I Favor the Villainess Chapter 112

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"Isn't that the young proprietress of Frater company" "Then over there is the husband, Lambert-sama" Spinning a yarn

"We weren't just being manipulated, we didn't cause something as outrageous as revolution because of that. Our reason is earnest"

Arla's carrying voice insisted on the appropriateness of the revolution. The crowd cheered that's right, that's right.

"n.o.bles didn't care about us. In fact, there were people who died of starvation. Whatever their circ.u.mstances may be, these two are the representatives of the n.o.bility, right? Don't they bear the responsibility?"

Unlike Salas, Arla doesn't have a guilty conscience. To deny her words we also need a just cause. However――.

"Remove old forces!" "Kill n.o.bles!" "Viva la revolution!"

In response to Arla's words the crowd became thoroughly incited. I fervently raised my voice, but they don't seem to be listening to my words at all. There are lots of things I want to say. However, my words don't reach now. As I became fl.u.s.tered as to what to do――.


Among the tumult a calm sound vibrated. Sein-sama was playing a harp. At first the sound that could hardly be heard was drowned out by the crowd's bellows, but gradually it reached the ears of people near Sein-sama. Like a receding tide the jeers were transposed by the penetrating timbre of the harp. At first the crowd was so agitated they even threw stones together with their jeers. Even so, Sein-sama didn't stop playing the harp. Perhaps due to Sein-sama's overwhelming figure as he played the harp while shedding blood from his forehead, before long the sound of Sein-sama's harp was the only sound that could be heard nearby. When Sein-sama finished playing his harp, he calmly said.

"People. Just once is fine. Could you listen to her story?"

The deep baritone already had the dignity of the King. The crowd - even Arla, fell silent and a.s.sumed listening stance.

"Rei Taylor, you can speak" "Yes. I am thankful for the consideration, Your Majesty Sein"

After thanking His Majesty Sein, I once again addressed the crowd.

"Beloved people. What is your wish?"

I slowly began asking questions. I carefully chose my words, paying careful attention even to the tone of my voice and my expression.

"Do you want to kill n.o.bles? That's wrong, right? You yearned for peaceful lives for yourselves… Am I wrong?"

The crowd appeared perplexed. However, there's still a strong feeling of antipathy. I continued.

"Are you going to kill Dor-sama and Claire-sama, who have done more than anyone for the sake of the peace for us people?"

For the first time I strengthened my voice here a little. Sure enough, voices of objection arose.

"We the people――!" "Please don't hide behind words like people! … You, what's your name?"

Asked for the name, the man who shouted became lost for words.

"Yours, who threw the stone? The person's next to him?" "Ugh…" "I want to hear your own thoughts. Each of you has their own name and life. Do you truly want to kill Dor-sama and Claire-sama here?"

This time there were no voices of objection. The reason I asked for their names one by one is to overcome the mob mentality.

"Certainly, there were people among the n.o.bles who didn't care about commoners. But, those two are decidedly different"

I could tell the people listened carefully for the first time.

"Were those two executed here, could you be proud of that in front of your children? Our revolution was righteous, could you say that, puffed up with pride?"

The one who taught me such art of conversation was none other than――.

"Claire-sama, you too" "… Eh?"

Being abruptly spoken to, Claire-sama was wide-eyed in shock.

"When we regain peace and everybody can live with a smile, if Claire-sama died, who would regain Dor-sama's pride after he sacrificed himself?" "Tha, that is…"

Before Claire-sama could recover, I pressed for answers.

"Is dying while bearing false charges how a n.o.ble should be! Are you proud of dying in vain!?" "Wait, Rei. My story――" "Instead of dying for such a temporary pride, please live for me, even if just for now!!" "… But, I am"

Towards Claire-sama who's still vague, I――.

"Just for once, please listen to my selfishness, idiooooot!!!"

I thrust my whole heart at her.

"I, idiot… You…" "Idioooot! Claire-sama you idioooot! Waaaaah!!!" "Rei…"

As I said everything I had to say, something burst inside of me. I couldn't even put my feelings into words, I just cried. Like a spoiled brat. Claire-sama panicked, but I wasn't aware of that.

"You… If you're having a lover's quarrel, do it somewhere, anywhere else"

Arla said that with a sour expression.

"Oi, somebody take her away" "No! I will not be separated from Claire-sama for the rest of my life! If you say Claire-sama is to die, I will also die!" "He, hey, Rei――!" "Aa, aa! Got it. Got it, so stop shouting and crying. There won't be an execution anyway" "… Eh?" "Look"

As Claire-sama said in bewilderment, Arla pointed at the crowd.

"Certainly… There's no need to be worried about n.o.bles anymore" "I received Claire-sama's help" "Me too. The n.o.ble I served was a bad guy. When I was going to lose my means of making a living, Claire-sama arranged my reemployment――"

The flow changed. Arla cut the rope binding Claire-sama and continued speaking with a distant look.

"People began thinking with their heads. Now comes the era where they won't listen to me alone" "Arla…" "I achieved my goal. If this d.a.m.n rotten system of aristocracy dies, I don't care what comes later. I won't take a life. Won't most n.o.bles drop dead if they're left as is anyway"

Perhaps it looks like a former n.o.ble bowing her head to a commoner she received money from, said Arla and heartily laughed.

"Now get going. It's the beginning of the new era, your cloudy face doesn't suit it" "… Thank you"

Saying so, Claire-sama left the court with me in tow.

"… Good grief, you really are…"

I was made to sit in seiza on a lawn in a park near the parliament building. Huuh?

