Exclusive Possession: Mr. Mu’s Favorite Chapter 99

Chapter 99: With the key in her hand, there’s no need to worry about clothes

She has been late the first day at work. She had been late for three to four times. Ning Xiaofei was also feeling ashamed of herself but she has no choice but to be there.

She initially thought that with with Ji Mo’s stinky temper, he would unexpectedly agree…

“You can.”

Ning Xiaofei’s face eased a lot. She was about to thank Ji Mo but only caught his back as he turned around and left.

“However, let me remind you that you only have one guest.”

Those words were akin to a death hole for Ning Xiaofei.

“Director… Director Ji, can we only host one?”

Ji Mo looked back at her blankly, “If that were the case, what is the point of me using your plan?”

“That… Can’t it be changed to another one?”

“Then rewrite a plan for me. This guest must be like Mu Tianye and comparable with Xicheng.” Ji Mo looked deeply at Ning Xiaofei’s face, which has gone sour. “And make sure that the guest can definitely come over to partic.i.p.ate in the program. With ten days to go before the official broadcast, there are now countless individuals, countless pairs of eyes staring at this column. This is not a play.”

Ning Xiaofei nodded.

“I understand”


“I…” Ning Xiaofei moistened her lips, “I’ll work hard!”

“This is not the answer I want.”

Ning Xiaofei clenched her fists on her side. She raised her face and looked him in the eyes.

“I will do it.”

Ji Mo nodded.

“Remember what you have just said!”

Ji Mo strode away.

Ning Xiaofei sat back down but her mood has inevitably gone the drain.

“Xiaofei!” Zhang Yue next to her tried to comfort her. “Don’t blame Director Ji Mo. In fact, his pressure is much bigger than yours. Our column is the key project of the TV station this year. The studio alone has invested millions.”

Ning Xiaofei smiled gratefully at him. “I know.”

With a newcomer’s plan, Ji Mo has already shouldered risks.

She has misunderstood him before. In the past few days, she also realized that she was overthinking. Ji Mo wouldn’t use her out of spite in such a huge column. Her plan was accepted simply because he appreciated her plan.

For an unknown newcomer like her, chances of getting such an opportunity was no different from a pie falling from the sky.

“Actually… Zhang Yue thought for a moment, “Or, you can try other similar entrepreneurs.”

His sugggestion prompted Ning Xiaofei to browse her phone at once. She entered a query about successful people suitable for their program.

Watching her so engaged, Mr. Zhang no longer bothered her and left with other colleagues to handle other matters.

Unknowingly, the staff in the office had all left. Ning Xiaofei wrote all the names she had found on her small notebook. She went over the stack of names and information to familiarize herself. She raised her hand and ma.s.saged her sore waist.

Doing interviews on TV programs could also be a form of publicity for entrepreneurs. After finalizing the transfer of the tomb tomorrow, she will go to these people and talk to them. She doesn’t believe not one could be invited.

As soon as the thought about moving the tomb rose in her mind, Ning Xiaofei surveyed her own attire – crumpled jeans and the T-s.h.i.+rt had a black stain from the ca.s.serole that was burnt yesterday. Should she be dressed in this manner going to the cemetery?

She chewed over it and reached for her bag. She fumbled for the key of the villa that she had forgotten to return. A key chain landed on her palm.

A smile formed the corners of Ning Xiaofei, as she smirked.

“Carelessness also has some benefits. With this key in my hand, there’s no need to worry about clothes!”



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