Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please Chapter 61.1

Chapter 61.1: He's Called, Qing Ye Li

"How is that the same?" Yue Xin Yan glanced at him. "When you said this Princess here is lively and adorable, aren't you also saying that I'm just like a child and not all that womanly?"

"….." Baili Ji Ran choked on his breath. [This little one is really quite a handful.]

"Let's go in. Standing out here by the doors seems a little inappropriate." Qing Ye Li said emotionlessly, interrupting the two of them and then making his way inside on his own. It was only with that that Yue Xin Yan then let Baili Ji Ran off and went inside together with Qing Ye Li.

Baili Ji Ran rubbed his nose, feeling a little helpless. To think that there would be a day that his gift of the gab, his eloquent and witty tongue that charmed both men and women would fail him.

As Yan Su and Yan Xi Cheng held official positions, besides having to attend the Imperial Court on most days, they had many other duties to handle as well. Hence they were both not in the manor, with everything left in Yan Ning Luo's hands to manage.

The women in the inner courtyard had all received news of this and they all were all eager to go to the main hall out front to have a look. However, Yan Ning Luo had made it clear before that the important guest today was beyond extraordinary and if they came to cause any affront to the guest, it would not be just simply be a light punishment that would be dealt on them. With those words told to them in no uncertain terms, no matter how much they were unable to suppress the urge in their hearts, they did not dare to even step out to the front casually.

The people coming today were to be a revered duke and a princess from another kingdom. Although Qing Ye Li had always kept a low profile, but with his ill.u.s.trious ident.i.ty and the widely spread attempt from before, his closest aide and his Chief of Guards just could not allow him and the Ninth Princess to go out alone.

Although this was the Eternal Peace Duke Manor, the most closely guarded place outside of the Imperial Palace, no one could guarantee that any unexpected accidents would not occur. So the Chief of Guards had picked a small team of the most elite to protect the Duke closely, which would not draw so much attention, their numbers totalling only fifteen including the Chief of Guards himself.

The team of guards were all dressed in valiant and refreshing blue armour, all of them tall and highly resplendent, an eye catching sight. The young maids were all blushing red as they pa.s.sed, their made up faces and rouged cheeks seductive looking.

Qing Bei had sat cross legged in his room to meditate and cultivate his powers the entire night and although he had not slept at all throughout it, he was still feeling energetic. It was easy to go without sleep once one reached a certain level.

By the time he came out, the servant maid had already gotten breakfast prepared, and was waiting respectfully at the side. "Second Young Master, your morning meal is ready."

After a while Qing Yu came in from outside. She was wearing a very simple and plain white workwear, highly different from the graceful dresses she usually wore. Her hair was tied up high upon her head, her exquisite and beautiful countenance tinged with a certain handsomeness from the thin sheen of perspiration over her cheeks.

"What have you been doing?" Qing Bei asked, looking at her in surprise.

Qing Yu poured out a cup of tea moisten her throat before she said with helplessness: "Didn't you say my herb beds were all dead? So I cleared them all up and replanted a new batch afresh."

Qing Bei clicked his tongue in exasperation. "Shouldn't you have just let it to the servants? But why would you need to replant a new batch?"

Hearing that, Qing Yu rolled her eyes helplessly. "Those little babies of mine all contain lethal poison, and I am the only one who knows how to handle them. Any person who touches them will instantly die and I do not want anyone to lose their life here in the Tranquil Abode. And, also because they are pretty to look at and it puts me in a good mood when I see them."

"….." Truly an answer that he was unable to refute.

The two of them were enjoying their breakfast when the familiar voice that they always heard before they would see the person rang out.

"Little Sister Qing Yu." That overly sweet voice was none other than Yan Xi Ruo, with her signature pink dress, like a fluttering pink b.u.t.terfly, a sweet looking young lady.

Behind her was Yan Xi Wu in a light blue dress. The two them were always not too far away from each other. They were clearly not as close as they showed themselves to be on the surface, but they still stuck to each other all the time, which was just puzzling to people.

Hearing that voice, Qing Yu froze for a moment, before she raised up an eyebrow as she turned to look. "Something our two elder sisters need?"

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