"You bothered many people… Are you reflecting?" "U, umm… Claire-sama? Normally with this flow, I think there should be a scene where Claire-sama thanks and apologizes to me with an appreciative face…" "What are you grumbling!" "Yes, it was nothing!" "In the first place, Rei, you are always being reckless so――"

Claire-sama's tempestuous sermon began. Really, how did this happen.

"… Well, don't criticize her so much, Claire" "Sein-sama! … No, Your Majesty Sein"

His Majesty Sein helped with Claire-sama's dreadfully threatening att.i.tude.

"Is the trial over already?" "… That thing happened. Therefore, it was stopped. From the start the trial was what Salas proposed to make an example of you"

The revolutionary government is already done with that, said His Majesty Sein.

"Come to think of it, Your Majesty Sein. I forgot to give my thanks to Your Majesty" "… What is it about?" "The harp. It was amazing" "That is true. Everybody became enraptured" "… That sort of thing is nothing. It's just a pastime"

Perhaps the matter with harp is still the source of his complexes, as Sein-sama frowned when it was mentioned.

"Who taught Your Majesty the harp?" "… Mother. When she was still alive, on sickbed" "So that's how it was. Yeah――"

I spoke what suddenly came to my mind.

"Your Majesty Sein is loved by mother even now"

As I casually said that, Sein-sama opened eyes wide in surprise. As I wondered if I'd said something strange, tears dropped from Sein-sama's eyes.

"Yo, Your Majesty!?" "Yo, Your Majesty Sein, what happened!?" "… Nothing. It's nothing, but――"

Mother has always been by my side, His Majesty Sein spilled, as if talking to himself. I felt like the load on his chest, that he's been bearing for many years, has finally come off.

"Rei, Claire, good job. As expected of the two I counted on" "Claire-sama, it's been a long time!" "Onee-sama! And even Lene!"

Being reunited after a long time Claire-sama smiled happily. Lene, overcome with emotions, embraced Claire-sama and cried. Understandable. It's understandable, but――.

"Are you jealous, Rei? If you like, you can become my bride at any time――" "I will not" "Of course you wouldn't"

Rod-sama said and roared with laughter. Even after losing his arm, his cheerful and positive character didn't change. From now on too, he will continue without breaking nor turning.

"Rei-san… Claire-sama…" "Lily-sama"

Lily-sama came held by soldiers on both sides.

"Lily wants to say few words of apology" "No way. Lily-sama is not at fault" "Exactly. Everything was caused by Salas's suggestion"

I and Claire-sama said so, but Lily-sama shook her head.

"Even so, what Lily did is unforgivable. Lily awaits the judgment of the people"

That resolve seemed like it wouldn't waver no matter what.

"I see. Then, compensate for your crimes properly" "Claire-sama, that way of speaking――" "And then, when you compensate for them, be sure to come back. We will always be waiting for you" "――!"

Saying so, Claire-sama smiled at Lily-sama. Tears spilled from Lily-sama's eyes.

"Thank you, Claire-sama. Someday, please let Lily quarrel over Rei-san again"

Leaving those words behind, Lily-sama was led away.

"Be that as it may, an amazing lineup has gathered"

Rod-sama looked at every gathered person. Being told so, I quickly looked at who gathered. Lene and Lambert-sama, the three princes and Misha, Manarisama, have all rushed here.

"It truly has. Both Claire-sama and Rei are blessed with bonds with others" "It's different, Misha"

Yuu-sama gently admonished Misha who spoke with deep emotion.

"Everybody gathered here was saved by Rei and Claire. What Claire and Rei did so far took this shape now"

Mmhm, Lambert-sama nodded. I see… Together with Claire-sama I got involved in various things, but none of them were in vain.

"Hey hey, Rei. Don't you have something to say to Claire now that you reunited?"

Manaria teased me with those words, and pushed Claire-sama's back. Claire-sama came in front of me stumbling.

"Aa, err… Claire-sama?" "Wha, what is it" "No… After all, it's nothing…" "Do not be indecisive… If you have something to say, state it clearly"

The opportunity to say what you regret not saying may never come again, with these Claire-sama's words I've made up my mind.

"Claire-sama!" "So what is it"

I held both Claire-sama's shoulders and said.

"Please marry me!"

Claire-sama looked surprised for an instant, but soon her face flushed.

"Wha, whawhawha, what are you saying in public! You should say such a thing solemnly when it is just the two of us…!?"

And, she responded in a fl.u.s.ter.

"Is that so? Then, please let me redo" "It, it is okay? I exceptionally forgive you" "No, not that" "Eh?"

Ignoring her confused expression, I stole Claire-sama's lips. Claire-sama stiffened. The spectators fell completely silent.

"I hate that our first kiss was so insipid"

Gotcha, I tried laughing. Claire-sama became completely red, up to her ears.

"Jeez… Jeez jeez jeez, jeeez! You truly truly truly are! Truly Rei-ish, Rei's head is truly Rei-ish!" "My name became a strange adjective!?"

Claire-sama who came to her senses lightly hit me again and again. Ah, I guess this is only possible if we're alive. Such me was fixedly stared at, and.

"… I will not forgive you if you do not make me happy?" """… Eh?"""

The voices of me and the audience overlapped.

"I, I am saying, I will not forgive you if you do not make me happy?" "…" "Wha, what is it. Say something…"

After a short pause, cheers of blessing arose from the audience. Embarra.s.sed to look at everybody's grinning faces, I took Claire-sama's hand and ran off.

"Where are we going!?" "Anywhere! We can go anywhere… if we are together!"

The destruction end was blown away. From now on, we will make our story freely.

Claire-sama and I, together.

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