Magic Love Ring Chapter 113

Standing in the hallway outside the backstage, Song Yan stared at the arrogant boy in confusion, wondering what he was going to say.

"Name a price for it!" Zhou Yiqi declared with a pride of a peac.o.c.k as if he was facing a beggar.

"What do you mean by that?" Song Yan was even more bewildered.

With a frown, Zhou Yiqi said, "Don't play dumb with me, you know what I mean. As long as your price is reasonable, I will give you the money."

"Sorry, but I don't really know what you are talking about. Could you please make it clear?" Song Yan's frustration crept up to him.

"You really don't know?" Zhou Yiqi asked in disbelief.

"If you are going to talk like that, I will leave right this instant." Impatience was written all over his face.

"How dare you?" Zhou Yiqi was angered, and added immediately, "My father is Zhou Lianghu."

A faint sneer hung on Song Yan's lips as he turned around to leave.

Zhou Yiqi's face soured at Song Yan's departure. He stepped swiftly to stand in front of Song Yan and growled, "Song Yan, do you want to refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit?"

His threaten meant nothing to Song Yan. "What do you want from me?" Song Yan asked.

"Song Yan, do you know who I am? Zhou Lianghu is my father. How dare you ignore me?" Zhou Yiqi roared, face convulsing.

"You father is Zhou Lianghu, so what? Just tell me what you want from me, NOW! Otherwise, I'm leaving." Song Yan lost all his patience toward this weird boy.

On hearing that, Zhou Yiqi eyed Song Yan from head to toe, murmuring, "You don't know what I want from you? I thought the person winning the preliminary contest must be a clever guy. But you can't understand what I mean. How silly you are!"

"Enough!" Song Yan's face darkened as he raised his fist and waved at Zhou Yiqi. "Stop talking nonsense, otherwise I will beat you up."

"You dare!" Zhou Yiqi stepped back and shouted, "My father is…"

"Your father is Zhou Lianghu," Song Yan interrupted in a sarcastic tone.

Zhou Yiqi, however, failed to get Song Yan's point. Instead, he became proud. "Since you know my father is Zhou Lianghu, that would be great. How about this? If you lose to me in one-to-one compet.i.tion, I'll give you 30,000 yuan."

"You want me to lose to you?" Song Yan asked in shock.

"As long as you agree, I will transfer the money to you now." Zhou Yiqi became the boy again.

"Why should I say yes?" Song Yan asked scornfully.

"30,000 is a lot. Don't be so greedy!" Zhou Yiqi was infuriated as he didn't expect Song Yan to reject his offer.

"I can be the champion, and its reward is 100,000. Will you choose 30,000 or 100,000?" Song Yan asked.

"100,000, of course!" Zhou Yiqi blurted out.

"Exactly. I have the same idea with you." Song Yan curled his lips and was about to leave.

"Wait!" Zhou Yiqi stopped him again.

"Anything else?" Song Yan rolled his eyes.

"Could you lower the price please? I have only a pocket money of 30,000 each month. I plan to borrow some more from my friends, and I can give you 50,000 in total. Are you okay with it?" Instead of the bossy boy he had been, Zhou Yiqi became humble at this moment.

"You father is Zhou Lianghu. Why not ask him for the money?"

"He is not a corrupt official, and he is not rich." Zhou Yiqi grumbled.

After hearing that, Song Yan thought Zhou Yiqi was not that annoying and wanted to know why he wanted to bribe him. "Why did you do this?"

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