The Phoenix Arises Chapter 38 Part1

Chapter 38.1: Coming Out to Quell the Upheaval

Deep into the night.

"Little Xi…."

Xuanyuan Mo who was sleeping in the military camp was abruptly awoken from his sleep, drenched in cold sweat.

"Yu Ying."

"Your subordinate is here."

Yu Ying immediately appeared before Xuanyuan Mo after hearing his summons.

"I will leave the matters here to you."

Xuanyuan Mo said as he got off the bed in a hurry.

Yu Ying was startled as he lifted his gaze and said, "Your Highness… you….

"This Prince has some other matters to attend to, if there is any thing, send a letter to this Prince."

After putting on his armour, Xuanyuan Mo rushed out immediately.

"Yes, Your Highness." Yu Ying bowed.

"Li Shang."

"Your subordinate is here."

Li Shang who was guarding outside the tent immediately saluted.

"Bring three thousand elite soldiers and follow this Prince to the Vermillion Bird Empire."

After relaying his command, Xuanyuan Mo did not wait for any response and quickly leapt onto his horse and rode off.

Li Shang and Yu Ying both exchanged glances for a brief moment before they immediately went to carry out his orders.

Vermillion Bird Empire, Imperial Study.

Huangfu Che was accompanying Duanmu Xue and they were going through the memorials when they were suddenly interrupted by Red Leaf's frantic call.

"Your Majesty, something bad has happened!"

Red Leaf ran in with a fl.u.s.tered face.

Duanmu Xue placed her jade pen down and looked at Red Leaf with displeasure.

"What happened? Why are you in such a fl.u.s.ter?"

"Your Majesty, Duke Jing has rebelled!"

Red Leaf's face was pale and when she made her report, her entire back was drenched in cold sweat.

d.a.m.n this Duanmu Shuang, she actually dared to stage a rebellion?

"What's the situation now?" Duanmu Xue's expression sunk and her voice turned chilly.

Seeing that there was not a trace of panic on Duanmu Xue's face, Red Leaf also gradually calmed herself down.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, Duke Jing has brought a 100,000 strong army and they have arrived outside the capital. The city gates have been closed and Duke Jing is shouting at the southern gates, she said…said…."

Duanmu Xue furrowed her brows and gestured for her to continue impatiently.

"Speak, I will not hold you responsible."

Red Leaf took a deep breath and steeled her heart as she said: "She said that…Your Majesty.. is a cowardly tortoise and only knows how to hide in the palace. She also said that Your Majesty only knows how to hide behind a man, and…"

For the words spoken after, Red Leaf did not dare to say anything further and quivered in place meekly.

Duanmu Xue narrowed her eyes dangerously and her deep purple eyes were filled with murderous intent.

"Phoenix Guards."

When they heard the call, fourteen black robed women appeared in the Imperial Study in an instant.

"Phoenix Tenth and Eleventh, you will be defending the East Gate. Twelfth and Thirteenth, defend the West Gate. Fourteenth and Fifteenth, go defend the North Gate."


The Phoenix Guards who received the order left in a flash and rushed to their appointed locations.

Looking at the few remaining Phoenix Guards, a glint flashed by Duanmu Xue's eyes.

"Phoenix Fifth, guard the Palace and send people to guard the Phoenix Song Palace. Kill any who dare to trespa.s.s!"

No matter what, she must ensure the safety of her beloved Little Xi.

"Your subordinate obeys."

After Phoenix Fifth received her order, she also left swiftly.

"The rest of you, follow this Emperor to the South Gate. This Emperor would like to have to look at this good Imperial Sister of this Emperor's."

Her cold voice was full of disdain.

"Yes." The Phoenix Guards bowed.

"Xue Er, let's go together.

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