many Chi family members, as long as he is still alive, those people will always live in fear and terror.”

“The black fog is too wide, it’s impossible to canvas for a single Demon G.o.d. But you have a Top Red Spectre who specializes in curse. After she becomes a Demon G.o.d, perhaps she can triangulate Chi’s location through the curse laid on Chi’s family members.” The boy in the mirror saw Chen Ge standing before the cubicle door but refused to walk through. The boy had a helpless smile on his face. “Do you have anything else?”

“I saw a blood door deep inside the cursed hospital, if you have pushed open all the door and all the door will eventually lead to the red city, then how do you explain the door at the bottom of the cursed hospital?” Chen Ge tried to think back. “The blood door can isolate any living presence. Before we entered the cursed hospital, we have no idea that the hospital director’s evil spirit was hiding inside that door.”

“Before our consciousness was split into two, the hospital director once came to Jiujiang to find us, by then he had already explored for a long time inside the black fog and red city, conducting many experiments. Actually it was him who came up with the idea about the doors. If you have looked through his memory, you will know that the director wanted to use the red city and black fog to ruin the real world, he was planning to connect the two worlds and release the ghosts in the red city and black fog all back into real life, turning reality into nightmare.” The boy in the mirror thought back to that worst memory. “After the hospital director knew about my power, he wanted to experiment on me. His ultimate goal was to benefit himself, but without knowing it, I have also managed to inherit his experience that he had collected over the decades.”

“I still do not quite get what you are talking about.”

“The door at the bottom floor of the hospital was the first experiment. I opened the door in the black fog again and again but the door still refused to connect the black fog and real life but it could isolate itself from external canvas and discovery.” The boy in the mirror did not expect so many questions from Chen Ge, his voice dwindled. “I need to keep the red city running. If there’s nothing else, I really need to go now.”

“Wait a minute! I still have one last question, I swear this is really the last.”

“Go ahead.” The child in the mirror looked at Chen Ge with helplessness but he still had the warmest smile on his face.

“If there really no solution for you to leave the red city anymore? I have a feeling our parents want to meet you as well. If there is a chance, I wish for all of you to find happiness and bliss.” Chen Ge uttered the wish in his heart.

“That does not sound like something an evil spirit would say.” The child in the mirror shook his head. “The black phone has a Wheel of Misfortune, there is still a ghost inside whom you have not drawn.”

Currently Chen Ge’s t.i.tle was Red Spectres’ Favored, if he drew another spectre, his t.i.tle would upgrade. “Why would you bring that up now?”

“The last spectre is me. When you have drawn out all the pain, anxiety and despair from the wheel, I will be the last spectre to leave the red city.” After saying that, the boy slowly faded away. Chen Ge understood the boy’s meaning. When all the souls at red city received salvation, Kindness would also welcome his new life.

“Such a kind character.” Chen Ge looked at the mirror dumbly. “You have the power to walk through red city and reality freely. Perhaps that is not a coincidence. Instead of saying you have joined with the red city, it is more like the endless despairing souls inside the city has actively chosen you.” After the boy in the mirror left, Chen Ge did not directly return to the real life but instead he found the old headmaster from School of Afterlife. After giving him his thanks, he personally escorted the Red Spectres back to the school. Chen Ge thought the painter would return with the old headmaster but the painter appeared to have other plans. He took the incomplete oil painting and asked Chen Ge to take good care of Fan Yu in rea life. Then he led the few Red Spectres who left the School of Afterlife with him deep into the black fog.

Based on what the painter said, it appeared like he wanted to rebuild a real ‘paradise’ deep inside the black fog. After sending away the painter and the old headmaster, Chen Ge returned to the ruin of the cursed hospital. Xiao Sun had become the new hospital director. He was discussing the rebuilding of the hospital with the Chi family members and part of the spectres who were willing to stay.

Chen Ge though would be leading the living humans out from behind the door. With the aid of the Demon G.o.ds and red city, Chen Ge used the Living Doll talent to recover most of the injuries on the human bodies, like Zuo Han’s eyes. After dealing with everything behind the door, Chen Ge brought the group of living humans to the centre of the red city. The Kindness in the mirror had already left. The Haunted House situated at the centre of the red city was deserted, it looked no different from the one in real life.

“It is time to go.” His palm pressing on the door of the cubicle. As Chen Ge started to push, endless blood vessels swam on the wooden board. This was the first time he opened the door at his own Haunted House, who would have thought it would be from inside the door.

The sun showered on his body through the gla.s.s window. The blood melted away. Chen Ge took little steps and returned to the human world. The scent of air freshener lingered in the air. The curtains fluttered in the wind. A girl hugging a ragdoll appeared before Chen Ge, she was the guardian spirit of Jiujiang New Century Park—Luo Ruoyu. She was unable to leave the Haunted House but she too realized something very dangerous had happened yesterday night. It appeared like she had been guarding outside the cubicle door, waiting for Chen Ge to return.

Touching Luo Ruoyu’s hair lightly. Chen Ge felt a kins.h.i.+p to her, it was like they were brother and sister.

“I have brought mom and dad home, everything will be fine now.”

Chen Ge had his employees and Luo Ruoyu carry his parents to the staff breakroom. He put down the white cat and backpack. He turned back to glance at the living humans who streamed out from the cubicle door. He summoned Zhang Yi. After deleting the memory of these people, Chen Ge very expertly moved them out of the Haunted House with the body carts. Actually Chen Ge did not even need to lift a finger. A bond had been formed between him and his employees that they would be able to tell what he was thinking with just the sharing of a look.

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