Killing Gods Chapter 119

"Venomous Dragon Scorpion?" Li Changfeng frowned at the sand dune. Then a dark and 3-meter wide scorpion got out of the sand.

"Yes, it's Venomous Dragon Scorpion." Buck nodded seriously.

"I had ever heard of it in the military camp. Venomous Dragon Scorpion is one of exclusive fierce beasts in the desert, like the desert giant snake. But it's said that the scorpion is much stronger than the snake. No sword or spear can break the scorpion's rigid sh.e.l.l. It also has whopping power, especially the scorpion sting. Someone said that even if a huge elephant is poisoned by Venomous Dragon Scorpion, the elephant will die in less than 25 minutes. It's unlucky to confront it!"

"Em…So formidable…"

Li Changfeng wiped his forehead and called White Tiger to enter his body. It was no doubt that White Tiger was easy to attract fierce beasts. But he couldn't predict that there would be two beasts appearing together. Therefore, he had to hide White Tiger. If it appealed to another beast, then all they would die here.

"Leader, what should we do? I can't triumph over the two at the same time!" Oscar became more serious when he saw the Venomous Dragon Scorpion trying to adapt the outside environment.

"n.o.body said you'll fight against the two meanwhile." Gazing at the Venomous Dragon Scorpion, Li Changfeng fished out his dagger and used his clothes to rub it.

"Childe!" Noticing Li Changfeng's action, Xiaodie grabbed him immediately, because she guessed out his plan.

"Hey!" Facing Xiaodie's wet eyes, Li Changfeng slightly shook his head and gently pinched her face with smile, "Don't worry! Your childe is handsome, elegant and formidable. I'll be alive. Take care of Sai Ya."

Li Changfeng took a deep breath, turned round and stared at the Venomous Dragon Scorpion, which held chela and moved towards him. He jumped up and rushed to the scorpion head-on.

In fact, he didn't want to battle with the scorpion due to its horrific chela and venomous sting. But there were no other solutions. Among the whole group, only Li Changfeng was possible to hinder the Venomous Dragon Scorpion.

The desert giant snake would reach soon, and Oscar needed to cope with it. Therefore, Li Changfeng couldn't allow the scorpion to divert Oscar's attention. According to the current condition, the best method was to solve one of the beasts at first.

Even though they could run away, Li Changfeng would not flee. Today was the last day to save Sai Ya. No matter what would happen, he would never give up.

"Oscar, I'll stop the scorpion! You kill the snake quickly and then help me!"

With a loud roaring, Li Changfeng jumped over the Venomous Dragon Scorpion directly. Even in the soft desert, Li Changfeng still kept amazing explosive power of jumping, showing his strong physical body. However, no one paid attention to this at this moment. Everyone's eyes became red when they watched Li Changfeng facing the scorpion alone, especially Xiaodie. She suddenly felt she was a useless person, unable to help her childe.

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