Your Teacher I, am Hella Rich Chapter 8

I am BACK! I'm so sorry this took months!


The blue-attired swordsman quickly sat up from his meditative pose on the floor.

【teacher Orders a Salute: 300k? He cheated me 500k, even if he suddenly gifts me a million RMB out of the blue, I'll never prostrate for a sc.u.m like him!】

300k? I will never yield to a sc.u.m like him!!!

Having heard this, the white robed Emei stared quietly at Ji Xiao Li. Because she was silent for so long, her avatar lapsed into an afk-style, "wave" motion.

Ji Xiao Li:【disciple….ahem, what are you looking at?】

What, was her master him that handsome?

  【I was wondering if it was worth expending a million.】


  【En……Not worth it.】

  Ji Xiao Li:【???】

Was his disciple r.e.t.a.r.ded? Why is she saying such random things?

What Ji Xiao Li did not know was that Milk Tea Small Crisp had indeed pondered whether to spend a million RMB on a certain someone, but he quickly squashed the idea down as quickly as it came.

Glancing at his computer screen, Milk Tea Small Crisp noticed on his YueJian ChunHe account, the "email" icon had lit up.

After he released the megaphone, a good number of players had send him a PM.

  【Protect my meat bun: This is poisonous ChunHe! You are a Huashan so why are you fighting with us for a gold Emei skill!】

  【Pin Seng Fa Hao Jie Se: Amitabha, since Shi Zhu is this wealthy, why not help out the impoverished instead, for example, me.】

*Shi Zhu: this is how a monk addresses someone

  【Bei Yuan: What is the meaning of this, Chun He?】

YueJian ChunHe replied to Protect My Meatbun first.

  【You never would've been able to buy the Hands of Rejuvenation anyways. I'm not going to sell it.】

  【See you in the PK arena.】

Both players sent their replies at the same time.

  【Protect My Meat Bun: ??? You're not gonna sell? Wait wait, ChunHe, what do you mean, what does not selling mean?】

  【Pin Seng Fa Hao Jie Se: Today……today is a propitious day, unfit for killing, Shi Zhu don't become an evil ma.s.s murderer! I'm leaving!】

Yue Jian Chun He did not answer them back, he was looking at Bei Yuan.

In YueJian ChunHe's endless buddy list, every player's name has a parentheses attached to the end. Inside, the numbers ranged from 0 to 9999. This number represents the intimacy level between friends. Sending roses can increase the level of intimacy, and one point of intimacy is equivalent to one yuan. YueJian ChunHe never sends roses yet none of his intimacy levels were below 100.

Among these, Bei Yuan and YueJian ChunHe's intimacy was 9999.

They were all sent by Bei Yuan.

Looking at that name, he calmly clicked and dragged her from the "brain a bit damaged" column to the "brain very damaged" column. If someone took a look at the friendlist of the server's number one player, they'd be very surprised to find he sorts his buddies into three categories.

  『Brain a bit damaged』

  『Brain very damaged』

  『Brain completely damaged』

The last friend column, “brain completely damaged” had been set up just two days prior. There was no one in it, as if waiting for someone to join.

After YueJian ChunHe moved Bei Yuan to the "brain completely damaged" column, she sent another message.

  【Bei Yuan: ChunHe, you are doing this on purpose right? You rejected me and now you don't even want to be friends? Have you forgotten the things I told you? If you are willing, I can always return to Emperor's Pavillion. My feelings for you….haven't changed.】

  ……Completely mental, her brain's done for.

YueJian ChunHe directly blacklisted her.

  【Megaphone】Bei Yuan: YueJian ChunHe! You and I are incompatible!!!

The players were in the dark of everything that transpired above so they simply thought by bidding 300k, YueJian ChunHe had humiliated Bei Yuan.

 Ji Xiao Li too was eager to get into action, he urged his disciple:【sell it, disciple! 300k is already way more than the market price. Quickly sell it to YueJian ChunHe, bankrupt the sc.u.m! 300k is enough for you to buy two additional gold skills!】

  【I can't sell it.】


  【It's binding.】

Ji Xiao Li quickly opened up Milk Tea Small Crisp's equipment panel to take a look, later…

  【f.u.c.k!!! Its 300k ah! And you bound it to your avatar???】


After a while.

  【Milk Tea Small Crisp: Why aren't you saying anything?】

  【Teacher Orders a Salute: your teacher is thinking….there are always peaks higher than others, turns out I'm not the biggest rich fool, you are!】

  【Milk Tea Small Crisp:……】

Milk Tea Small Crisp already bound his boots, so it can no longer be sold. The whole world released a sigh in lament. Everyone could tell, with a of cultivation of 1W3 and level of 108, Milk Tea Small Crisp is also a rich pro. She also possesses the highest quality Emei skill, the Hands of Rejuvenation. Later when her level catches up, she'll definitely be a new □□ Emei.

*i think □□ is meant to represent…b.r.e.a.s.t.s. So basically saying she's gonna be OP, if you remember the slang milk means healing prowess.

Perhaps she can ever supercede Bei Yuan to become Knight Errant Road's number one Emei player.

But this is already something that happened two weeks ago.

At this moment, Milk Tea Small Crisp had arrived with her teacher to Bian City's martial arts compet.i.tion.

Milk tea small crisp has taught to Ji Xiao Li all there is to know about skills and combos. In PK battles, theoretical knowledge alone is not enough.

Female Emei with a cultivation of 1W3, male Huashan: 1W2.

