Long Live the Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil King Against the Princess Chapter 52

* Note: I'll be changing Yuntian College – Yuntian Academy

Chapter 52: I'm her future husband.

Thousands of fluids, ice silkworms….

The herbs mentioned were some of what Achen has asked Feng Chuge to find.

Listening to Achen listing them, Feng Chuge's lips slightly quirked up.

Now she understands why this little devil wanted her to go to Yuntian Academy!!

Feng Chuge turned her head sideways, reached out and brushed Achen's cheeks…

“Little devil, if your sister goes to Yuntian Academy, you will never see your sister again.”

Achen turned his head away from Feng Chuge's claws.

He leaned back on his chair with his little face without a trace of expression.

“No, so long as you can refine the medicine again, entering Yuntian Academy is no problem for me… When that time comes, I'll accompany you. What do you say?”

The corner of Feng Chuge's eyes twitched, and for a moment, didn't know what to say.

At the end of the day, who the h.e.l.l has mislead Achen in believing that this drug can enable him to grow up, so he could suddenly break through from having zero strength to the spiritual realm, ah ah ah!!!

She really has the urge to hunt this fraud and settle scores!

At this moment, the Emperor of Tianqi's voice was heard once more, “Who is this child?”

Earlier, the Emperor has noticed that little child sitting on the edge of Feng Chuge's seat.

Achen looked around five or six years old but his momentum and panache resembled nothing like a child at all.


From his posture, the Emperor could detect a hint of breath from the upper cla.s.s….

Seeing the Emperor looking in her direction and asking about Achen, Feng Chuge answered, “This is the newly recognized younger brother of this niece….”

Little brother….

When Achen heard her answer, his eyes contracted.

Around him, a suffocating momentum spread out.

He wasn't her brother!

His thin lips twitche slightly and his tender face revealed a smile that was completely incompatible with his age.

“I am the future husband of Feng Chuge….”



The people nearby never considered that this child would answer that way. When his words reverberated, the crow burst out in laughter.

It's no wonder. Feng Chuge has just experienced a setback on her engagement with He Lian Jin Yu just a moment ago. With a child of five or six claiming to be Feng Chuge's future husband right after, everyone couldn't help but laugh again.

In the periphery of his vision, Achen ignored them.

He was holding Meatball in one hand and a grape on the other with two fingers. “Woman, I want to eat.”

Feng Chuge was totally helpless with Achen's claim. She could only fight back a smile, looking helplessly at Achen.

The Empress has decided on Feng Chuge as a potential daughter-in-law. Seeing the crowd's response, she couldn't help but insert, “This….this child is just joking….”

“No.” Achen replied immediately while eating something. He looked up and declared seriously, “When I grow up, I will marry my wife at once.”

That little face was full of determination.

Everyone on the side took in his actions and some of them couldn't help whispering to each other.

Even Shui Yuer who was sitting just beside Feng Chuge.

Grasping the situation now, Shui Yuer's mood improved considerably.

Seeing everybody laughing out loud, she burst out loud….

“It seems that Miss Feng has no other skills and now can only lie to deceive children…”

She spoke loudly, and looked at Feng Chuge meaningfully…

“Miss Feng, you've got to hold on…”

“It's my business, why concern yourself about it?” Feng Chuge glanced at her sideways and sneered.

Shui Yuer continued to ridicule. “I'm concerned about you? What if this kid grows up and came to know that you are just a piece of c.r.a.p? If he wanted to leave you and doesn't want you anymore, what are you going do?”

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