Cool Goddess Special Agent Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Giving Up and Breaking Free

Chu Ye had to admit, Lady Zanhua was living the luxurious life here. Everything in the underground palace can sell for at least a thousand gold each in the market.

Were it not for the limited s.p.a.ce in her spatial lock [1], Chu Ye would've taken everything here.

“Hey, do you want to get one or two things from this place?” Knowing that she wouldn't be able to take everything, Chu Ye turned to the beautiful men who were now set free.

Having been kept here for probably a long time already, they're going to need some money once they get out of here.

The men were clearly tempted to do so, but in the end, they just shook their heads and sighed, eyes possessing an unspeakable pain.

“What's wrong?” Chu Ye asked.

They seemed hesitant to explain what was bothering them.

The beautiful teenager from before stepped forward again, his glittering black eyes teary. “To answer Sister's question, once Lady Zanhua dies, and our lives will also be quickly exhausted. So even if you give us money, we won't have the time to spend it.” His voice was choked with emotion.

“What do you mean?” Chu Ye softened.

With the teenager calling her Sister on his own initiative, she lost any intention of harboring ill will towards them.

Although the teenager's skin color is as morbidly pale as the rest of the male pets, he innately had the lovable temperament of the younger brother next-door. This kind of beautiful teenager calling you ‘Sister' definitely won't give you any sense of wrongness or incompatibility.

“In order to control us, Lady Zanhua planted a conjoined gu in each of our bodies on the first day of our captivity.” The teenager bit his lip and lowered his head in helplessness and despair. (T/N: Gu is like an evil worm.)

“Conjoined gu!” At these two words, the bewitching man's face became frightened.

“What's a conjoined gu?” Chu Ye turned to him. He clearly knew about it judging from his expression.

The man gravely explained, “Conjoined gu is an extremely evil type of poisonous gu and is strictly prohibited in every nation. It consists of a child gu and a mother gu. The man with the child gu must join together every fortnight with the woman that has the pairing mother gu. If the child gu doesn't get nourishment from the mother gu, it'll wake up and chew through its host's intestines to get out and return to its mother gu's side, leaving a rotting corpse.”

Hearing this, Chu Ye inwardly sucked in a breath. This world actually has such evil things.

“That's right. There's a child gu in our bodies, and the sole mother gu is in Lady Zanhua's body.” The beautiful boy continued to say in a timely manner.

“Then, you only have less than half a month to live…” Chu Ye was completely emotional.

It seems that when they gave up saving Lady Zanhua's life, they also forfeited their own lives.

Because their lives are connected to Lady Zanhua's.

One dies, everyone dies.

No wonder they were previously so reluctant to rebel. Rather than saying they finally chose to give up, it is better to say that they chose to break free.

For these tall and dignified men, who would want to be reduced to a woman's private property for a lifetime?

Moreover, it's with dozens of other men.

They're all so charming and handsome that their life beforehand must have been impressive.

“What are you planning now?” The enchanting man had a serious face on.

He previously looked down on these men in his heart. He even held a special contempt for them, but now, only sympathy and pity remained.

Their tragic fate today was all thanks to Lady Zanhua. He suddenly felt a little regretful. If he had known this earlier, he wouldn't have let the old witch go that easily. He would've taken his time to torment her. For this kind of person, even ten thousand deaths aren't enough.

The bewitching man's question was obviously difficult for these young handsome men, who have been imprisoned for many years, to answer. At a loss, they shook their heads. What can they still do with their remaining lifespan?

Translator's Notes:

[1] For anyone wondering what this golden lock looks like, it's this. I kinda see the lock shape, I guess XD. Anyway, something like that is actually hanging on Chu Ye's neck so for anybody wondering why Chu Ye's been holding a lock this whole time, I hope this clears it. (I was actually wondering about this too. Until I searched it up)


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