Ji Xiao Li's cultivation was lower than Milk Tea Small Crisp who is also equipped with the strongest Emei skill.

  【Teacher Orders a Salute: I definitely can't win over you……】

  【Milk Tea Small Crisp: Impossible. I am an Emei. You are a Huashan. Your cla.s.s is stronger than mine, and you also have a golden skill along with two purple ones. We would probably end in a stalemate, 50-50.】

This ignited Ji Xiao Li's fighting spirit.

After four rounds……

  【Disciple, you said 50-50!!!】

  【The preposition was.】

  【You used your Snow Tempest too early, if you used if after I executed my move, then you would have decreased my health to a half.】

Ji Xiao Li rubbed his palms:【let's try again then!】

The master and disciple pair spend their whole evening on the battle stage comparing notes….no, it cannot be said to be comparing notes, but a total domination of the blue swordsman by the Emei in white. Ji Xiao Li could last a minute only because his cla.s.s is objectively stronger. But having played twenty something rounds, the most he managed was knocking off half of Milk Tea's HP, still fruitless because she quickly boosted her health. 

Every time a round terminates, Milk Tea Small Tea would offer a piece of advice.

Ji Xiao Li suddenly realized: his disciple knows so much about the skills of a Huashan.

But Milk Tea Small Crisps's next words very quickly dispelled the doubts in him:【in truth, amidst the six, Huashan leverages best not against Emei but Shaolin and Wudang. Shaolin's Wanfo Chaozhong get perfectly restrained by Huashan's Meteor Shower every time.】

Oh, disciple is simply versed in the functions of every cla.s.s.

Having talked for so long, Milk Tea Small Crisp suddenly asked:【Looking at your gameplay, its likely you've never played an online game before, or tried arena, so what made you so interested in learning how to PK?】

Ji Xiao Li replied n.o.bly:【disciple, you forgot our sect's motto again, I have to one-handedly beat YueJian ChunHe that evil descendant!】

  【What's wrong?】

  【That difficulty's too high.】

  【?? Disciple, you cannot give up!】

  【I am unable to teach you this.】

  Ji Xiao Li:"……"

Just as Milk Tea Small Crisp was about to open her mouth, she received a PM.

  【Protect My Meatbun: Chun……ChunHe?】

Milk Tea ignored him.

  【Protect My Meatbun: You really are ChunHe! Holy moly, you are operating on an Emei?Why are you operating an Emei, and even using such a name…Ey……don't tell me, you make this account just for the Hands of Rejuvenation?】

He's been exposed.

Milk Tea continued to ignore him.

  【Protect My Meatbun: yi, I see you.】

A few seconds later, an Emei saddling a white horse arrived at the arena. She stood in between Ji Xiao Li and Milk Tea Small Crisp, circled a few times around Milk Tea, then stopped to type.

  【Current】Protect My Meatbun: With these boots, you sure look different from other Emeis!

Ji Xiao Li was dumbfounded.

This is the server's third ranked Emei, the well-known milk dad!

But Ji Xiao Li also lowered his head to take a look.

  【Current】Teacher Orders a Salute: There's a difference? The boots look the same as the ones worn by other Emeis, similar to yours too.

All boots have the same appearance, there is no distinction.

  【Current】Protect My Meatbun: You wouldn't understand ah. I really want to kneel and lick your boots!

Saying this, Meatbun employed the "topple" movement and collapsed onto the floor, her face landing right on top of Milk Tea Small Crisp's boots.

  Ji Xiao Li:"……"

  f.u.c.k, a pervert!!!

Are the pros of today all like this, lacking moral integrity???!!!

Ji Xiao did not know, but Meatbun knows the Emei in front of them is YueJian ChunHe, so no matter how perverse, how lacking principles, or integrity, or whatever something is, he could still say aloud.

But Ji Xiao Li could not.

  【Current】Teacher Orders a Salute: disciple, let us quickly leave, run far from him.

  【Current】Protect my Meatbun: I f.u.c.k, disciple???!!!

  【Milk Tea Small Crisp: He is my teacher. If you have nothing then leave, he doesn't know who I am.】

  【Current】Milk Tea Small Crisp: let's go.

This information was so shocking it dumbfounded Meatbun.

He watched as the Huashan swordsman and Emei healer saddle a fine horse and left without looking back. Just as Meatbun was about to shout, a masked in black appeared suddenly from thin air running towards Milk Tea Small Crisp with a knife.

Milk Tea's reaction was extremely quick and she immediately dodged and healed herself.

However the disparity in level was extremely vast which meant Milk Tea inevitably died in the hands of the

The white-robed Emei fell to the ground with a blood-curdling scream. As her body laid dead on the ground, a tombstone with the words "Milk Tea Small Crisp's Grave" fell down from the skies with a bang and crushed Milk Tea Small Crisp's body.

Ji Xiao Li and Meatbun were both stunned.

They went forward and opened up the tombstone.

  『Arrest Warrant:

 Kill this European!!!


*LOL, European is slang here for wealthy player, in case anyone forgot~~~

  【Teacher Orders a Salute: hahahaha, disciple, this is karma for illegally stowing away in Europe!】

  【Protect my Meatbun: hahahaha, b.a.s.t.a.r.d you got what you deserved!】

The Milk Tea Small Crisp lying on the ground was silent for a few seconds.

When she resurrected at the revive point, she saddled her horse and decided to stay away from these two mentally-deficients.

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