Tyrannical Wang’s Beloved Wife Chapter 94 Part3

Testing, Birth of Madness (3)

Sun Yi Lin's tense face finally eased somewhat. At least he still had acceptable qualities. If his learning was also not that great either, then even if he, Sun Yi Lin, had to be a lowlife for once, he would still think of a way to ruin this engagement.

Have to say, the current Sun Yi Lin and Li Hong Yuan belonged to two extremes. Li Hong Yuan's way of dealing with things was by any means necessary to achieve his goals, but Sun Yi Lin since young, because of his father's interference, have always studied the path of a n.o.bleman. Just like, for instance, on the matter of Jing Wan, he furthermore wished for Jing Wan to be well, and not take the path of a lowlife, insisting on s.n.a.t.c.hing Jing Wan over. He was experiencing change, but the things that were carved into his bones couldn't be that easily discarded either.

No longer caring how Chen Zheng Min's essay will ultimately end up like, Sun Yi Lin began drinking wine one cup after the other.

At first, he still didn't attract anyone's attention, but gradually, more and more people had their line of sight concentrated on him.

Just what exactly happened to Gentleman Lin?

Drinking cup after cup wasn't satisfying enough for him. Sun Yi Lin directly picked up the wine jar and raised his head. The clear and cold wine formed into a stream, falling into his mouth. The portion that he couldn't swallow in time overflowed from his mouth, partly soaking his clothes, and partly spilling onto the floor. Finis.h.i.+ng one jar, he threw it aside and picked up a second jar. One has to know, one jug of shaoxing yellow wine can fill ten some jars.

(T/N: This a jug; a jar is a lot smaller used for pouring into cups and has a handle and spout.)

“Yi Lin, one mustn't drink like that.” His friend couldn't keep watching and reached out, wanting to take away the wine jar by force.

“Move aside.” Sun Yi Lin slapped his hand away.

“Yi Lin, what happened?”

“What happened?” Sun Yi Lin blankly turned his head, “Nothing happened, I'm great.”

Sun Yi Lin very rarely drank alcohol, so his alcohol tolerance really wasn't that great. Three jars down, and for the most part, he was pretty much completely drunk.

But he was also the same as a great majority of people, drunk yet unwilling to admit. “Are you done? Let me see.” He got up and drunkenly grabbed Chen Zheng Min's essay. He shook his head and swiftly began reading.

He didn't give any comments, but rather took the brush and began writing. Despite being drunk, his handwriting was still stable. And perhaps because he was drunk, the characters below the brush were very unrestrained. The writing was flawless, but the contents instead made their hearts jump out of their bodies in fear. It was extremely caustic, perceptive, and written in a forceful hand[1]. Even they as the spectators all felt somewhat uncomfortable, never mind his Majesty. Even if Sun Yi Lin is a favorite of his Majesty, if this essay were to leak out, it'd be enough for him to drown himself in alcohol.

When he finished writing, Sun Yi Lin tossed the brush and dazedly stared at the paper, somewhat lost in thought. Perhaps when he looked again, even he himself was a bit startled. Sobering up a little, he ma.s.saged the swollen and aching outer corners of his eyes, “This is the a.s.signment his Majesty gave me today, requiring me to submit to him tomorrow. Gentleman Chen can separately write another essay on something you're good at, take note of propriety.”

It seems he was planning on having the one he wrote submitted to his Majesty along with his own. Sss! The people in the surrounding all sucked in a cold breath. Wasn't this a little too daring? But thinking again after calming down, it seems doing it like this was actually the wisest way. Sun Yi Lin, no matter what, was someone of Kang w.a.n.g's faction. This essay, in actuality, was precisely information that can be used against him. Since this many people saw already, rather than letting an opponent submit it, he might as well submit it himself. Perhaps this boldness might even receive his Majesty's favor instead, feeling he was daring enough, and in turn, view him even more highly. Even if he gets punished in the end, it was still better than getting falsely accused by an opponent on a.s.sumption.

However, it was also through this essay that made them realize, Sun Yi Lin in no way was empty to his fame. He was worthy to be called one of the four distinguished scholars of the capital. He didn't bring disgrace to this t.i.tle. Of the people present, aside from the small number of arrogant and conceited ones, after inwardly comparing themselves in their hearts, they all very self-knowingly expressed, compared to Sun Yi Lin, they were far inferior.

“Gentleman Lin, you………”

“What are you stuttering for, quickly write, or are you only just this capable, and have already exhausted your limited abilities?” Previously, he was still just cold and stiff, but at this moment, he was practically freezing.

Perhaps he was provoked by his att.i.tude, but Chen Zheng Min unexpectedly gave birth to the thought of wanting to compete with him.

Thus, when another essay came out of the oven, everyone was all amazed. This essay, compared to the one before, was stronger not just by one or two points. Moreover, this didn't mean that his previous one wasn't good. Was this brat hiding his abilities earlier to save face?

Facing the crowd's doubts, Chen Zheng Min instead felt slightly embarra.s.sed. Truthfully speaking, after he'd finished writing, even he himself felt somewhat surprised. He'd exceeded himself more than normal!

