Age of Collapse Chapter 18

18 – Wolf and Rabbit Game

Luo You’s move shocked everyone present, particularly the survivors and the five newbies.

He ran away? The team’s strongest Evolver just ran away? He left them behind to face the fierce and cruel Werewolf on their own?

Luo You’s escape reduced the morale on the scene to the freezing point. When Luo You was still present, they could still somehow contend with the Werewolf captain. Now that he left, the Werewolf captain’s aura raged about unrestrainedly, and smashed everyone’s mental defenses in the blink of a an eye. While under the crus.h.i.+ng pressure of this formless aura, the survivors retreated in fear. The five newbies, on the other hand, were frozen stiff from despair. They s.h.i.+vered as if pray eyed by a hungry wolf.

Yang Feng swept the surroundings with a cold glance with his gaze as sharp as a blade. Everyone swept by this gaze felt as if there was a sharp blade resting on their necks, about to cut their throats at any moment.

However, after sweeping the surroundings with a glace, Yang Feng didn’t attack. Instead, his gaze fell on the five newbies in Luo You’s team and he sneered: “I’ll leave you plump reward points for my people aside! Since the ‘rabbit’ want’s to play a game of tag, then I’ll keep him company and have some fun!”

After he finished speaking, Yang Feng let out a piercing wolf howl. A layer of blood scab started to cover the b.l.o.o.d.y hole on his left wrist at a speed visible to the naked eye, preventing the wound from bleeding. Shortly after, while on all fours, he astonis.h.i.+ngly jumped over the wall. He gave chase, and headed in the direction Luo You had left for.

Meanwhile, darkness had started to take hold of the wilderness, and the visibility was less than ten meters. Normally, in order to avoid being attacked by nocturnal creatures, Luo You would search for a place to rest, arrange alarm traps, and then start resting. But today, he couldn’t do the same. He could run only desperately, as far and as fast as he could.

After running for less than a minute, Luo You could already feel a formidable pressure coming from behind him. He swiftly executed a forward roll, turned around instantly, took out his desert eagle, and fired three shots at the giant figure chasing behind him. Without even looking at the outcome, he directly jumped to the side and continued to run in a different direction.

When Yang Feng’s attack didn’t land on Luo You, he stopped to take a look at himself. He had dodged two of the three shots fired just now, but the final shot had hit him in the abdomen. Although the desert eagle was a C-rank weapon, but its greatest feature was its fierce power. Therefore, even though the skin of an rank Werewolf bloodline was already extremely tough, it still managed to open a b.l.o.o.d.y hole.

Of course, this was merely a minor injury to Yang Feng. In his transformed form, he just had to exert his muscles to force the bullet out. Additionally, with his Werewolf physique’s rapid healing ability, the wound quickly stopped bleeding.

Yang Feng looked in the direction Luo You escaped in and sneered. This fellow didn’t just want to flee, but instead, wanted to employ guerrilla warfare! It appeared that this Luo You fellow wasn’t just a simple rabbit, but rather, a rabbit with long tasks that bit while running!

It was not surprising. The Wilderness Survival Code, Article 7 said not to fight mutants head on. Therefore, everyone roaming the wilderness would employ guerrilla warfare to some extent. This was an essential technique when dealing with formidable mutants.

Consequently, everyone in the wilderness also knew how to deal with guerrilla warfare. Whether it was a large combat corpse or a lone fighter, the simplest method to deal with guerrilla warfare was to chase up to the other party with extremely strong explosiveness and enter a close combat range, and prevent the battlefront from lengthening.

If it was someone else facing such a skilled person in guerrilla warfare like Luo You, they might consider withdrawing. However, Yang Feng was still confident in himself as he had redeemed the Werewolf bloodline. Although the bloodline didn’t have the abnormal recovery ability of the Vampire bloodline, the thunderous might of the Giant bloodline, nor the tough sh.e.l.l of insect-type bloodlines, but its greatest features lied in its powerful endurance and powerful explosive force. Yang Feng was not afraid of long-distance raids and was even less afraid of chasing after enemies.

With the tap of his foot, Yang Feng charged at the distant Luo You alike a bolt of lightning in the middle of the night, leaving a trail of dust in his wake.

Luo You tried to use the same method to attack Yang Feng, but he discovered that Yang Feng’s offensive was truly too fierce. Even with the risk of being shot, he still threw himself at Luo You like crazy.

Luo You didn’t dare take risks as the damage his firearm could deal to Yang Feng was quite limited. Also, once Yang Feng’s attack landed on him, even if it was just a swipe of his claws, Yang Feng could easily break a few of his bones, not to mention his flesh. Luo You could not afford that.

Luo You’s several attempts to shoot at Yang Feng had failed under the pressure of hot pursuit. Moreover, the faster Yang Feng chased Luo You, the less time the desert eagle had to cool off. In the end, the gun was so hot that Luo You no longer dared to fire it, fully aware that it would explode were he to fire it one more.

Therefore, Luo You put away the gun, and focused his attention and energy on running! Currently, he only had a single idea, to stake everything on stamina!

Although the Werewolf bloodline brought along a great increase in stamina, but after running for one day and one night, for more than three hundred kilometers, to come to the survivor base ahead of time, he should have expended his stamina. Luo You, on the other hand, had a night’s rest and was full of energy. Therefore, he should stake everything on his capital, his stamina.

Moreover, Luo You had no choice, he had only one path ahead of him! Behind him was a bottomless precipice! Even if the path ahead of him was a dead end, he still had to brace himself and tread it!

For Luo You and the people of the survivor base, this night was undoubtedly the most challenging night of their lives. Although everyone defending the base was scared out of their wits by Yang Feng’s strength and fierceness, but they still had to attend to the wounded, deal with the extremely sinister bodies, and send people to mend the big hole in the earth wall. The entire base was in disarray.

Arnold had already woken up. He stood in front of the five scared witless newbies and blankly stared at the messy survivor base. How come it was previously still all right, but when hr woke up, he found everything to be in disarray?

A scared witless man hugged Arnold’s leg and started crying: “Arnold! Luo You, that animal, ran off! What should we do? I don’t want to die!”

“I… I want to go home, I want to go back to the wall! I don’t want to keep staying here!”

“Me too! Arnold, take us back! Here, monsters are everywhere, there is no place to sleep, the bread we eat is hard, and there is no hot water! I don’t want to stay in this h.e.l.l hole any longer!”

The newbies were crying and bawling! Just as they went outside the wall, their lofty ideals were burst like bubbles in the blink of an eye by Yang Feng’s appearance! Their ideals had been very bold: for freedom, for humanity!

They went outside the wall with heads held high and chests out! They had solemnly vowed to complete the Cube missions and to explore the wasteland! But when pitted against the scary reality, their ideals became extremely frail! Their ideals were crushed in a single strike and vanished in a puff of smoke!

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