Supernatural Monetary System Chapter 105

Yu Sheng and s.h.i.+ Hu were drinking coffee at the café outside the hospital. 

Li Guangdou left in a rush, which made s.h.i.+ Hu wondering. "Is it necessary for us to stay here? The deal is over. If you worry about Li Taili, I can kill him."

"I have thought we will have one more deal today, but it now seems they don't need us anymore. Let's go to eat!" Yu Sheng knocked at the table and shook his head with disappointment. 

"Great!" s.h.i.+ Hu nodded with concern. "Have you found…"

"You've also learnt to keep others guessing. Just tell me. We're brothers. We've offended members of the Li family one by one! But it's ok, for all we want is money." Yu Sheng chuckled, drank a cup of coffee, and touched s.h.i.+ Hu's shoulder. 

"Will they revenge?" s.h.i.+ Hu asked. 

"Are you afraid?" Yu Sheng asked back. 

"I…" s.h.i.+ Hu was stunned. He has never feared anything in his life. "I'm asking you!"

"I don't know! Let's see! We've got the money, so just pay attention to their revenge." Yu Sheng gasped and took out his abacus and gently shook it. 

LanZiyan vigilantly listened to their dialogue. Suddenly, her ears were bleeding. s.h.i.+ Hu stood in front of him like a t.i.tan.  

"The girl is suspicious; she's eavesdropping on our talks. Is it ok to bring her back?" He asked Yu Sheng.

"Don't care about her! She'll be useful to us. Let's go back to the store. Maybe Golden Retriever has found several more deals." Yu Sheng put an elixir into Lan Ziyan's mouth.

It all happened in several seconds. Lan Ziyan didn't even realize her eardrum was destroyed but it was already cured. 

Jin Fucheng looked the shabby Evil Star Store up and down. A group of people with hammers were working in the store. 

"Finally, it's almost done. Didn't expect the business was so good—three deals were finished in such a short period." Jin Fucheng sighed. The boxes beside him were all full of money. What was more, there were also various payments except cash.  

All major families acted rapidly to ask for help, especially those who wanted to pursue popular girls. 

Jin Fucheng had a headache and sighed: "No hope to rest. Maybe clients will come midnight!"

Stuffs from the Evil Star Store were extremely expensive. Jin Fucheng checked the items left by Yu Sheng, and found that the cheapest one was more than a million RMB. 

Despite of the high price, the business of the first day was super good. Under Jin Fucheng's strong recommendation, almost all customers used up their money.

Sitting on a pile of cash, Jin Fucheng was thinking about how to take care of the store. 

He suddenly opened his eyes on sensing an old man was coming.

He glanced at the old man, stood up and bowed with respect. 

"Mr. Long, why are you here?"

Long Qing, one of Jin Fucheng's teachers, was also a core member of the Jin family.

"Childe, I'm here to bring you home." Long Qing looked around and touched his whiskers.

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