Long Live the Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil King Against the Princess Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Afraid of having a pig-like teammate.


If even his black belly wolf master could dress up as a kind and innocent rabbit, he too could bear any sacrifice!!

Bei Xuan looked up and with teardrops trickling down his face.

On the side, Feng Chuge who has rarely seen a man crying, and the same time, this she was watching was Achen's uncle, she didn't know what to say and could only sigh.

“It's all right, you live here first … Just half a month later, we will be leaving here and there's no one to look after the house. If you don't hate it, just help me look after it here. Okay?”

Bei Xuan quickly nodded.

This could be regarded as clearing off her doubts…


The master on the side has been looking at him with murder.

The master on the side always looked at him with a murderous look.

Bei Xuan looked back at Achen with eyes full of innocence.

He really didn't mean to expose himself. It's just… just that the demeanor of the master earlier was too funny.

Achen blinked….

Bei Xuan averted his sight.

The exchange between the two was totally absorbed by Feng Chuge.

Feng Chuge understood it as this uncle being too excited after having suddenly met his nephew in a long time of search.

She stood up. “Okay. We'll not bother you loved ones to reunite. Zilan, let's go out first…”

Before her words finally settled down, she was already out of the room.

Until Feng Chuge and the others completely disappeared, Achen finally looked coldly at Bei Xuan —

That fierce sight was akin to a sharp blade, rendering Bei Xuan's heart and liver to tremble incessantly.

“Master…This subordinate didn't mean to expose himself…. It was only…”

Achen's brow slightly moved, “Forget it, pay attention later. Don't expose anything again. I don't want to let her know of myself so quickly.”

If he reveals himself so early, he's afraid that his future lady will be angry.

He must find a good opportunity to talk to her again, so as not to frighten her.

“Yes, this subordinate will try his best.” Bei Xuan nodded and vowed solemnly.

“What I want is not to try … It's absolute. “Achen's eyes flashed again. I'm not afraid of G.o.d-like opponents. What I'm afraid of is a pig-like teammate…”

“…” Pig-like teammate. Bei Xuan really wanted to open his mouth to refute. But as he has offended the master already, he didn't dare say a word.

Outside, Feng Chuge and Zilan have gone farther away from Achen's room.

Zilan followed behind Feng Chuge.

“Miss, isn't Achen's uncle a bit strange?”

“A bit.” Feng Chuge nodded. A black man falling from the top to the bottom, his strength was unimaginably bizarre.

Just looking at that black robe was enough.

That dress was not a clothing worn by ordinary people, but rather like a unified uniform in an organization.

She pondered on it a bit, but then shook her head. “Well, no matter what ident.i.ty he has, he is a relative of Achen. At least…. Achen will no longer be lonely again.”

“Zilan thinks that… Achen is no longer lonely as he is accompanied by Miss. —” Zilan expressed her own thoughts. “Beside, isn't Miss fond of Achen? It would be nice to keep Achen around. And…”

Zilan continued to say, “Didn't Achen say more than once that he wants to marry Miss? Although Zilan still feels that Miss is more suitable for the first beautiful man, but Miss, haven't you said it yourself? If Achen grows up, he may not necessarily be worse than Di Jue Chen. He can also be…”

“Bang–” a soft noise rang and interrupted Zilan on her recitation.

Feng Chuge directly gave Zilan a violent slap on the head.

Zilan rubbed her head. “Miss, what did you hit me for? Zilan is just telling the truth… and Miss, you this old cow eating young gra.s.s, how good!”

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