Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please Chapter 61.2

Chapter 61.2: He's Called, Qing Ye Li

Upon seeing Qing Yu again, the two of them were again bedazzled by her Heaven defying beauty for a moment. They then turned to look at the similarly good looking youth with his handsome features and said: "Is this Little Bei? We haven't seen you for a number of years and you've become more and more handsome."

Qing Yu was speechless. "….."

And so was Qing Bei. "….."

[Have these two people come here to make clowns out of themselves?]

[With the Tranquil Abode in such a far away place, could they possibly have come all the way here just to praise them for their looks?]

The two sisters did not seem to have noticed their faces and Yan Xi Ruo acted all too familiar, coming to sit herself down beside Qing Yu, holding her arm intimately. "Qing Yu, after breakfast, let's go out for a stroll together!"

"? !" Qing Yu's face was flabbergasted as the youth opposite her gave her a deep meaningful glance with his eyes.

"Could these two women possibly thought up some dumb idea to bring us trouble again?"

"It doesn't look like it. Moreover, After the last time, they have been rather friendly to me."

"You can see a person and his face but you can't see into their hearts. They must have dreamt up a idea to make you go out and humiliate yourself. This is not the first time they have done this. Grow a memory for Heaven's sake!"

Qing Bei immediately thought back to the Qing Yu from six years ago, where she had foolishly been played and toyed by these very two sisters.

Seeing that Qing Yu had not responded to her, Yan Xi Ruo became a little anxious. "Qing Yu, do you know that we have a very important guest in our manor today?"

"Important guest?" As the Tranquil Abode was faraway from the main hall, they had not heard any news about that.

"That's right. Do you know who it is?"

Qing Yu raised an eyebrow. "Who?"

"It's the Ninth Princess and the Duke of Vast Seas! Don't you just want to go have a look?" Yan Xi Rou looked at her excitedly.

Yan Xi Ruo had greatly admired all those famous heroes from a young age and even with the Duke of Vast Sea's notorious infamy, she was still as infatuated with him as ever. She had been seated so far away from him at the banquet previously and she had not even been able to see him clearly. But this time, he had come right into the Eternal Peace Duke Manor itself!

How could she not be excited by that? She would finally be able to see Qing Ye Li close up!

"The Duke of Vast Sea is here?" These words suddenly tumbled out. Qing Yu had not shown much of a reaction but it was instead Qing Bei who had been casting a highly impatient gaze upon the pair of sisters who was astounded a moment, before he then asked in shock.

Yan Xi Rou immediately saw that opportunity and she struck while the iron was still hot. "Little wants to go see as well don't you? The Duke of Vast Seas is not someone people are able to meet that easily. He will be returning to the Water Edge Kingdom in a few days and there wouldn't be another chance to see him then!"

Rumours abound out there about how terrifying that man was, but these few people here seemed to worship and like him quite a lot.

Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow thoughtfully and then said with a smile. "Since my elder sisters want to see the Duke of Vast Sea, why are you not going on your own but have come to ask me along?"

Once those words came out, Yan Xi Rou's face immediately twisted up with rage. It was Yan Xi Wu who quickly opened her mouth to explain. "Because Yan Ning Luo gave orders that no one is to go to the main hall today, setting the area out of bounds for us. She is the eldest daughter and we do not dare defy her."

"Then what will I be able to do about that?" Qing Yu then asked with a helpless face.

"It is of course different for you." Yan Xi Wu's tone subconsciously became excited as she spoke, before seeming to realize she might have gotten caught up in the heat of the moment where she quickly restrained herself a little. "Father has personally given his orders and no one will dare to stop you at all. With the exception Yan Ning Luo, your words carry the most authourity in this manor.

"Is that so?" Qing Yu rubbed her chin with one hand, her alluring eyes casually narrowed lazily. "But I do not want to go see whoever that Duke of Vast Sea at all. And the main hall is so far away from here, the time taken will be enough for me to have a afternoon nap under the sun instead."


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