“Very good.” Even Sun Yi Lin gave such an evaluation, “Maintain this kind of momentum.” He had the three essays folded and properly placed into his sleeves, “Help me up.”

These last words were also said towards Chen Zheng Min.

Seeing how Sun Yi Lin couldn't even stand properly anymore, Chen Zheng Min's remaining bit of anger, also because of those essays, more or less have already dispelled, thus he didn't reject him.

When Sun Yi Lin's servant boy and attendant heard that their young master drowned himself in alcohol, they were extremely worried. But due to the rules, they couldn't enter and could only just anxiously wait outside. When they saw the person come out, they hastily went up to meet him.

Next to the horse carriage, Sun Yi Lin grabbed onto Chen Zheng Min, “If you don't treat her well, then don't blame me for stealing her away.”

Chen Zheng Ming was completely baffled, unclear as to what he meant, “What did Gentleman Lin say?”

“Miss Luo, if I hadn't been hindered by matters, where would there be your turn?”

Chen Zheng Min instantly changed face. He finally understood why his att.i.tude towards him was so strange. No wonder someone warned him to move quick. It wasn't just him alone that thought highly of Luo family's third miss. He never thought that he also had such a strong rival. “I won't give Gentleman Lin the chance.”

Sun Yi Lin coldly smiled, allowing his people to support him onto the horse carriage. Have to say, if he hadn't drank alcohol, he probably wouldn't have said such declaration like words. After all, if one were to come across a narrow-minded man, he would mostly likely suspect whether or not his fiancee was a fickle woman and was going around seducing men. Then, the trouble brought about for Jing Wan definitely won't be small. But he had drank too much, thus he didn't have that rationale. If he didn't let Chen Zheng Min know of his existence, then he would always feel that bit of irritation. If he didn't give him a bit of pressure, then Chen Zheng Min would even think that holding the beauty in his arms was something that was only rightfully so. Without the slightest bit of obstruction, he won't know to properly cherish.

Chen Zheng Min watched the horse carriage slowly depart. The pressing feeling in his heart also became increasingly intense. Who cares if you're Gentleman Lin. A moment ago he was still revering him, and in the next moment, he wished he could have him kicked far far away. Younger cousin was his. They were already engaged. He the perfectly legitimate fiancee, no one can even think of stealing her away.

Never mind being pleased with one's success and whatnot, as long as he still haven't married younger cousin, then he might not be able to laugh till the end. So what if the last preliminary round of the imperial exam was in the bag. After becoming aware of the gap between Sun Yi Lin and himself, his goal at least needed to be the first cla.s.s ranks. If he can't even get into the first cla.s.s ranks, what right would he still have to talk about other things.

Chen Zheng Min returned to Unnamed Building and bid farewell to his few good friends. What he needed was to go back and continue studying, and not have his time wasted on these pointless matters.

Everyone was perplexed by him. In the end, they only treated it as him having been provoked by Sun Yi Lin.

The situation here had just settled, when quite a few people in other places all received news. It can't be helped. Sun Yi Lin lately was at the center of everyone's attention. Even the tiniest bit of movement would all alert them, let alone such a huge disturbance.

His opponents inwardly sighed. Even if he was drunk, he was still meticulous and careful. Everything all proved, to want to have his essay submitted to the Emperor a step ahead of him, clearly wasn't possible. However, it didn't mean that they couldn't do a little something and attack his arrogance and shameless boasting. If they can have his Majesty's favorable impression of him brought down to zero, then it couldn't be better. After all, two princes having fought because of him was a fact. In his Majesty's heart, there may not necessarily lack such a knot.

However, the deepest impression this matter gave them was instead, the normally gentle and warm Sun Yi Lin unexpectedly also had the potential to birth madness. One really couldn't tell.

Li Hong Yuan naturally also was the first to learn of this matter. Compared to the others, who only received the entire contents of those three essays, Li Hong Yuan instead received the ‘originals'. That's right, Unnamed Building even had this kind of experts. With only one glance, they can copy something close to a hundred percent exact. The reason why it was ‘close to' was mainly because the form can be exactly the same, but the charm sometimes fell short a little. This was also something that can't be helped. No matter how impressive of a person, they still can't easily enter someone else's mental state when they wrote. Like for instance, Sun Yi Lin's essay, in Li Hong Yuan's eyes, for it to have a fraction of the original's charm was already not bad.

Even if Sun Yi Lin was his love rival, Li Hong Yuan have never denied his abilities either.

He also finished looking over Chen Zheng Min's two essays. The discrepancy was nevertheless somewhat big, but it was also just that.

The three essays were all thrown aside by him.

“Since Sun Yi Lin is that good-hearted to want to help recommend Chen Zheng Min, then it'll also save us the effort. If even with this, he still can't enter the top three ranks, then don't blame this prince for giving him an even worse wife.”

As for Sun Yi Lin, that sort behavior, forgive him for being unable to accept. Towards Sun Yi Lin, he further scoffed at disdainfully.

[1] ‘Written in a forceful hand' is the literal meaning of the idiom; it also has a figurative meaning as in ‘profound'. The literal translation of the idiom is actually ‘to enter three parts into the wood'.

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