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Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 300: Chance Meeting

After looking through the boxes for a while, Su Xiao finally found three cold coins.

The currency in this world was berry, and only a few thousand of berry can buy you a meal, these pirates were really poor.

But the three gold coins are very good. The three gold coins are made of pure gold. The surface pattern is five linked b.a.l.l.s, one ball at each corner of the gold coin, one in the center, and text under the five b.a.l.l.s. It is a pattern of world government flags.

[World Government Commemorative Coins × 3]

Origin: One Piece, World Government Manufacturing Plant.

Quality: green

Type: Precious

Rating: 12

Introduction: It can be sold to reincarnation paradise or gifted to plot characters. If the gift is given in a proper way, you will get the favor of that character. The increase in favor is related to charm.

Price: 900

This is a good thing. Su Xiao was not in a hurry to sell it, so he saved three gold coins into his inventory.

After confirming that there were no other items in the captain's room, Su Xiao gave up searching and rested on the seat.

Not long after that, a noise came, Su Xiao quickly walked out of the captain's room, and a beautiful island appeared in front of him.

This island was not small. The entire island was full of buildings. After these buildings are brought together, the entire city of water seven formed an iron tower shape, and seawater gushed from its tip, like a fountain. There are several water routes that flow back into the sea.

The magnificence of Water Seven is beyond imagination. It was an island that started sinking, which people build again after it was submerged.

The residents of Water Seven didn't relocate but continued to build on the basis of the original building so as to rise above the sea.

The thousands of years of c.u.mulative construction have made Water Seven without land. The entire city seems to be built on the sea. One can even rent a room and fish from the window.

The pirate ship that Su Xiao took was slowly sailing towards Water Seven.

Although Water Seven welcomed pirates, pirates can't enter from the front door. It would be a provocation to the rules.

Entering from the back, the ships sailed between the houses. The water channel between these houses was very fast, tens of meters in length. No one cared about Pirate ship that was wrecked as it was common in here.

Finally arriving, Su Xiao stood on the ship's side and jumped toward a house.

The houses in Water Seven are built in rows and were very tall. Most of them are more than ten stories high. Each row of houses has a road for pedestrians to pa.s.s through.

Su Xiao left the pirate ship directly as the pirates felt relieved.

The good and evil of these pirates have nothing to do with Su Xiao. The other party took him here, and he spared those pirates' lives. It was that simple.

Stepping on the road, the prompt of the Reincarnation Paradise Appeared.

[The hunter has arrived at Water Seven, the main task is activated]

[Main Quest: Faction Choice]

Difficulty level: Lv.7

Mission description: Galley-La Company, World Government, Straw Hat Pirates.

Mission information: Faction selection will affect the next missions.

Task duration: 3 natural days.

Quest reward: 2000 Paradise Coins.

Quest Penalty: All Attributes -3 and forced teleportation to another world.

The main task was not difficult, and it is nothing more than choosing a party to join.

Su Xiao preferred to exclude the straw hat pirate group, and the reason is very simple, disagreement, the straw hat pirate group, will not accept his style. He also does not agree with the straw hat pirate's style.

He will kill his enemy to prevent a future problem, Luffy doesn't kill. If Luffy's family wasn't stronger, his loved ones would have died long ago. Dragon, Garp, Ace, Sabo, and others, Su Xiao, shook his head. It is likely that Luffy is the weakest in their family.

Excluding the straw-hat pirates, the rest is the world government and Galley-La Company. It is also difficult to join the world government.

The charm of Su Xiao's is 5 points, with his temperament, he will be kicked out.

It seems that there is only one party left, the Galley-La Company, and the president's name is Iceburg.

Galley-La Company is the largest force in Water Seven. It is called a shipyard, but it actually controls Water Seven. It has won the hearts of the people, and even the Marines cannot do anything.

Water Seven has only a few Marines stationed here, and that is for emergencies.

There are too many legendary events here. The ancient weapon Pluto was built here, so the world government has always maintained an ambiguous att.i.tude towards Water Seven, neither attracting nor alienating them.

The special geography and special status have created a special culture here. Both the Marines and the pirates can come here to buy or repair ships. Both sides will exercise restraint after entering Water Seven.

As for the mayor Water Seven, he the same president of Galley-La Company, Iceburg.

With this in mind, Su Xiao made up his mind to join Galley-La Company. This is good for future actions. Galley-La Company is a mixed bag, and no one would care about his origins. It is common for pirates to work here.

Although Galley-La Company is the easiest to join among the three forces, it is also the most dangerous one.

Galley-La Company has spies, CP9 members, whose strength cannot be underestimated.

It would also be normal that there a few contractors join Galley-La Company. But it shouldn't be attractive for most Contractors, as the three spies would kill them if they found anything.

The world government is different from the Straw Hat Pirates, because more than 90% of the contractor may go with the Straw Hat Pirates.

Walking slowly in the city, Su Xiao noticed that something was wrong here after a few rounds. Many of the roads were a dead end. He would need to jump a few meters to reach the next Road.

The house separates the water routes, but there should be a bridge in between. If he continues like this, it will take him a long time to reach the Galley-La Company.

Su Xiao thought about a means of transportation in Water Seven. It is a kind of creature named Bull, which is a horse-like creature that can move in the water and can be equipped with a wagon on its back for an easier ride.

Looking around, Su Xiao found several shops that rented bulls, so he rented a Bull just for 2,000 Berry.

Bulls' faces were full joy, its mouth full of flat teeth as if it is laughing, a very gentle creature.

Su Xiao was sitting in the boat behind his rented bull, holding in his hand the map presented by the bull renting shop.

“It doesn't look far.”

Su Xiao tried to communicate with the bull, and the bull made a Yi Yi sound as if he could really understand.

“Do you know where Galley-La Company is?”

“Yi ~.”

The grinning bull nodded and moved his fins to swim quickly, walking between the houses Water Seven.

After seeing the Bull, Su Xiao thought of bob, and it should be released after being so tired of so long.

As he called Bob out, The boat started to sink, as bull's head shrunk as if he was a little afraid of Bobtney.

As soon as Bobtney came out, he spread his legs in joy. But the s.p.a.ce of the boat wasn't that big, and Bubtney directly fell into the sea.

An extremely authentic dog swimmer appeared, even though Bobtney was not afraid of the water, he was still splashing around as he swam.

Su Xiao patted his thigh and suddenly thought that he might have just wasted 1,000 Berry.

“come back.”

Hearing Su Xiao's shout, Bob climbed into the boat and started shaking as he dried himself.

But soon, he saw the water splash Su Xiao and a whimper as he lay flat on the boat.

Su Xiao didn't get angry. Bob saved him in the whale's stomach last time, and if not for him taking two punches from Dika, he would be still laying inside the whale and never leaving.

Galley-La Company has several shipyards, and Su Xiao Was heading for Dock No. 1.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao arrived at Dock No. 1.

Many workers were sweating in the open s.p.a.ce, some were building ships, and some were maintaining the artillery.

A boatman in a white undershirt and bowler hat with curly hair caught Su Xiao's attention. The boatman had a special beard and a white pigeon standing on his shoulders.

Rob Lucci! One of CP9's agents in Galley-La Company.

Rob Lucci is carrying a heavy wooden board and is constructing a ship. On the other side, Su Xiao faintly smelled blood. Perhaps some contractor has tried to join Galley-La Company. I can imagine their end.

Inadvertently, Rob Lucci looked at Su Xiao, and their eyes met. Rob Lucci stopped his work as if he could feel Su Xiao's power.

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