Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please Chapter 61.3

Chapter 61.3: He's Called, Qing Ye Li

"What I think, is that besides having looks that stand out from most people which makes him a rare sight to everyone, isn't the Duke of Vast Sea just a person with one nose and two eyes like everyone else? Nothing all that interesting to see at all." As she spoke, Qing Yu even let out a lazy yawn.

On Yan Xi Ruo's face, it was written: [How could there be someone that can be so uninterested in the Duke of Vast Sea?]

Even Yan Xi Wu who was always able to hide her emotions was stunned for a moment, seeming like she had not expected such a reaction.

The two sisters continued to persuade for a long while but Qing Yu remained unmoved, which infuriated the pair of sisters to no end. They felt so much like saying some unpleasant words to vent their frustration but when they gazed upon that flawlessly beautiful face, they just could not bring themselves to do it, and they just left the place in a huff.

Seeing their angry backs leaving in helpless rage, Qing Yu could not help but burst out in laughter.

"Sis, are you really not curious about the Duke of Vast Sea in the least?" Qing Bei asked, looking at her in amazement, like he was looking at a person from another world, though she had indeed come from a different world.

"Huh?" Qing Yu blinked her eyes at him blankly. "Why should I be curious?"

Right from the beginning, she had already shown that she did not care about it at all.

"But if I were to tell you about his exploits, then you will definitely come to develop an interest in this person." Qing Bei said, his face resolute and certain.

"Oh? Tell me something about him then."

"Let's not mention anything else yet, but it is rumoured that the Duke of Vast Sea had descended from another world as well. He's not from our world."

Qing Yu was a little surprised. "From another world?"

[So coincidental?]

"That's right. He came to the Water Edge Kingdom more than ten years ago, and he was immediately bestowed with the t.i.tle as the Duke of Vast Sea, a position that put him above all people, second to just one man. More than ten years ago, the Water Edge Kingdom was locked in a period of tumultuous war. But after the Duke of Vast Sea appeared, he immediately quelled the situation in the Water Edge Kingdom. If not for an unexpected incident seven years ago, the Water Edge Kingdom would now be the leader among the three kingdoms. The Water Edge Kingdom has an Emperor with unsurpa.s.sed intelligence and a highly meticulous mind. Together with the support from such a powerful Duke of Vast Sea, it was only natural that they would become the leader among the most powerful kingdoms."   

Qing Yu nodded her head after hearing that and said: "He is indeed a great talent. But how had his infamy as the G.o.d of slaughter come about?"

"It was when the Duke of Vast Sea was supporting the new Emperor to ascend to the throne. A group of rebels had attempted to strike at the frail and sickly new Emperor and in a fit of rage, the Duke of Vast Sea had washed the entire Imperial Palace with blood. It was said that red blood stained a great part of the sea before palace and that was how he got that name." Qing Bei was indeed a loyal fan of the Duke of Vast Sea, who truly knew a lot about the man.

"It seems to me that he is not as cruel and brutal as the rumours say just falsehoods spread by hearsay." Qing Yu commented in understanding.

"It is just a case of differing views among different people." Qing Bei said sagely, before he suddenly laughed and continued to say: "But there is one thing that I think is a great coincidence."

Qing Yu smiled and lifted her teacup to take a light sip before she asked: "What?"

"The Duke of Vast Sea has a special surname, that is just like ours. His surname is Qing."

"Qing?" Qing Yu's expression became fl.u.s.tered for an instant, suddenly having thought of something.

The youth had not noticed her change of expression as he went on to say: "That's right. He is called, Qing Ye Li."

The slender fingers froze, and the teacup slipped out from her grasp to fall onto the floor, resulting in a crash.

Qing Bei was startled and seeing that the expression on her face did not seem right, he asked with great concern: "Sis, are you alright?"

Qing Yu came back to her senses, and picked up another cup to fill it up. She took a big gulp of the tea and then said: "I'm fine. I did not hear you clearly just now. What did you say the Duke of Vast Sea is called again?"

"Oh. His name is Qing Ye Li, but as very few people dare to address him by his name, as time pa.s.sed, not many people can remember it anymore."

[His name is Qing Ye Li.]

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